Owl Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Owl Dream Symbol – Owl is a bird that only comes out at night. Because of this, she is often thought to be a negative omen. It is thought that owl accompanied the souls of the dead safely to the otherworld. Owl brings nothing to fear.

owl dreamsWhen you see owl in your dreams it can mean you can see what others cannot see. Owl brings her wisdom to your dreams to remind that sometimes you need to be still to observe life. When you slow down and silence the noise, you will be surprised at what you see and hear. You will see what you missed before. What others miss.

Owl’s wisdom brings you knowledge you never realized until you took the time to quieten your life and observe. You may even see the hidden motives of others never visible. Hidden in the fast pace of everyday life.

Owl can also visit to let you know there is something in your life you need to let go of. It is something you no longer need and is no longer good for your highest self. Listen to your intuition for it tells you what needs to go. Who deceives you? Who or what do you no longer need in your life? Owl helps you see straight through all negativity and darkness to the other side where there is light, happiness and success. It is also a good time to let go of your own negative thoughts and behaviors. Start fresh.

This can be a time where you expand your social circle with a new hobby or you join a new club. This is also a time where you do well in business, but you may have to be careful all is at it seems. Killing an owl can signify gossips are working overtime behind your back. Someone else killing an owl can mean you need to protect your back. Also be careful of your health, work, friends, and family. There may be illusions working against you.

When Owl crosses your Path

Owl symbolizes ancient wisdom and crosses your path to remind to look closer to uncover the deceptions around you. You are in tune with the world and can easily unveil any illusions.

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Stephen is a self confessed dream junkie that loves all things dream related. He is a writer for Dream Stop and has been working in the field of dreams for the past decade. He believes that the YOU are the only person who can truly understand the meaning of your dreams. You have to look inside your inner thoughts to find the hidden truths in your dream. These interpretations are for entertainment purposes only. Stephen's interpretations should be considered an opinion, not professional advice.


  1. Hullo everyone! Thank you Stephen Klein for the info.

    I wanted to ask:

    I had a dream of two owls mating; it was only a small part of my dream, yet so poignant in the lewd aspect I couldn’t forget it despite a very long a audacious dream!

    And also I wanted to know a trustworthy source to seek out the meaning to your dreams, in your opinion.

    Happy and otherworldly dreams to you !

  2. I had a dream of 3 owls and a small black bird. One owl was a dark metal trimmed in what looks like brass or gold. He didn’t fly, but followed me and my fiancé and the other 2 owls were brown and ruffled white owl along with the Small black bird. They flew above and a little ahead as if they were guiding or following us. But the metal bird never left my side

  3. I had a Dream that I was in New Orleans in a old hotel. Then I was in and old looking bed room. I walked across the hall to this old looking bathroom and in the window seal set a big brown owl that I’transformed into a human we talked I told the owl what I wanted and the owl guided me into another realm of life. Then I woke up . I want to go back to see more but I woke up. I’m not sure how I feel now. I must go back to inspect.

    • Hi Cece. I had a very similar dream to yours! Today I dreamed I was in what seemed like a very old hotel. I went outside to an old deck and below the stairs appeared this brown owl. For me it appeared small in size. I was at the top the stairs of the deck and looked below to see this small owl coming up to me. In my dream I could feel I wasn’t frightened at all. Instead I felt comfort. It landed on my arm and I took it inside the old hotel and showed it to a couple members of my family that were in an old bedroom. Across the hall I was led into an old bathroom. The owl hopped off and I followed it into what led me to another door within this bathroom that led out to this bright open field. When I opened it, the owl went off to join two other owls. It then had transformed into a little girl.

  4. Just about an hour ago I had a dream of an owl in my hands. It didn’t have ordinary feathers, sort of like jewels of some kind that you see on bracelets pointing in a sharp down pattern to include the wings, they were white in color and a little yellow, at first I mistook them for bones but maybe they were? The strangest thing about it was that I could “feel” it was a female and I was in love with it. Top it off towards the end of my dream after being amazed and embracing it, it could turn human and loved showing me that it could do it. Any interpretation for that kind of dream?

    Weird enough I have never felt so strongly about a dream till this one, I’m not one to look it up but, this one in particular has me curious for some odd reason. If anyone has an idea of what this could mean, let me know.

  5. Last night I had a dream that I was feeling very lonely, sad and lost. I was wandering through a green field where I saw an old tree completed carved into a wooden sculpture of an owl with it’s wings outstretched. I marveled at its beauty and I tried to find someone to share this with. Suddenly there were lots of people around me, all busily moving around and chatting to each other. No one noticed me or paid attention to me trying to talk. I wandered further into the woods and now it was dry, dying woodland and the sun was setting. I had no idea where I was or how I would get home. I began crying, feeling so hopeless. Then a huge, glistening, white owl perched in front of me and stared at me. I felt it urging me to get up and follow it, so I did. He guided me home, flying gracefully above me. And then he appeared in front of me as an older man, with the whitest hair. I thanked him and he simply smiled at me and flew away, once again as the owl.

  6. I had a long drawm out dream that involved danger on a boat, a trip to walmart to return some items, and then finally an owl. As I was walking into a house that I felt was my home but had never seen before, I spotted a large, unfearful owl starting at me from the base of a tree. I ignored it for a few moments and when I went back to the front porch, it was still there, wings out and walking towards me. It didn’t seem scared or aggressive, but it wanted my help. I kneeled down, and as it started to walk into my open arms, I felt it’s soft underfeathers and then woke up. It was blissful, but it’s very confusing. I’m pregnant so I’ve been having weird dreams, but none have felt this personal.

