Outer Space Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Outer Space – Outer space is a dream symbol of the ultimate adventure. In our dreams, space really is “the final frontier,” being a place that the vast majority of us have never and will never physically visit, but which looms large in our consciousness as adventurous and open for exploration. In our dreams, outer space also indicates our feelings about our own empowerment and ability to achieve our goals.

If you dream that you are trying to take a trip into outer space and are not able to go, this is an indication that you feel your goals are unattainable or that you do not have the tools you need to be able to achieve them. On the other hand, if you dream about actually going into outer space, this is a powerful and positive dream sign that something you previously thought was impossible, or that others think is impossible, is within your grasp, and that you are empowered to do it.

Outer Space Dream Interpretations

Dreaming of space around you or a building can indicate your own need for personal space. You may need space to achieve your goals without having anything or anyone else cramp your style. Dreaming of outer space symbolizes your search for deeper meanings in your life. This could be a sign you need to join a group of like-minded people to help you grow.

Space in a dream can also represent the thinking of mainstream society. When you dream of space this can mean you need to overcome any feelings of being trapped by the collective mentality. You need to work through these feelings to achieve what you need for success. It is also a sign you are not tapping into your full potential. What holds you back? You already hold the answers deep inside yourself. How are you going to change this? You are the only one holding you back.

Feeling a need for space can also mean someone is pushing your boundaries. You may need to set them firmly in place so you no longer feel violated. Being alone in foreign space is a sign you fear being alone. Have you lost hope for your future?

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  1. I had a dream last night where I am seeing asteriods and some planets(i guess) circling outside my place. It felt so real and I’m really amazed and scared. It was really unbelievable. If I could just draw what I saw. It was so detailed and close.

    • I had a similar dream, but instead of planets and astroids I found a capsule orbiting my home, but it had no astronaut in it. I could even see the ISS high above in the sky with a bit of details in it. It felt great.

    • Karen Hicks on

      I had a dream where I was sat on a rock outer space but it felt like a was put there purposely, I kept on feeling I was going to fall off if something knocked into me..

  2. I dream i agree to go to space as an experince, then when the process started they were giving me all kinda tablets in prepration i begin to get scared and asked how long the trip is going to last
    They advise a few weeks, i start to complain and wanted out, these ppl were not allowing me to leave, somehow i think i was already in space cause the place was so werid.
    I was terrified i saw my ex coworker who was always sweet but she wasnt supporting me to leave i wanted to get out of there.
    Couldnt be weeks away from my job or my baby

    I woke up .. didnt feel good at all

    Note. I am planning to move to canda and nervous about it however this wasnt on my mind last night

  3. I have had reoccurring dreams of flyingDreamed I was flying into outer space to stop a mirror from hitting Earth.
    Dreamt I was flying into outer space to stop a meteor from hitting Earth. Like I had super powers it something

  4. Narasimhamurthy on

    The article is wrong.

    People who had a dream of becoming scientists and not became finally who worried so much on their dreams of becoming a great person in life they will get this type of dream.
    space is a sign of God’s supernatural power.searching for something in space is that your searching for god.
    you’re scared of life. your felt was done in life your dreams did not come true.

    Another meaning of this deep space dream is that it includes these points mentioned below.
    your goal is different from what you’re doing at present in your life.
    You’re doing sins and making a very big gap between you and god that indicate the scary deep space.

    if you have seen any big balloons in the blue sky and found any treasure in the dream that means you’re getting a new job and your life is changing at good.

    this answer is based on my own experience.

  5. you might just loose your pride, powers and goals believing and trusting the wrong person,you’ve / or would be probably warned against that person,but you’d be stubborn…..please pray about it…God understands all situations

  6. Rhonda Weiss on

    I have had a dream several times that I’m up in space, floating upright and just looking around and in wonder and saying how beautiful it is but no one else is there. No fear, just simple amazement of the beauty.

  7. Okay I have been wracking my brain about a dream I had the other night. It feel VERY real, and was so bizarre at the same time.

