Palace Dream Symbol


Palace – The palace is a symbol of riches and power. If you dream about being on the outside of a palace it represents that you are not in the circle of power that dictates how your life is lived. The circle of power might include your boss, your parents or some other authority in your life. To dream that you are outside the palace means that they do not consider your opinions about your life or future to be relevant when choosing the path that you will take. If you dream that you are in the palace it means that you do have a say. However, only if you dream that you are on the throne does it mean that you are in complete control of your life and destiny.

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  1. Me and my friends having party (something like reunion party) in the wall of palace(it looks like china wall) we taking pictures. i felt it was crowded so we keep on moving for better pictures.

  2. Dr Bhavika Patel on

    I saw a dream yday of a very old n HUGE palace…i was inside with few strangers! We wer visiting all d parts of d palace…n we wer entering different areas of d palace by automatically opennind doors…no one was living der apart from few staff members who guided us in palace!
    Then i entered in one large suit lik area wer i found a big cupboard in which there was a huge collection of bangles of the late queen!!! I was very astonished to see those bangles as i love bangles in real life too! Then we entered in somewat antique or unused area since ages! Then i woke up..wat does this mean? Plz help

  3. i didnt get invited i just appeared in there,and your too right it was a huge palace i saw someone i know in there and im like omg its kyla lol(somone i went to school with) my dream was lucid,and i was telling people in my dream im dreaming i was like wow,walking around n said can i stay here people just looked at me then i woke up, like no! its a dream you will wake up, not meaning i dont wanna wake up like i dont wanna rappid change in my dream and appear somewhere else lol

  4. Megha banjara on

    I see the same palace in my dreams..what does that mean and this time I got invited inside that huge palace

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