Osprey Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Osprey Dream Symbol – Osprey is a majestic hunter of the seas. She brings clarity and has mastered the energy of the seas, air, and land. Osprey moves with speed, agility, and precision. Her sights set on her prey. She can bring messages about feeling overwhelmed by your situation.

Osprey dreamDo you feel out of your comfort zone? Are the changes in your life overwhelming? Have you taken on too much? Osprey lets you know you can survive even with your head under emotional waters. What are you worrying about? What others think? Who cares what others think. This your ego talking when you have this fear. Come from your heart instead. She reminds you have the ability to excel in any environment.

Osprey can also bring messages about setting clear boundaries for others to respect. She also reminds to respect others’ boundaries if you want to earn respect. She is a symbol of the sun and reminds there is much healing energy in the sun. Spend time soaking up the sun’s energy and stay alert to some important news arriving soon. Stop and listen.

When you see osprey standing high on a rocky mountain or on a cliff’s edge, this can be a message about making the change to a new job or business will have success. Trust in yourself and your abilities. Have faith. You have everything you need to succeed. When osprey approaches or talks to you this can be good luck. She brings clarity and messages of success.

When Osprey crosses your Path

Osprey crosses your path to remind you have the ability to act with perfect timing. Regardless of your feelings for others you always treat everyone with respect. You can maintain your integrity no matter how you are provoked.

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  1. I had a dream last night that I was at my condo in jersey and there was this osprey that had seized a seagull and began to eat it. The osprey at times would fly close to my window with myself peering out as I watched him. The osprey turned out to be a shapeshifting boy whose family was staying for a little while. His family would perform rituals every time he was done eating his catch by laying it on a bed of vegetation and rock and having a ceremony. In his human form, him and his family placed it in the gravel parking lot on for a very snobby and calculating couple with their parked car nearly hitting the stand with their rear view mirror as the boy was screaming for them not to. The woman driving smirked and went on, only later in the dream entering my House unwelcome and trying to fool me into letting her stay because “my parents/family, expected her and her husband”. I shooed them out and closed the garage door and locked it since it was still up by only a little bit, which is how they got in because the adjacent front door was locked. I had later on befriended the boy and waved to them all as they got on their giant RV bus for home (which I think was Texas?) this dream was just full of very strange occurrences.

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