Outer Space Dream Symbol


Outer Space – Outer space is a dream symbol of the ultimate adventure. In our dreams, space really is “the final frontier,” being a place that the vast majority of us have never and will never physically visit, but which looms large in our consciousness as adventurous and open for exploration. In our dreams, outer space also indicates our feelings about our own empowerment and ability to achieve our goals.

If you dream that you are trying to take a trip into outer space and are not able to go, this is an indication that you feel your goals are unattainable or that you do not have the tools you need to be able to achieve them. On the other hand, if you dream about actually going into outer space, this is a powerful and positive dream sign that something you previously thought was impossible, or that others think is impossible, is within your grasp and that you are empowered to do it.

Additional Space Dream Interpretations

Dreaming of space around you or a building can indicate your own need for personal space. You may need space to achieve your goals without having anything or anyone else cramp your style. Dreaming of outer space symbolizes your search for deeper meanings in your life. This could be a sign you need to join a group of like minded people to help you grow.

Space in a dream can also represent the thinking of mainstream society. When you dream of space this can mean you need to overcome any feelings of being trapped by the collective mentality. You need to work through these feelings to achieve what you need to for success. It is also a sign you are not tapping into your full potential. What holds you back? You already hold the answers deep inside yourself. How are you going to change this? You are the only one holding you back.

Feeling a need of space can also mean someone is pushing your boundaries. You may need to set them firmly in place so you no longer feel violated. Being alone in foreign space is a sign you fear being alone. Have you lost hope for your future?

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Stephen is a self confessed dream junkie that loves all things dream related. He is a writer for Dream Stop and has been working in the field of dreams for the past decade. He believes that the YOU are the only person who can truly understand the meaning of your dreams. You have to look inside your inner thoughts to find the hidden truths in your dream. Stephen's interpretations should be considered an opinion, not professional advice.


  1. I had a dream snippet that I was standing outside with family and friends in my backyard.
    When I looked up, I could see some satellites and other space equipement in the sky that were VERY close to the house. They were functioning just fine, orbiting and whatnot. The colors were vivid. Blues and greens were what I remember seeing the most

  2. I had a lucid dream i was flying through space with somebody and i can feel the intensity of the wind

  3. last night i had a dream that i was going out of my house to take a picture of the sky. when i went out i saw the sky very colorful and suddenly i could see the whole galaxy. saw many things of the galaxy. sometimes it was bright blue tinted with some yellow shades and sometimes it was reddish and after some time it was dark with full of many glittering stars and after some time i could see how the stars change their position day by day you can see from earth. i could see the whole cycle how the stars moved.

  4. Cindy Struass on

    I was orbiting the earth alone. Not in any space ship, but more like a space suit. I came around to the dark side of earth, and suddenly felt the immensity of my situation. As the sun was coming up, I was trying to stay in the dark for fear of the sun being too hot.

    • That dream sounds like you may be in a position where someone is not telling you everything about a situation. As light was being cast on your position, you prefer not knowing for fear that whatever it is could hurt you.

  5. Ambernique Manghram on

    My dream is absolutely different from all of yours . I wasn’t in outer space or have some out of body experience … it was more majestic! I was having a separate dream about my ex’s and then it was like a dramatic switch and it was night time and as I looked up to the sky the stars had NEVER looked so bright and I thought to myself I love this ! All of a sudden it was like being on a rollercoaster and you just drop . With the drop came all the planets and moon aligned together with no sun ! It was so mezmerizing , the colors of the sky (black, blue, purple , white) were so rich and then as soon as I could try to take it all in I woke up! What does this mean, please help ? I’ve been thinking about it since I dreamt it like a week ago ! They say tomorrow is the last day on earth , my dream couldnt correlate with that could it ?

