Oven Dream Symbol


Oven – An oven is a dream symbol for preparation and transformative change. We talk about things from unborn babies to pet projects as being “in the oven,” reflecting this deep subconscious symbol. Dreaming about putting something in the oven represents laying the groundwork for a new project, or setting events in motion that will soon manifest their results.

Dreaming about something being in an oven represents that something is ripening and coming to fruition. At the present moment, it may seem that this thing or project is not producing results or likely to benefit you, but once the time is ripe (that is, once it has finished cooking, as it were), you will see the results, and they are going to surprise you in a very good way.

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  1. I dreamed that I arrived at an mansion, then was chases by an alpaca. then was later inside the mansion folding clothing in an oven

  2. I dreamt I was with some family and there were two new babies whom we were holding. The babies belonged to my cousins and were cousins themselves and just a few months apart in age. We were enjoying holding these new babies. Then we went outside for a bit and left the babies to sleep inside with some other people. When we returned, they weren’t in their little baskets and asking frantically, the woman in charge gave orders in another language to take the babies out of the oven! I was shocked and horrified! The Asian family running the restaurant was cooking what they thought were unwanted, discarded babies in the oven for food! Somehow the babies hadn’t been in the oven long enough to have too much harm and we held the rescued babies. Then I awoke.

  3. What about dreaming that you are baking and notice that someone had put clothes in the bottom, back of the oven and you keep pulling out item after item? Kind of like Mary Poppins pulling items out of her suitcase.

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