  7. Last night in a dream i opened my front door and an owl was frozen midair staring at me.. in a couple seconds it unfroze and somehow started to come through the glass door.. about halfway in o became fearful and i slammed the wood door shut killing the owl inbetween the two doors.. i have 2 people at work who are jealous and generally dont like my personality. Im sure they are gossiping. But i just lost my mother in a house fire about a month ago.. the owl wanted in so badly i could tell and fear caused me to act.. i just wish i would have let it in to see its intention or message. I felt terrible as soon as i tealized what i had done. I mean terrible. I wish i could undo it even now.

  8. I dreamt of an small size white owl if Im not mistaken, it flew to me and become my pet and perched on my wrist which I dont know why I do that action.

  9. Trenton Edwards on

    Hi, last night I dreamt I was on a hill with my brother. It wasn’t dark yet and I saw an owl to me left in the sky. It was a beautiful white and grey owl with striking yellow eyes. It passed over our heads towards the right and eyed off the ground. It dove down landing meters away and had caught a mouse.
    I’m skeptical to religion and myths but this was a vivid dream with detail that I can’t get out of my head. Any thoughts please?

  10. I had a dream of an oil head on a snake. Very nicely like it was its own species. It was red blue and white and almost mechanical looking. As if metal and leather. It had transformed into this after just being a graygreen blob. I was terrified of it through its transformation but looked in awe upon the completion of its transformation into this owlsnake before I woke up.

  11. Valarie Holland on

    My son had a dream about a oil that was on his arm and he couldn’t get him off him I think he said it was a green one

  12. I had a dream of two owls mating and when they both bonded their wings connected but there was someone in my dream that ripped them apart causing them to die. There was one owl left. This one owl was a male and I felt so bad about the other two owls that I had to find this male owl. I needed to make sure he stayed alive and hopefully would find his own mate.

  13. Alicia Marie Thompson on

    The other night I had a dream I was in a beautiful green field with a group of people. We all noticed this beautiful white owl sitting in an oak tree. The owl flew out and landed on my finger. I remember feeling so special that the owl picked me to land on. Then is playfully nibbled at my finger nail/the top of my finger.

  14. I dreamed of being on stage and someone handed me an owl. It was brown and white. I held it for a while, then put it on a perch next to me.
    It felt important. What could it mean?

  15. Hi..
    I’m actually extremely traumatized about owls in my dreams but I’must learning to accept them. Even if some are negative omens.
    So, last night I had a dream that me, my dad and his friend were walking around near the woods on the side of the road (well it looked like there was a road, I’m not sure) and I crouched to see a worm like thing that screamed “SCHNEEE!” and twitch against my hand. As this is happening my dad and his friend probably saw an owl, it either hooted at them or my dad and his friend were just messin’ around. The hoot sounded human made for some reason. I couldn’t see any owls around because I was distracted by the worm thing…

    What does this mean..?

  16. I dreamt that I pulled an owl out of the ocean. He was Nearshore so I pulled him out and then very strangely put him in a glass of milk. I watched to make sure that he came up and didn’t drown.

  17. Kayla Foote on

    Dreamed a white owl with a round brown mask and spots was chasing all of the wildlife out of the woods. He called to me, and I levitated/flew up to him, then proceeded to give him a hug. His feathers felt like rabbit fur. Strangest thing and I have no idea how to interpret that, but it definitely meant something.

  18. I had a dream that a brown owl flew into my garden and landed on the hedge, it hooted at me to get my attention. I asked it to follow me to the house, it came part way then flew off.

  19. Had a dream of a white all white owl I was in a beautiful forest while my brother was trowing stuff at this bird then a WHITE owl pass and stood next to me standing in a wood post i look deep into until I stretch my left hand out and he stood in my hand I felt power in me

  20. Dreamed last night of several small owls in my house and i was petting them and everything was quiet and calm….it was a full moon so im thinking maybe thats why I had the dream….???

  21. I drove past an owl sitting on the road. It didnt move and wasn’t frightened and it wasn’t injuried. Dad says owls are bad omens and are a sign of impending death and that I’m now cursed

  22. I dreamt of an owl helping me live and then someone killed it right infront of me because the owl helped me and it actually helped me 2 times in a dream what does that mean?

  23. I dreamt an snowy owl was on a fluffy bed. He stared at me and then smiled. I looked at him feeling loved and then he flew up to me. I was shocked but loving ever moment. He preceded to snuggled me like a cat rubbing his head on me and then hugged me with a big smile. I have no idea what it means. But I woke feeling different and it’s in my head like a memory. It was so real! If any can help me with so insight…I would appreciate it.

    • You had a dream encounter with what Jungians refer to as the Self, the main archetype of the unconscious. That feeling you described is called numinous. This is an important dream in that the main purpose of the Self is to be in relationship with the conscious ego; your dream is such an experience. You might wish to review Jungians theory for more insight.

  24. I dreamt I came across an owl I had fallen form the best. I picked it up excited to be able to care for it and maybe keep it as a pet but it bit me repeatedly. Does this mean I possibly should not seek wisdom?

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