Ouija Board Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Ouija Board Dream Symbol – Dreaming about an Ouija board is a symbol of magic and messages from the Beyond. Interestingly enough, Ouija board messages in dreams tend to be accurate to the same extent that Ouija board messages in real life are accurate.

However, because your brain’s language centers are turned off during sleep, it may be difficult to remember the exact words of the message.

Take away from the dream the impression of the message and the truth behind the message instead of trying to parse the individual words of the dream Ouija board.

Also bear in mind that, while real Ouija board messages may come from a variety of different spirits, dream Ouija board messages come from your own subconscious or unconscious mind, and may in fact be more reliable.

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Stephen is a self confessed dream junkie that loves all things dream related. He is a writer for Dream Stop and has been working in the field of dreams for the past decade. He believes that the YOU are the only person who can truly understand the meaning of your dreams. You have to look inside your inner thoughts to find the hidden truths in your dream. These interpretations are for entertainment purposes only. Stephen's interpretations should be considered an opinion, not professional advice.


  1. I just woke up and my dream was my cousin who likes spiritual things came over and we were talking and she told me she brought her ouiji board, so she took it out and I rly don’t do that kind of stuff bc ive seen movies so while I was doing it I prayed and I just felt this tension and like suffocation in my body and I laid down on my moms table and pushed everything off and then I woke up. But I researched and it says something about a recent passed loved one and my aunt just did not too long ago. And the true thing is is that my cousin does have a board. What does this mean??

  2. I had a dream I used a Ouija board after my grandfather died and he told us that there was going to be a bomb sent into the water and it was going to cause a huge tidal wave

    • My friend however said that rather than a bomb being sent into the water there was a chamber in the water the military used where she was going to go commit suicide because she was scared of what everyone was trying to interpret from the message

  3. I had a dream that I played the ouija board and it told me that I’m dying soon and so very shortly after I played the game, I died in my sleep. What could this mean?

  4. Last night, I had a dream I was in my room, opened the door, walked in the living room, and 2 or 3 of my friends were sitting on the floor with a Ouija board. There were no lights on, except this eerie blue glow. It was very faint. I had nothing else to do, so I unsurprisingly played it with them. It was surprisingly quiet, almost no words were said. But while we played in the eerie blue glow, we could hear noises from upstairs. We ignored this, until I saw this tall, (as tall as the ceiling, I might add), humanlike, man, standing between the stairs and hallway, and I forgot what it said, but we were so scared I hid behind the couch, and I forgot where my friends went, but it was at this moment I woke up. I thought I might add, it was like midnight in the dream. This dream creeped me out, and I would like to know what it means.

  5. Jena tonge on

    I had a dream I did the ouija board on my own in a dark park of some sort. The ghost told me something but I cannot remember it exactly. I remember he was a man called dog? Strange I know. But his name was dog. He was a human just called dog. He was very angry about something. He was throwing stuff around and in the dream the wind picked up and everything was flying everywhere. He was so angry at something. Not me just something. He never hurt me but he sure was mad. Anyone know what this could mean??

    • Look, I am no professional, but my guess is there is a spirit in your home, but I think you might be stuck on a problem and you can’t complete it or something. Btw has a friend’s dog or your dog recently passed away?

  6. I had a dream that my sister was having a 15 party and something was touching her back so my mom told her to take of her dress and change into something else then I walked in my room and my uncle and my other uncle we’re playing the oujia and my sisters were in the room too then my uncle got the little triangle and looked three it and said there’s is a ghost next to u next to ur hand and one near the door I kinda thought maybe I do get followed by ghost since I was younger I’ve been getting haunted so this dream really scared me

  7. Mireya Mendoza on

    I had a dream I had just walked in a room and they were playing the board and some couple was in there as well i didn’t know but were contemplating on getting married what was weird that o started asking questions and it was sorta paper thing that started flying around giving me answers we got called over from our family and we left the board I started freaking out because we didn’t say good bye I bumped into my sister, let me add I haven’t seen in years I was asking her and she said the board will come after her because as soon as she started playing you signed a contract selling your soul to the devil.. then I turned to her and said but I didn’t sign anything let alone touch the board…. but every time we tried saying goodbye something always interrupted us

  8. i had a dream that i was playing the bored w/ some friends and then there was an xtra part of the game and it looked like the tringle thing that you used for the game but it had words on it and it was bigger it looked like it was some type of ingredents and i didnt know what it realy was and didnt think any thing of it but for some reason it was asking me question like baby names and pictures and some more questions i cant remeber now but i put ka pic of my little brother and his name next t it and the next day i was with him yellow small birds that looked like idk mocking birds or wood peckers came down darting at him first it was like three or for and the tens 20s thousands i grabed him and got in to the car and drove off and then next thing i know is were in a small house like studio and with a man a dark man with a shadowy figru he was trying to help and i lernd i gave my brothers soul to the devil i ribed the tringle up and dystroyed it and the man said i have three month to protect him myself last thing i remeber is driving w/ one of my best friends and explaing every thing and i starded to cry i couldent breath at all like i was suffe cating i didnt know if it wasz me doin it to my self or the devil choking me… and then i simply woke up and was fine

  9. I had a dream me and my best friend were in a room and all that was in the room was a Ouija board. We both start to play ask a few questions like : is someone there it starting moving saying yes, I asked if this is a good spirit it also said yes. We pause look at each other and I finally ask if I could ask anymore questions and it said no then I woke up. Can someone please tell me what does that mean???? I never played with an Ouija board before…..

