Overdose Dream Symbol


Overdose – An overdose is a dream symbol of the dangers of excess and the abuse of something good. If you dream about suffering from an overdose, this is an indication that something in your life has become dangerous, even if it started out being a good or neutral thing in your life. Your overdose dream is a warning to focus on moderation before your life begins to spiral out of control.

Of course, the overdose dream symbol does not necessarily have to refer to one particular thing, especially not to a particular substance (such as alcohol or prescription drugs). It can also refer to anything in your life that can make you lose your balance, such as a job or a relationship.

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  1. i tried overdosing on all sorts of pills in real life but threw them up involuntarily. but in my dream i was doing the same exact thing except i was downing bottle after bottle. it was horrible. so maybe this can symbolize something in your past

  2. My cousin dreamt i was overdosing in his dream.. he cnt say on what i over dosed… what does this mean?

  3. Barb Galdfolk on

    dreams are weird..I dont have them often and i relate that to the fact that i smoke alot of weed and just skip the REM sleep..but since my boyfriend mived in ive been haves some f*cked up dreams. Last nights was tramutuzing..we were @ one if his family functions (and hes a recovering/recurring addict) anyway..i have problem with anxiety and i dreamed that i just kept eating xannax..until i couldnt stand..until i couldnt breathe. I could feel the embaressment of ODing around a family that alreadt deals with that cliche addiction bullshit. I hope other people dream of ODing on Xans @ family functions.

  4. My ex overdosed in a dream and I overheard this from my aunt, also that he’s in hospital and he had just died! I ran out to him when I heard this and was crying my eyes out, when I was in hospital I couldn’t find him and I thought it was all a bad joke I called his phone line it didn’t even ring, that’s when I noticed it wasn’t a bad joke and woke up in tears, what could this mean?

  5. I’ve just woken up to have a dream that I’ve never experienced before. I was in a theatre with my sister and this guy that I did not know and it looked like she it was her boyfriend so I had a craving feeling of wanting one so I put my legs up to rest on them for them to strop kissing. When we got back home, they went to his and I suddenly thought, oh yes they went to have sex. So I got to my bedroom, and saw some of the suds fed cold and flu tablets. I really felt like taking one so I did and one after another I took one because for some reason I loved the taste of them. A couple of minutes later the whole two packets had gone apart from the last two. I then realised oh god what have I just done and panicked! A thought saying oh yeah I could leave the last two tablets there so my mum knows I’m going to take them soon. I needed some air all of a sudden and went to my bedroom window, things went a bit fuzzy and it blackened out and I got woken up by my step dad but I couldn’t talk for about 5 minutes because I thought the dream seemed so real and frightening. Not sure how this dream became like this, please help,

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