Orphanage Dream Symbol


Orphanage – Dreaming about an orphanage is a negative omen with dangerous and frightening implications. This is a symbol of abandonment on a very large scale. You may be afraid of someone in your life abandoning you or doing wrong by others. Since babies are often a dream symbol of your own projects and aspirations, dreaming about an orphanage may also be a sign that you are abandoning a goal prematurely or wrongly, or that you have given up on a dream that you still ought to have.

Examine the circumstances and emotions around this dream symbol to understand its significance in your life better. For instance, if there is a car or other transportation device present in the dream, this indicates your ability to move toward the goals that you are tempted to abandon.

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  1. I had a dream in which orphans were all given a set amount of candles that they could burn to illuminate their rooms. The girl in my dream shared the smallest room, and left a candle burning for too long. The orphanage caught on fire, but didn’t burn down completely. What could this mean?

  2. I saw an orphanage in my dream yesterday. I want to call it a Children’s home rather than an orphanage. It had a name too. “Shishu Garden” ( meaning; Children’s garden”) In my dream, somebody had stolen all the babies we had in the home. Apparently, I was the owner of the home. I along with my people were searching for the babies.

  3. I saw an orphanage in dream. In that dream I saw I was opening a book and some of the pages have been teared fro the book. Then I saw a plate of food.

    Few days ago I saw a girl calling me to shave my beard when I was mingling with my friends. Girl is probably on the same age of me.

    I’m not married and don’t have a girl friend

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