Oxygen Mask Dream Symbol


Oxygen Mask – An oxygen mask is a dream symbol of life-saving interventions, which are generally unpleasant while they are happening. Dreaming that an oxygen mask is being placed on you indicates a need for help and a subconscious recognition that the help you need may be very claustrophobic and unpleasant. You may feel that you are drowning in your life right now and desperately need someone or something to give you strength.

If you dream about putting an oxygen mask on someone else, this is an indication about saving someone else through your intervention. They may not want help or know that they need help, but your subconscious and unconscious minds know that they do. Take care, though, that you do not try to control the other person or prevent them from speaking their mind, especially as this dream symbol of the oxygen mask includes covering the mouth.

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  1. Tanya Misra on

    Hi Stephen!

    I woke up in the middle of the night and started to remember what i had just dreamed of….
    It wasn’t quite that pleasant, which had me actually searching the internet for dream meanings.
    I have listed a few points below of what I remember of the dream:

    1) I was walking on sand with a woman who is a new entity, and she’s older than me but works in my previous company…I haven’t ever seen her in real life, but I recall a bit of her face….
    She asked me questions about my new job etc and also about how many years i had worked in my previous organisation….
    2) The next thing I remember is that i have moved into her neighbourhood and we talk on regular basis, however she still works with my ex company….
    I then see that we are both walking on a little patch of sand and some small rocky roads…..
    While walking and talking to her, i see my childhood ex (who I haven’t met, or spoken to in 10 years) sitting on a pavement on the side, wearing a cap and looking down at the sand, perhaps he was reading something, I remember looking at him and laughing with this woman who is walking beside me…..I felt that i am laughing to mock at him…. and trying to show how much i have progressed in my life…
    3) I then remember that I have asked this woman to assist me a bit with airline tickets, and book a flight for my mother to come and see me….
    She assists me and I thank her…..
    She sets me up with the app of the airline to get regular flight updates so that it’s easier for me to track my mom’s arrival….
    4) I remember talking to mom over the phone, and explaining the flight details to her and then she departs….
    I can now see that I am tracking her flight….
    Suddenly, i get numerous updates on the app that the aircraft is loosing cabin pressure (slow decompression) it’s not very serious the app says and it says that passengers are safe but are unable to breathe with their masks on due to lack of oxygen through the masks…..
    5) I am in a crazy situation! I become all panicky looking at this craziness on ground…. getting updates after updates about the passengers…. there are a couple of videos that the airline prepared for the family of the passengers to see and in the video i can see people whose faces have turned pale and they are unable to breathe through their masks…. I can also see that there is a woman with her baby who got stuck when this was happening inside the toilet, and she is holding her baby who is unable to breathe and she’s banging the toilet door saying “please help me I can’t breathe”….. i could hear her voice….
    6) I can then see that people are walking really really slow everything in the video is slow and i still can’t see mom anywhere in the video….
    Every 5 seconds there is a new update on the airline app about the disaster that’s happening in air….
    I am awaiting a message about landing information eagerly….
    The woman (same one earlier whom i had met)
    gives me her car and asks me to drive to the airport in time for the arrival of this flight….
    I reached on time…. the aircraft was parked in a remote parking bay because it needed to be checked by engineers as to what actually went wrong with the pressurisation and I see myself entering the aircraft looking crazily for my mom…. i enter the toilet…. this particular toilet somehow did bot resemble an aircraft toilet…. it was spacious and had a sitting arrangement like a couch…..
    I see a woman walking absolutely slowly and she was in search of oxygen….. i place a mask on her face and I ask her to breathe Somehow the flow of oxygen is very slow and she smiles at me slow ly…. suddenly i see mom right behind me she is walking slow and begins to look very surprised looking at my face she says “how come you’re here? You’re here? Finally! You came?”
    I take her out of the airplane and the minute she gets out i ask her to breathe “ breathe mom breathe” i say to her….
    We are a flight of stairs up and away from the aircraft and i am hugging her really really tightly and i am sobbing like literally crying out loud!
    I can hear myself crying out loud…..
    I am awakened by this dream when i see people around us, looking at us hugging and crying…. they go their own way back in and out of the aircraft rescuing more passengers…..

    Please help me in dissecting this vivid dream….

    Thanks and Regards…

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