  6. I dreamt that me and a guy (not my bf) were on Uranus and doing something or ourselves and I only remember that I thought the air felt more clean and stuff we found this weird monitor that said GALIFRAY and I just now realized that’s the doctors planet but I was on Uranus but we went back to our lab and we went to earth and the air was pastry what does this mean
    Age eleven (in dream I was adult

  7. Muhd Rohan on

    About a month ago, i went to sleep about 3am in the morning. It was exactly 3.03 in the morning.As i lay on the bed ,ready to sleep,i began to see the sun on the ceiling. Then,i was flying in space. I wasnt in any vessel or spaceship while i was flying. I could see the stars,the planets and everything. Even words cant describe how beautiful space was in my dreams. After a while, i reached a planet. It was a very strange feeling as the gravity was much different than on earth. This unknown planet was also landless. Which means i was only water on the planet with no land. It was very weird to see that. And it didnt seem to bear any living being on it either. Also, this planet had three suns. I literally felt the heat and pressure from the sun and the planet. The strange part was that i didnt realise i was holding a few egg-like capsules in my hand. When i looked closer at it , it looked like cells,but not microscopic ones. They were big . Before i was leaving, i opened and threw these capsules in the water. Maybe i was spreading new life on that planet. Later on, i was flying back in outer space but i couldnt stop but noticing the sun for that planet. Then , i woke up. But i could still see the sun on the ceiling just like before i was sleeping. And i had an effect in my eye. Its like the effect you get when you look directly at the sun during daytime. When i checked, there was no light source around me that could have done that. And when i checked the time, it was 3.13 in the morning . It was weird because it felt much longer when i was in space not realising it was only ten minutes long. Was i actually in space? And did i actually catch a glimpse of a star from a different solar system up close? It felt so real to me. I dont know what that meant to me but it was truly a once in a lifetime oppurtunity to get to see the beauties of space upclose.

    • What a beautiful and detaled dream. I love when I can remember all of the details down to the texture of the air.
      I also had a dream about space last night.
      I felt myself away from Earth and when I realized I was in space I was in our solar system just past our Moon. The moon was the size of about a quarter and the Earth was the size of a marble in distance if you compared how far away I was from them but I could see them clear as day and that is and we some too because I have horrible eye sight. Once I realized where I was I could feel everything which was really nothing because nothing is in space. I felt warm but alone and tiny. I could see the sun and then weird stuff started to happen and we so mend I saw the word SCIENCE in big letters in space andwesomendnd the sun was shining on it and then I saw spaceships, I’m assuming from Earth. Then my dream shifted topics from there. I love dreams. They fascinate me. I need to keep a journal. I’ve learned that a lot of my dream comes true or have hidden messages in them. It’s so amazing how everything works.
      And you are right. Space is absolutely beautiful isn’t it.

  8. Alec Octave Smith on

    I had a very interesting dream earlier last week and just wanted to see if there was a chance it in fact meant anything at all. (Its very strange and random so just try and be skeptical about this) I went to bed very late, around 3am (I am a 22 year old male) and realized I was in space. I was in some very strange sort of structure while I was in space and was approaching a new planet. Someone mentioned inside the structure that we were going to dive into this planet but there was no guarantee we would live because of the extreme radiation and unknown conditions on the inside; we were going in to see if there was some form of solid land or if it was just a giant purple gas giant. Any case, these doors opened and I proceeded willingly through the structure we were in. I was pulling myself on these bars to progress due to the low gravity. Finally I approached the last room. There was nothing in it except for a manhole in the ground that was directly above this planet. So I approached it and jumped in. I was falling, with my back towards planet watching the structure I just left get smaller and smaller. As I fell I approached the purple “gas” of the planets atmosphere and immediately after I entered the planets atmosphere I turned into a “gas”. Think back to early science in school when you are taught about water being able to be solid, liquid, and gas (vapor) I instantly transformed into this “gas” but was still conscious of all of my surroundings. I could still “see” just as normal, I knew what happened to me but was un-phased entirely. Then this form of me fell through the planet and I was restructured back to “me” again, no longer a “gas”. I somehow ended up back inside the structure and gave this venture another go. But this time I didn’t change into a “gas” but I landed. I had this strange feeling of extreme discomfort but I also was so intrigued I wasn’t focused on that feeling. I began to explore but I could tell my time was limited because of the way my “body” felt. The pressure “felt” intense and everything was in a purple hue and very very dark. I was running as fast as I could to see as much as possible and stumbled upon a sign with numbers and the letter “B” on it. I cannot remember the specific order, but the black hole in the middle of this purple planet had a stone sign with numbers in a weird order, vaguely I can remember it being something like “Planet 30050B” or something like that, I cant remember specifically. I jumped through that hole only to become a gas again and I began falling again, eventually I appeared back into the structure I started and ultimately woke up at that point.

