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Ovaries – Dreaming about the ovaries is a very specific, obvious dream symbol. The ovaries represent female sexuality and the reproductive capability. Dreaming about your ovaries may indicate that you are pregnant, or that your body is fertile. It can also indicate that a new soul wants to come into the world, through you. Dreaming about an illness or an abnormality with your ovaries likewise indicates something wrong with your feminine energy or with your reproductive capability.

As with other specifically medical dreams, you should take seriously any dreams that something is wrong with your ovaries, as these may be messages from your body that something really is wrong. Ovarian cancers specifically are often asymptomatic until they are very advanced, and this dream may be your chance to catch the disease in time to get treatment.

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  1. Last night I dreamt that there was something wrong with my ovaries and I had to have surgery which felt very vivid.

  2. This one tops them all! Last night I dreamt that I was eating my own ovary and it tasted like it had been fried like a pigskin. Y’all know what fried pigskins taste like? Any way I wasn’t upset or anything in the dream. But when I woke up I was like WTH?????? CRAZY right?

  3. Carol Desormeaux on

    i had a dream i was sitting bare bun on a chair and when i got up my whole productive system ovaries tubes adn uterus was very tiny and on the pillow of the chair very unusual dream and shock me up a bit … i have no more ovaries i got a hyresctomy done about 4 years ago

  4. I had a dream I told my husband to check my stomach because it was hurting and he opened my skin and underneath he saw the left ovary was bubbled ( like a sun blister ) and the right one was bloody with multiple bubbles. What does this mean?

  5. I am currently pregnant, 30 weeks. About a month ago I was diagnosed with an accreta, which is where the placenta starts to invade my uterus (due to having a previous csection and there being scar tissue). I will more than likely have to have my uterus removed upon the birth of my 2nd son so I will no longer be able to have children 🙁 I literally just woke up from a nightmare where I was going to see a doctor and had pulled my ovaries out and removed them before I went in to see him. I cut them out and held them on toilet paper and started crying which woke me up because I was actually crying. I’m sure it’s related some way.. just weirdly. I’ve never had an issue with my ovaries. But I have another ultrasound in 4 days so I’ll know for sure then.

  6. I had a dream that I was cracking eggs and one of the eggs I cracked was the complete women reproductive system, ovaries, folopian tubes and the uterus. What can this mean?

  7. I had a dream where I found out that one of my ovaries had been removed due to ovarian cancer, but somehow it all happened without my knowledge.

  8. I had this dream the other night where in I wanted the procedure to have my ovaries removed so that I wouldn’t ever have children. But later in my dream (flash forward to the future) I had this weird desire to have a baby only to realize the decision I had made previously to prevent me ever having babies.

  9. My boyfriend had a dream that I was being operated and my ovaries was removed. What does that mean? thanks a lot

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