Oysters Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Oyster Dream Symbol РOysters are a dream symbol of hidden treasure. If you dream of finding oysters on the beach, especially if they are closed, this indicates that you will soon discover or receive something in your life which seems worthless or ugly, but which actually may have a great treasure inside.

oyster-dreamsBe sure not to throw away or ignore things that do not seem at first glance to be useless, after having this dream, since you have a blessing in disguise coming your way. This is a time to start to look for creative uses for unwanted things, or else to look for the silver lining on unfortunate circumstances.

Additional Interpretations

Oysters are a sign you will have great pleasures all throughout your life. It can also be a sign that you prioritize sexual pleasures above more important things like wisdom. Eating oysters can mean you lose your sense of integrity in your one-eyed pursuit of someone or of material things. Seeing oysters without eating them is a sign you are confident without being stuck up.

Oysters also represent transformation. A grain of sand is transformed into a wonderful pearl inside an oyster shell. This is a sign you can transform what worries you into something useful and beautiful. You just need to change your perspective. Gathering oyster shells can signify you may have fleeting pleasures in your life until you fully commit to what is important.

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