    I love science and regularly keep up with NASA’s space missions on nearly a daily basis to pass time working at the bank. Anyways, I thought the dream to be very peculiar and seemed more real than most dreams I’ve had. I hope I can get some feedback! Thanks for reading.

    -Alec Smith

  9. I dreamt of being sent to space out of my own will. I was teamed up with other people my age. Could this mean something?

  10. Chammie Suarez on

    In my dream, I dreamed about me going to another planet thatvI don’t know and living there happily. But only in a ahrot period of time coz it feels like only a vacation. In that world, I was there together with my whole family and living on a underwater palace. No one was there well that’s what we thought. The prince is asleep because of the spacecraft we were into because it creates so much noise and he hates noises. There is also one who take care of the prince. She looks scarey but she’s not. She’s actually kind to us. I don’t know how we can breath under water for such a long time though? On the last day of our trip, We went outside the palace and only Toured around, I was with myself and looking around when I noticed that the prince has awoken. He was beautiful and his looks is enchanting but I don’t remember what he actually looks like when I woke up. How cna I see him on my dream and not remember what he looks like but I know myself that he’s handsome and stuff? We talked but my family is calling me. The weird thing is, outide the castle is not underwater anymore but I clearly remember me swimming in the air. We went to the spacecraft and went back on Earth. Why is my dream so weird? Why do I feel so attached to the guy I clearly don’t remember what he looks like? I feel like I wanna see and find him again.

  11. Samantha burke on

    In my drea x i was watching earth, it was spinning also it had a dark smoky ring around it , spiraling around earth. What does that mean?

  12. John mphuthi on

    I had a dream last night, i was on earth in a field that was open with no buildings only trees and plenty of grass i look up and notice the moon appears to be in the final stages of emploding, as that continues on it eventually disappears from my sight and replaced by a vortex thats draining earth’s atmosphere, while i was trying to figure out how to stop that vortex a second earth appeared in the sky and it was very visible , i woke up shortly after.

  13. I had a dream that I was trying to parachute and gauge it so I landed on the moon however I was a little off and completely missed the moon, an empty feeling came over me as I knew I’d just fall forever and would die soon, I looked at earth sad knowing all my friends and family were there and id never see them again…..so strange

  14. I dreamed that I was walking on the earth in outer space and the earth was moving as I walked. Then the time came for me to step off and I could feel the “discomfort” or “fear” and “riskiness” of stepping off into a never ending dark drop. I remember the terrible discomfort and fear but I still continued to walk and then the moment came for me to step off (because the earth was still moving) and as I took that first right foot step, as I stepped out (only when I stepped off) there was a “GIANT” hand that came up and caught my step. And then as I stepped again with my left foot, as I stepped off there was that “GIANT” hand that caught that step. End of dream.

  15. I had a dream where i was floating in space.. touching the nebulas and reaching for the galaxies.. flying towards the planets just going around them to look at them. Oh i loved it, i felt so free and at home. As if i was dancing in space. Then I saw this bright star.. I flew towards it, when I reached it is when I woke up.

