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Outbreak – An outbreak of disease is a dream symbol of dangers far bigger than you can control, which you fear will radically effect your life. An outbreak may be an ordinary disease, like the flu, or it may be a biological weapon which then is able to spread from human to human. It is even possible to dream of an outbreak of fictional diseases such as the zombie virus, which in many pop culture stories turns people into the living dead.

If you dream about an outbreak, this indicates deep uncertainty in your current life and a fear that you have insecurity and that you are not safe. It can also indicate that danger is coming, and the way to avoid being harmed is to withdraw for a while and protect your own self and family.

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  1. I don't understand on

    I just dreamt that myself and two other family’s members were test to an infectious disease from a quarantine area. Where we left many many severely Ill people. As I was leaving I helped some e I knew lye down and he was devastated that we were leaving.. (now that I’m awake I cant remember person I seen) . As I exited out side I seen my Late daughter there, and we said she saved us she was why we werent infected…. but she didnt speak she ran off and we ran after her but werent able to catch her ….. I also remember tell other family we are lucky . But it’s not our fault not to feel guilty we had to leave to save us …

  2. Basically I suffer from nightmares most nights but this one tips the top which I had less than an hour ago.

    I awoke from some sleep to find I was in an old childhood friend’s house, I remember looking at my phone and it said Wednesday and it was around 4PM so I took a look outside and it was pitch black like it was 9PM.

    Confused by this I ask him what’s going on, he turns his head to me and straight away I can see that his nose is swollen and red, he says “there’s a virus jumping from planet to planet and we can’t stop it” it’s strange because he had the sniffles of a common cold, to which I noticed my nose was showing the same effect.

    I asked him “how long have I been out” to which he replies “days, weeks, months, who knows but it’s all your fault” so kind of stunned I replied with “how is it?” But he didn’t respond to me after that and at this point I started to panic so I started pacing back and forth.

    Then I asked why it was dark out considering it was only 4PM, he replied with “the days are no longer consistent, something is changing and everyone is slowly dying and there’s nothing we can do to stop it” I didn’t respond so I headed back over to look out the window, as I look out I see fields and a single road going over a hill that’s full of congested traffic, as I look up I wake back up, at which point I came to write this so I could keep the dream as fresh as possible, can someone please help me? These nightmares are beginning to scare the shit out of me.

    • The most important thing to any dream is acknowledging the reflection that it is showing you. Without acknowledgment I feel like the dreams can just continue without check. Maybe there is an area in your life where metaphorically this dream makes some sort of sense and I would identify that and really try to get to the root of why these dreams are coming. Do you have certain fears in your waking life? Is there a consistent negative talk you have going in your head? Television? These are all things to really look at. I hope this could help you somewhat… don’t be afraid to light some sage before bed and really cleanse your space as well. I sometimes like to set an intention for my dreams too. Blessings to you !

  3. i had this strange dream last night that i went to work which is a small shop that my aunt runs that is right outside of my community but there was an even stranger building a block or two away from where i lived and i was going back to work from the gas station and all of the sudden, hazard lights start flashing, sirens are going off and people are being evacuated from the building (in the dream i was curious as to what was going on so i rode my skateboard over there to find out and as soon as i got to a door that wasn’t being used, it was forced open n shoved me between it and a wall and all i could do was watch the people run out and toward my work. then it switched to me at school but outside sitting with a few friends on a couch that was on the basketball court and i look to my right and my dad is stepping out of a car and i ran to him, jumped and hugged him. next scene was him getting back in the car and starting in and once again, im running to him because i wanted to leave with him. and then i woke up

  4. Ive had this dream now two nights in a row where the first one was a mind conroling skin disease, second like the simian flu (still mind controling) and both are spread by the slightest of touch. However, i can control myself even after being infected

  5. I had a dream recently that I was a male hacker (Strange since I’m Female) and was bored. I walked along the highstreet and into a shop, and pulled a tablet off a shelf. I distinctly remember being very disappointed that there were no laptops available. I frantically typed away, more and more green unreadable writing filled the tiny screen, I knew I was creating a super virus! Lost in a weird daze, a store assistant tapped me on the shoulder to ask me a question. Startled, I tapped the Enter key by accident. Horrified, I watched as the unfinished prototype devoured all social media. It brainwashed people, infecting their brains with rage and insanity. I saw a News lady on the TV, with a red dress and short blonde hair, slowly go mad right in front of me. Going from screaming panic to laughing manically in about 5 seconds. People were walking in the streets, wheezing like every breath was torture. I tried to steal the tablet, but felt no real danger from the rage filled savages that were once humans in the street. A moment later, the store is being cleaned by workers, the whole place is trashed and a new lady is reporting on TV about the devastating virus of 2015.

  6. Iv been repeatedly having this dream of an outbreak of the zoombie kind of virsus. And i constantly get put at my dads house which they can see im in through the windows they get into and i hide in the bedroom locking myself in.

    Iv had this dream for a few months can you answer it it please

    • I think you don’t feel safe in your life. The zombies coming to get you represent your friends who are trying to help, but you feel like they will hurt you which is why you lock yourself away.

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