Outlet Dream Symbol


Outlet – If you see a power outlet in your dream, this indicates energy and resources for accomplishing your goals and manifesting your reality. The exact meaning of this outlet symbol depends on the other symbols surrounding it, as well as your emotions at the time. For instance, if the outlet is full from plugs and there is no place to plug in another appliance, this is an indication that your energy is overstretched and that you need to spend some time resting and re-centering.

On the other hand, if the outlet is empty, this represents untapped energy and potential you are not using (but could be using) to manifest your desires. If you dream of walking around looking for an outlet into which to plug something in, this indicates that you do not have energy available for a new pursuit. You will have to let something else go, or else you will become stressed and exhausted.

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  1. i have a dream an outlet and everytime i put a plug on it creates fire , its kind of weird thing, until the whole outlet thing turns into a fire. please help me to find its meaning. thanks

  2. Unused two plug outlet, GCFI reset button was out, but wouldn’t push in. It felt dead.

    Very unsettling, short, random dream scene.

  3. I’m trying to interpret a dream symbol. A charred electrical outlet in a cream colored hallway, with nothing plugged into it. It’s been a reoccurring dream for me this week.

  4. I dreamed in part about a light bulb with a current of electricity. I tried to unscrew it. It seemed dangerous. I was surprised that I couldn’t remove it, although it was loose. I had to reach down and unplug the cords. All of this was the back dropped by a lovely blue sky and a full tree…

  5. KiidDynamiite on

    I Have Dreams Were I Fiddle With Power Outlets, And I Jump Through Them And Teleport To Places I Want To Be In My Dream. And I End Up Crawling Out Of My Sink Yaknoo. It’s Like My 6th Dream I Had About This..

  6. I’m struggling with the only relevant symbol from my dream remaining in my memory on waking being someone shouting at me “you should have just pulled the plug, but no!” and then having another dream immediately after which was full of repeats of the same thing– someone pulling a single plug out of an outlet.

    It’s difficult to find a meaning to interpret this… do you think you can help? Thanks in advance.

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