    • A few years ago i had the same dream but with little or no control, i was searching and reaching for home and kept getting flung into other galaxies or solar systems and i felt hopeless I’d never find earth again or home.It happened again last night but i woke myself up because i didn’t want to do that again.lol

  16. Aubrey Johnson on

    So my dream was basically that me and my moms boyfriend and my best friend went into outer space together to test this study thing on mars together, and we all got into this huge fight.. and so Kelly (my moms boyfriend) got angry at us and pulled the trigger, and we were just speeding back to earth super fast, and I ran to the front of the ship and was screaming and crying because we we’re all gonna die, and I told him to stop, and he ran back our quickly and steered it… and then we hugged and he said he was sorry. And then I asked where caroline was (my best friend) and he said.. that she left. And I was helllllaaaaa sad.

  17. i just woke up right now from a dream that is why i suddenly grab my phone for this. in my dream, earth was invaded by i dont know who, then this beings tries to hurt me but it seems that im indestructible. instead, i flew out of the planet and tried to look into the sun. when i try to go back to earth, the earth more like became a ball. then 2 beings tries to come to me and play tag your it. i recognize that one of the being is a teenage boy. suddenly the event has change that we are running inside the surface of the sun. but we are running on top of the walls and on the sides is some lava that the sun has. he is ahead of me, the first boy. suddenly he slipped and he is about to fall into the burning lava. i jump anf tried to get his hand but good thing he manage to throw a rope so that he can still survive. i still went to him and toss him in the safer ground. the second boy is with us but i cant remember his face. after we reach our destination. someone spoke behind of us. its a weird dream but i feel positive about it. if someone across the globe or time had the same dream as well, you gave me your name. and ill be more than happy to know you in person for being a lucid dreamer like me.

  18. I had a dream last night that I wanted to go to outer space, and somehow I did. As I flew there, I was in some sort of satellite or spaceship that was oddly cool. Suddenly, a kid came in the spaceship with me. We started talking and he told me there was this other kid who was trying to steal different places or something (I think he referred to spaceships) so me and the kid I just met were eating licorice and gummy worms. So as we expected, the thief kid barged in with other people and somehow me and the kid I just met managed to kick out the thief kid. So the kid I just met left, and I started feeling scared and lonely (I don’t know why I wasn’t scared earlier I mean I was in outer space for God’s sake) so I called my mom and told her I was in space and she sounded shocked but she said my sister would come get me. So I guess me sister got me, then I woke up questioning what the hell I just dreamed haha. What does this mean though?

  19. i woke up from a dream where i died from lack of oxygen in space…dont know what it means its kinda dumb

  20. It’s 4am and I just woke up from an odd terrifying dream. It might not have started out with me In space but I can’t really remember but I was in space, not floating or in control at all, I was terrified and cold, I remember wearing a gray shirt too. As I was flipping through space in fear, it was solid black for the longest time and then I was praying i think in my dream and when I opened my eyes I could see the earth every time I flipped, I could hear a voice saying “you made it you made it!” And then suddenly I was falling back to earth, I don’t remember hitting the ground but when I awoke on the ground in my dream there was a tv above me and there were scary movies playing and then this…being was standing nearby just steady watching me.. it was terrifying, and the tv stuff was getting scarier and scarier so I looked the thing in the face and yelled at the top of my lungs for it to go away, and it smiled amd yelled something back but I don’t remember what it was.

  21. I dreamt that I was talking to this man and all of a sudden we were floating in space holding each other and I said to him “The earths reflection in your eye looks so dope right now”. Then I looked at Earth and thought why can’t we see heaven and hell from here? That’s when a formation above and below earth formed and I thought – Oh there it is.

  22. I had a weird dream I was sitting in the nebula in space with a elder alien and all I can see is the vast nebula of space and plenty of universe an the umneverse. and every star shining so bright as i look deep in the the dust I couldn’t believe what I see with my 3 eye’s one of my eye’s can see the (future,past,present) the second eye can control the (dimensional fluctuation of reality) the third eye can give back the (life to the dead an take back the life ) as i seat in the vast nebula of space i feel tranquil and at peace with everything. then elder told me in that those eye’s are a gift from the galaxy. And then as I wake from my slumber can see the the fake reality of this world and I wasn’t happy

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