    All I really remember from it was that I was half sitting/leaning onto the side of structure that was mostly smooth glass and steel, now this structure began to lean outwardly, and I had a feeling that I was about to fall, but just before that I realized that either what I was wearing or had the power internally to “static cling” to this structure.

    Now the reason I keep saying “structure” is because I’m not entirely sure if it was building or a futuristic “spaceship”, anyway, I had that feeling of tumbling forward, and even went UPSIDE DOWN. And having remained like for a few seconds was enough to wake me.

    Anyone else have a dream similar to this in anyway? I know the “falling” and waking up before hitting the ground is common enough, but this was something else. Anyway thanks for reading, if you’ve read this far!

  8. When I would dream about space I’m either outside or looking through my window, the window one is way more common. I see so many stars and even small small galaxies. Then I’ll see something interesting happen. Something that most think isn’t possible. I’ll try telling someone else about it and by that time it’s too late. Or if it’s a window I’ll feel scared and try and cover my windows. ((Im honstly normally scared of looking through my window at night)) what would this dream mean?

  9. I had a dream that my co worker was trying to tell me that I wAs stuck in the spirit an that I wasn’t moving so then it showed me stuck in space just floating don’t no wat that means but wat my coworker was saying to me sound disturbing

  10. I had a dream that I went to outer space for a school field trip and my mom dosnt let me go but then she did. In outer space my baby cousin and a few friends were there. Later in the dream logan paul arrived and he just so happens to be my crush and idol. In the dream I let him hold my phone,keys, and ring. He lost it and we went to go find it. Also Logan seemed to trust me because he gave me the password to his phone because I asked to pit my number in. I remember putting my number in because be because BFFS and I was a-ok with that. What the back dose that mean? It’s so weird!

  11. I had a dream where a was in space (in a rocket ship) and when I looked out the window space was muddy brown, no stars and no planets. I begged someone to go home and they wouldn’t let me. I cried and cried until we saw the sun and then the sun blew up and killed everyone but me. I was trapped alone in space, forever and forever. It was extremely scary.

    • My dream was similar to an extent. In my dream my mom she was crying(when we were still on earth) and she told my sister, my brother and I that we had to move but she told us we have to move to mars. So next thing I knew we were on mars and I was so confused after we lived there for a bit. I realized that I didn’t remember coming to space in a spaceship or whatever. So I asked my family if they remember and they all said yes. That is when I got suspicious about what was going on so I asked mom if we could go back to earth but she said no. Also I was the only one that wanted to go home. Everyone else kept saying, “this is for the better.” I remember that I just kept crying and crying and she just wouldn’t let me. I wanted to go home so bad because everything I loved and everything I was use to was on a totally different planet. When we were on mars I wasn’t able to go outside. I was too scared to go outside because nobody really knew for sure what was out there. It was strange because there was this one moment in the dream where we ended up driving on what it looked like earth(remember that). There was a highway and trees off to the side making like a tiny forest and there was even a couple cars. So then a girl probably in her 20s stood in front of our car and she Idk said something to me and I’m guessing she was promising me to keep me on earth and that she would take me to my other family members. So I got out and I started walking with her like a fool but then I heard my younger brother, who was sitting in the passengers seat, call my name. He looked and me and I looked at him. At that moment I just knew something was wrong and something bad would happen if I went with this lady. So I ran back to the car and my mom and younger brother told everyone to roll the windows up. So everyone did expect my sister and so then my brother started pouring out his drink that he had (before he rolled his window up) he rolled it up fast like he knew something was gonna happen to the lady that could possibly kill us too. So my sisters window was still down half way. All of a sudden a strange gas surrounded the car and everything outside and it start seeping through the window of the car and it start gasing mostly my sister but everyone else felt it as well but I quickly leaned over and rolled it up and everyone lived. This was definitely the strangest dream I have ever had because after the gas went away we were on mars and it didn’t make sense because we were on mars the whole time. It just seemed like we were on earth because something made everyone hallucinate as if we were on earth. After that we kept driving but Idk why but we saw a storm just like a normal thunderstorm that would be on earth but this one was purple, teal and a soft pink. I began feeling very suspicious once again as I have for almost every part of the dream. But that was it for that part weirdy. I remember in my dream that we all took a visit to earth to see our other family members and we were not there for very long and then my mom said to everyone that it is now time to go back to mars and I got really really scared because I love earth and I don’t wanna go somewhere where I can’t be myself and somewhere where people don’t know if you can even live there or not. So I tryed to run away while we were still on earth so I could just stay there but I could barely run. And in real life I’m a pretty fast runner for short distances but if I had to I could run fast and far if my life depended on it. Anyways someone caught me and we went back to space and I then started crying my eyes out but my mom wouldn’t let me go back. This was definitely are really strange dream for me because I can hardly even remember my dreams and I hate it because I do like to know what my brain makes up. Dreaming is a way to cope with your problems but if I can’t remember my dreams how is that teaching me anything? Our dreams are similar to where we both went into space and we couldn’t go back home even though we wanted to so so badly and even though we cried and bagged to go back home. Thank u for reading this if anyone actually did 🙂