  10. I had a dream that I was walking with my sister and I saw an ouija board i touched a piece to the board and it moved then my sister said u didn’t touch that did u?…and then we ended up on the beach watching the waves and that was when I woke up

  11. I dreamed about me at my friends house and we played it and i took pictures the had a sprit in it amd it was trying to tell me something what should i do

  12. Rebecca Perez on

    My dream changed the location eveytime i blinked and the only thing that was the same was that every where they played it was in the living room, i woke up and saw something. I have a mirror in my room and i looked at it abd i saw to legs standing at the doorway this was yesterday

  13. frank mendoza on

    I had a dream I was in a library where there was about 5 good sized screen, that were computers with no keyboards. I sat at one and instead of using like google it was a ouija and there were no keyboards or mouse u just ask it ur question. And I asked a question about the moon not sure exactly what but then the screen changed and started to show a movie about the moon and there were pple living there growning plants and everything. Itwas bizzare I never played or will play and in the dream I also saw this plant wall that I later saw in real life for the first time in the last witch hunter.

  14. The dream started off with me going out to my kitchen and i saw a ouija boared , i asked my mother why do we have one and she said thats not mine its Mikes (my mothers friend) Then Mike asked me did i want to play it i said yea why not like but when i put my hand on it the whole boared when flying everything felt so real.

  15. everyone was at my house and my mum got the ouija board out and started playing it and my sister was like “where’s poppy?” (Her daughter) and I was like “on the sofa” then I looked again and she was gone. I quickly looked out the window and she was across the street and two girls where holding her hands in the pitch black taking her somewhere. I ran to get her and I grabbed her and began running home but loads of cars were going past and the people in them had demonic faces and when I was trying to run a force was taking me back I finally got in the house but poppy had gone from a toddler to a newborn baby and she wasn’t breathing and she died I’m crying writing this

  16. So basically I had a dream that I was playing ouija and i simply couldn’t get rid of the board, I’ve played it many times in the past.. And as I came out of the dream I came downstairs to get water and this programme cane on tv and there was ouija board and I was thinking about them.. Can anyone give me a idea what this means?

  17. i dreamet that i saw an ouija board and it pointed to the edge of the board and the person who was holding the board turned to me and said ,” You are the one ”

    what does this mean

  18. McKayla Snow on

    Ok so I’ve never used a oujia board and I had a dream that I was trying to contact my mom who passed away almost 12 years ago I got a message but I don’t know what it said and then all of a sudden one of my friends told me no don’t use that it isn’t your mother and forced me and my cousin to say goodbye and so we did and then I woke up

  19. I dreamt I was going to use the oiji board like I did when I was younger and me and my family were on a whale watching trip I was telling my mom that the spirits really do talk to you that they are real and either a good one could come through or bad one I had both and we needed to be very careful my nieces were with me and my very close friends but my closes friend was being very mean to me and I was telling her we needed to use the board together or there would be a lot of danger!
    What would all of this mean? We did use a oiji board together when we were younger and it was good for a while lets just put it that way

  20. I had a dream about the board on my dresser with a message on it I don’t remember the message but I didn’t play it I’ve had dreams about stuf like this the last few nights

  21. Ok last night I had a dream that I was using a ouija bored to talk to my boyfriends dead brother that has been dead for 14 years now I didt not every meet his brother but one day when I was at my boyfriend house I hared someone walk in the house and I was the only one there at the time when my boyfriend got home I told him and he just looked at me and said it was his brother and in the dream I ask was that you that day I was hear and it said yes ……… What does that mean

  22. I had a dream that i was sitting with 4 people at a table with a ouija bord in the middle and then as they played the started to get thrown into cabnits and on the floor and then turns out i was the one controlling it. And then i woke up from it then instantly went back to sleep and then i was drawing on a sidewalk and then this old woman case up to me and she stared down at me Nd her eyes were bright yellow and then i saw her put a gun and a notebook in the end if this tree path and she said to me i want to talk to you about the dream you had before this one, and i said no no u just put a gun over there im not talking to u, and then she started to slowly walk off and i though i think i should actuallh hear what she has to say and soo i ran after her and said wait i wanna know and she slowly turned around with the most blank dead look with her mouth closed and her eyes were all black like a demons, and i stepped back and she kep wqlking slow

  23. Jose carreno on

    I dreamed that my dad was playing the ouija board that he played it and I told him why and grabbed it and threw it to the ground hard

    • Larissa Wallace on

      I had a dream I could only remember some because it like faded away but I did the ouiji board with my friend and brother Jade and Lewis. Some how after we did it, it fast forward to a night and I woke up went downstairs and something looked at me threw my window with glowing eyes and then I actually woke up with a mouse in my bedroom!?!?

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