Origami Dream Symbol


Origami – Origami is a dream symbol of your creative spirit. This powerful dream symbol involves taking something completely ordinary and transforming it into an object of art. If you dream of folding origami, this is a sign about your current life and dreams. It means that you have the tools you need right now to make your dreams come true, if you can learn to look at them in a different light.

You will need to see the swan in the piece of paper, as it were, and with some mental exercise you will soon be able to make the transformations in your life that you need to in order to manifest your dreams. After dreaming about folding origami, take some time to reflect on the resources that are available to you in your life, and how you can rethink or repurpose any of your resources to meet your needs in a creative way.

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  1. I had a dream about an red paper origami bird that would fall from the sky only every year and whoever found it had luck/wish. In the dream I was trying to help someone get the bird so that they could see someone dear to them again but they passed away just as I found it so their wish could not be fulfilled. I was then angry as I wasn’t able to find it on time and we had waited so long to find it and then I broke things. The dream was also set in a Japanese cartoon like background. Very strange and I keep thinking about it and what it could mean. Any help with interpretation would help.

  2. I was dreaming where i was on an island everything was sinking including the island and giant paper swans were floating in the ocean and everone was jumping on them and they would all sink

  3. I had a dream that was a continual of a dream that I had once before. In this dream somthimg was trying to get me. I had normal school days when I’d return to my house I had a friend I believed was a victim to the person trying to catch me (she was drowned) she was small usually a tiny fairy like creature that talked and helped me, she looked nice however she was gothic. He’s shadow was a skinny girl like off horror movies once I returned home and I was greeted with the shadow and an origami swan that (said) her mouth was sewn shut then my sister (suspected evil person) said to Finnish the two waters to get a surprise. I raided the fridge even my friend didn’t know what it was (she nodded or shook her head) I then realised two waters at the side that were practically empty 1 I believed was drunk by my friend and the other I thaught was my sisters.

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