  12. Can someone interpret the meaning of my mysterious dream? I have a dream that I am still dreaming up to this day. It started when I was 5 years old. I dreamed that I woke up standing in blank room with no furniture or any other appliances. It was just blank and plain. After a minute of standing and understanding where am I, two balls will rise from the ground and the time they reach the height above me, I also will float for a while and fall. After I fall, i can see the two balls still floating to the air until they touch each other. The time they touch each other, they will explode and I will wake up to the real world. As I said earlier, it started when I was 5 years old and up until now I still dream about it. By the way, I am 21 years old now.

  13. I had a dream where I was on earth and could see what was happening in space, I saw an astronaut floating in space. Shortly after, a hand that seemed so magical held the astronaut as clouds covers the astronaut, giving way for some shootings from strange beings which was hitting earth. But no impact of the bullet o earth. My dream was really scary as I had to run to dodge the bullets which wasn’t having an impact on earth.

  14. A while ago, I had a dream that there were two giant people in outer space; I was one of them, and the other was a man whose face I couldn’t make out. I had a feeling in that dream that those were our souls from the beginning of time, or something like that. Behind one of us was Jupiter still forming its Great Red Spot. One of us handed the other a planet that was still being born as a gift or something else.

  15. I had a dream just last night that I was in a place like a field all by myself. Then I heard like a plane above me and when I look up I realize it was like about three space ships that actually shape like small airplane. . I started running but the they didn’t want me to escape so they try to border me in by flying very low above my head. I got away however by out smarting them but one of the plane landed and a guy got out and started to ran me down. I ran so fast because I felt afraid. He eventually caught up to me before I could reach home. I was amazed when I saw him because he was so kind and gently to me, he act before Like he was upset but only because I try running away from him and he wanted to know why.
    I know in my heart that I liked him at first sight but I did not let him know. He told me that he wants me as his own and will come back the next day for me in the field but I have to be ready when I hear the plane that will come in three. The next day I was waiting in a van with my sister and others in the field. When I heard the plane coming I started looking for my two bags with clothes that I wanted to take with me but someone had relocated the bag in another spot in the van and I could not find it. The plane was there in the sky waiting but when I eventually found the bag they already left me. I could see the plane I should of been in circling far within the sky. I know he did not want to leave me but he did not have a choice because of his elders. I know this young man was from out of space but he looks human just like myself and we both felt love for each other when he hugged me. I was very sad when they had to leave and was hoping he would return for me.
    What does this dream means.

  16. i had a dream where i was in space but i wasn’t alone. I was playing a game to which the board was in the shape of glass made with the stars, and i was playing with something or someone. I couldn’t really tell what it was or who i was playing with but it was fun and when it was over i woke up.

  17. In my dream about space, I was standing over the Earth. Planets were the size of a baseball that fitted in my hands. I was so huge that if I took a step I will be at the next planet but I didn’t cause when I realized how big I was i started to think about what I was standing on. When I remember that I was in space I realized that there isn’t a floor and so I got scared and I think I started to fall so I forced myself to wake up

  18. I had a dream that i was flying out of the roof of my house into out space to the stars. But somehow my body is still in the house just hanging on the ceiling. then i came back tried to do it again then it was difficult then after a bit more try i was able to fly out again and just travel through the star and planets. It was pretty delightful.

