Ostrich Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Ostrich Dream Symbol – Ostrich visits your dreams to prompt you it is time to take a good look at your life and make any necessary changes. You need to clear and clean out your life physically and emotionally. What do you no longer need? Who is poisoning your life? Who underestimates or undermines you? Let go of what is no longer a positive energy on your life.

Ostrich is a large flightless birds and its enemies often underestimate its secret power. They are non-confrontational, shy animals but with one swift kick they can disable and sometimes kill those that corner them. This is a reminder your enemies often underestimate you and you will fight back when cornered.

Ostrich dreamsOstrich can remind to protect yourself from the harmful energy of others. Some of this will be intentional and others unintentional. Just remember, whenever you think or talk about someone you send psychic energy out to that person. Positive or negative. Make grounding yourself a habit. Avoid negative gossiping. Release those energies that attach to you with love and move on. She can also come to warn to lie low to assess the situation. It may be better to do nothing until you understand everything better.

This comical, funny animal with has a deadly serious side. This can also represent justice and truth. It is not your place to stand in judgement of others. For, when you do, remember the law of karma. It will eventually come back around and kick you in the butt. Your truth is unique to you.

Ostrich can come to teach you about facing reality. She reminds that by ignoring or denying something it will not go away. What are you denying? What in your world do you refuse to accept? Look within. There is something you need to accept. Possibly about yourself. Ostrich is humble but, with her long neck, has the ability to fly high with her feet planted firmly on the ground. She brings lessons of humility. There is no need to be boastful about all you achieve. Have confidence in knowing how good you are.

Folklore has it that ostrich buries her head in the sand This is not strictly true. She holds her head close to the ground to make herself look like a rock to fool her enemies from afar. She shows how to stay calm in times of trouble. Protect yourself and ride it out until it passes. She is also known for eating rocks and hard objects for her digestion. This shows you that no matter how hard times of trouble are, they are lessons.

When Ostrich crosses your Path

Ostrich crosses your path to remind you this may be a time to avoid confrontation. You do not like arguments and you may be wise to stay out of things that really do not concern you.

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  1. I saw ostrich from the back in my dream it was standing in my neighbours place and it had black feathers. What does it mean?

  2. I had dream last night that an ostrich was comforting me and healing me. It was so weird, i was in a chair and the bird was wrapping its neck around me just holding me while i was bawling my eyes out. The crazy part is that the night before i had a reading and the woman said something about paying attention to the animal guides in my dreams. If anyone could explain what that dream really means that would be great. 🙂

  3. I have seen that I am doing ostrich riding and the ostrich running on sand like camel. It’s like a tourist place.

  4. I dreamed that’s there was a bunch of headless and semi headless ostrich running in the woods near where I live. I knew that something was wrong and I wanted to call somebody, authorities, to find out what was going on in the world.

    • I had the craziest dreams after finally falling back asleep after waking up way too early.

      First I dreamt I was with my family in a beautiful , sprawling , single story ranch house on the edge of a dessert. We had a pet ostrich who had suddenly run into the house, very distressed about something. Since there were so many people in the house, I decided I would let someone else investigate whatever it was going on outside and continued to sit on the couch and read when the bird bit my left hand and pulled hard in the direction it wanted me to go. It hurt and scared me so bad I woke up from that then fell back asleep.

      Next I dreamt I was driving straight on a completely slanted road , on the edge of a Mesa over looking a city, and it was so slanted that if you didn’t keep a certain speed you would tumble off the road and down the side of the Mesa. When I was running out of road I was able to roll down my window and literally fly out of my car. I was flying for quite a while and went under some garden arbors that were two stories tall before realizing I had found my way into a parking garage. I kept flying and going through hallways and under huge open door ways until it was obvious I was going through an office area, and the ceiling had gotten lower. Then a security guard saw me and demanded I come down andI identify myself. Once I did, they released me. I found myself walking in the city and stopping in a bar restaurant. I witnessed a fat woman kicking and fighting her way past a long line of people to get into a different section of the building. She got beaten up and restrained by a female bouncer, who was just as fat, and dragged outside and held down until medics and police arrived.

      Then it was night time and I was walking home and I lived in a cool single condo on a steep small hill with tons of windows. I had to climb an almost vertical,narrow set of stairs to get to it. I was outside plugging in three different sculptures made of Christmas lights arranged on a large, wrap around porch balcony, one of them was bright blue and in the shape of the Star of David. I looked up and saw drunk people getting into a different car of mine parked down the street about two blocks away. I was screaming at them to get out, which they did, but I ran inside to get my remote control key fob to lock the doors from my balcony when I discovered my roommate was Lady Gaga. She was walking downstairs, dressed plainly with no makeup on and told me how much she enjoyed meeting and hanging out with my daughter and her friends there a couple days before. Then I woke up. So weird!!!!

  5. I had a dream where I saw this huge ostrich on my way to the college, I decided to take an alternative path, but it already noticed me, I started running fast and it started chasing me, by the time it was about to reach me, a girl who seemed to be a school going child, started following the ostrich and controlled it from attacking me. But the ferocious eyes of the ostrich in my dreams still give me chills and I’m still scared to look at a picture of an ostrich.

  6. I had a disturbing dream where a big snake and ostrich were both dead (maybe from fighting each other) and I decided to carry them home for some reason. So I sling them across my back and they were heavy. All of a sudden the ostrich came to life and was trying to get away from me and dead snake. I was shocked that bird came back to live as I thought it was really dead.

  7. I had a dream i was waiting for a friend in an suv and this ostrich came to the window and there was rain pouring down on it. I gor out and went to see wat wad taking my friend so long and i looked back to see this cloud in the sky jus above the bird and the sun was begining to shine thru the cloud but it continued to rain only on the ostrich

  8. I had a strange dream – I was down in a bright cave that had pools of water in them . In the pools of water were giant men and over to one side stood a bigger than life ostrich . When I walked in this area of the pools and ostrich , I became frightened and began to run . One of the Giants said, the hands move , the feet move and it talks and talks . I then ran as fast as I could up the side of a large rock . I woke up heart pounding and a little out of breath .

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