  19. cee (embarrased to give my real name) on

    I had a dream that I didn’t remember until I got in the shower after waking up. Anyway, the dream was really short and weird. I dreamt that I was floating in space, everything was pitch black around me, except the lights that were coming from earth, I was floating on top of it and it looked so pretty, it was huge and all the lights from earth looked like looking at the lights of a city at night. Then I head someone speak to me but there was no one around me, but I felt someone next to me, I didn’t feel scared, I was just in awe, surprised about everything. I remember exactly what this voice told me, it said “people like you can see a different connection with God” then said “look down there and let me show you” I looked down to the world and saw this white fluorescent light shooting out from earth up into space, slowly but steady, it was like a tube of light, and then the voice said “that is a person down there connecting with God at this very moment”. I was mesmerized by that light, it was all so unreal, then the voice proceeded to say :I’m going to show you a secret of the universe” then these 2 huge 3D triangles appeared in front of earth, the triangles were both transparent, and one was right next to the other. I can’t remember what the voice said, it sounded super technical, what I mean is that I remember being confused by everything I heard about the triangles, all I remember was the word hemispheres for some reason, but everything else I heard is a blur, it sounded like math and measurements and stuff like that. When the voice was explaining everything, the walls of the triangles started opening to the sides and then I can’t remember anything else after that. I always have the weirdest dreams, and I wonder if my brain is not functioning right, I don’t do drugs, I don’t drink, all I do is go to school, work as a receptionist and I am not sure what the hell. This dream wasn’t bad, I actually liked it, but there have been times when I have dreamt pretty weird stuff that leave me a little scared and messed up for a little. Hope someone could help me interpret some of my dreams one day. Hope you all have an awesome day today 🙂

  20. The unknown on

    i had a dream i was in space, i had a task to save people from the despair, it is not a person, it is an organisation. But everything in my dream was a one hit kill,my first mission was saving the survivors at tre axiom,it was a family of four,and when i landed there it was like a game in a game in a game. Once the test was over i heard this measssage “warning ship systems damaged please evacuate the ship immediantly once i looked outside the coviniently placed window i saw a hole.A big hole and i knew the ship is gonna explode i ran to my ship as i was running i saw the family running to their ship aswell,and they followed me to my ship.as i flew with the family,we returned to my mothership. and after that another mission to go to a planet to look for survivors who were spying on the despair,well thats all i got for now

  21. Had this crazy dream where I was In a shuttle in space watching over earth. Then next thing I knew I was shot out of the shuttle with this other astronaut. We grabbed on to each other suits and spun around until we landed in this dark hole-like place. If I remember correcting it was located kind of below earth. We were sent there to explore this newly discovered black -hole thing. When we finally got there we both slowly went down. I couldn’t see a single thing below me unless I went down farther, which I did and I kept seeing this whitish color that looked almost like one of those twisted noodle pasta Lmao . I was very scared but I had faith cause the dude I was with kept encouraging me to go down. Once I went down probably like 100 feet I woke up.

  22. I had a dream where i was in space with my ancestor thats from another world & he picked me up as the Earth was burning. He Brought me back to where my race if from. Blonde Blue eyes

  23. I had a dream while I was sleeping at my boyfriend’s house that I was trapped in space. I didn’t want to be there and felt really scared but I couldn’t escape. I woke up feeling really panicked and every-time I shut my eyes, even a blink, space was all I could see. I cant tell whether I was actually awake or whether this was all part of the dream. I felt like the only way to get rid of the feeling was to move as far away from my boyfriend in the bed as I could, almost as if it was him controlling the dream??? It is a fairly new relationship and I wondered if the dream could have any meaning behind it? It was very weird and I have never had anything like this before. Probably the most panicked a dream has ever made me feel. However, I then woke up the next morning after having a very happy, normal dream about being in Amsterdam with my boyfriend and our friends.

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