Organ (Body Part) Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Organ (Body Part) Dream Symbol – Dreaming about organs is a sign that something is internally wrong with you or someone that is close to you. If the organ is outside of the body then it means that the problem is centered on that organ and cannot be healed. If it is still inside the body then it can be healed.

The heart represents an emotional or attachment problem usually to do with relationships, especially those of the past. The lungs represent a communication problem. For the full symbology of various organs of the body, it is important to reference a good Materia Medica from history. Culpeper is a great resource.

Internal Organ Symbol

A dream of internal organs is a strong warning there is something wrong inside you. If an internal organ is outside of you, it means that the problem is with that organ. It is unlikely that it can be healed. If it is still inside your body, then healing is possible.

Your heart represents your emotional attachments to others like your family and friends. Lungs can represent you have problems with communicating clearly. Maybe it is time to get a checkup with your general practitioner.

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  1. I had a very vivid dream where I cut out my ribs and a few other organs with the intent to put them in the freezer to cook and eat later. I remember most about the dream that the organs were very beautiful. Next thing I know I am walking to the car with my mother trying to hold my rib still in my body- and theirs a party raging outside. At the same party, I accidentally broke an ex-friend of mine’s foundation- which there was a lot of.

  2. I had a dream that there was a monster and he chopped my brain than it pretended I woke up but I didn’t and the top of my head in the dream was gone. Then I had a dream that I was having family dinner and I coked out my kidneys and organs it was very scary.

    • Two things I’m picking from your dream, not a professional but here is it,
      1. Be true to yourself,
      2. Don’t let things in life rip you of moments and the present, always have a positive mind

  3. I had a dream that I pooped out one of my organs than I had it pushed back into me the same way it came out ( it was so freaking vivid)

  4. I had a nightmare during a nap today. This weird clown monster thing kept coming out in the dark in myChildhood home and grandmother’s home in my home town trying to steal my organs. I think there were other monsters too that seemed human but turned into monsters at night. Im not very clear on exactly what was happening I just know this clown looking monster thing only came out at night with a white face and wanted to steal my internal organs

  5. Hello,
    I had a dream, dont recall it completely but im looking for my (late) father in dream and cant findhim, he was there in the start but then he’s gone , i keep looking for him and sudenly i enter na open room and see a plastic container which has something black in it and i start to get a bad feeling, and then someone tell’s me that they left my fathers organ/s as a gift and im horrified and when i look at the blackness of the container i start to panic, i open the lid of the container it didnt look as black as it did on the outside and then i could see the blackness traveling to the bottom of the container and the organ looked like the color when you leave chicken liver under water for a bit,, i dont even check what organ it is, i just see the top and start screaming and run find my sister i try to explain it to her what has happened but im unable to speak because im out of breath, and i try to explain to her by miming and pointing towards my chest and but she dosent get it, .. i am hiperventilation and then i wakeup,

    Could any one pleasse help me understand what this means or could mean??
    Would really appreciate the help

  6. Hello,i dreamt about 3 organs but remember one.I has cut my stomach and pulled them out , just so normally , but when putting them back , i couldnt put one back.This is the one I’m focusing on.My lungs , (yes from the stomach) the size of my palm , with the ribcage facing the inside of my body.My dream ended with me cutting my stomach to put it in.But about the other 2 organs , i cant remember them and actually my mom put them in i believe….she was there doing her hair when j was putting in the miniature lungs..I was doing this in my room. I’d love to know…:(

  7. I had a dream I ripped my heart out of my body but I didn’t bleed, on the heart there was no blood. I tried to walk without the heart and I was still able to walk and to breathe. The heart didn’t beat in my hand. I put it back in me and it started to beat again. I took it out again and I remember wanting to look inside of the heart, the aorta was too narrow, but the interior venna was ok so I took a look inside of it, it was perfectly clean and healthy, it looked like a tunnel and it continued on, I felt like I was in a wormhole in the universe, then I took the heart away from my eye and put it back inside of me. My dream continued on. It was really vivid and I am not sure what it meant or why I remember it.

    • Spiritually the heart and love is the key to the universe and physically thereafter because the spirit is stronger. If you believe in Gods love for you and accept that his sacrifice and know his love and who you are in the Lord spiritually there is access to the spirit, the way is already there.

  8. I found this looking for the meaning after having a disturbing dream I was holding my own heart nursing it white it still beats in my hand, but strangely I could hear and feel my heart inside me, and I was like who’s heart am I holding? Iv been having pain in my centre back for ages and avoided the docs, so I c this as a sign to go and get checked out, also my son recently had abnormal bloods come back and they are doing investigations, so this dream has left me very worried

  9. I had a dream about an hour ago where I let doctors cut my right (dominant hand) off to help someone else who lost their hand.
    I didn’t realise they had to take most of my forearm and they cut diagonally,
    There was some blood dripping from my now stub but it wasn’t painful nor was I alarmed.
    Shortly after my arm was reattached to my body, leaving the weirdly raised scars diagonally on my hand.
    What the Heck could it mean?

  10. I could really use some guidance. I don’t remember the entire dream ..but what stood out was this : I was choking, I wasn’t scared though, and from my mouth came one of my kidneys. It was so small, the size of my palm, and the people I was with were marvelling at how small but firm it is. There was no real emotion attached, not that I can remember… definitely not scared.
    I just had a check up and everything is super healthy, I suffer from migraines that’s it, never had kidney problem. My mother and brother both do though … but I am not in contact. So yeah .. any thoughts would be lovely
    Love and light

  11. I had a dream last night that someone cut me open and stole my organs kidneys and all but all from my stomach area I had a scar and it hurt

    But then when i looked in the mirror in the dream i was dreaming and it was an actual scratch I have alot going on with my life I’m trying to adjust to my living situation and I had this dream that I was at my old house with my babys father

  12. Blanche Oconnell on

    Just woke up. I had an awful night mare I can’t stop thinking of. In my dream my kids were there and I was upstairs. I managed to take all my organs out but I don’t think I was aware I had removed everything I do mean tongue throat stomach bladder everything was taken out. I was walking around his a shell but managed to get to a hospital where the doctors were all fighting to get me back yo normal again. Omg I’m so done dreaming

  13. I had a dream I was in a waiting room of a hospital with my mom for her appointment. i had a spot on my chest and popped it and it wouldn’t stop bleeding, I then started sneezing and a huge clot came out my nose this happened again but I pushed the air out of my nose and my organs started to come out it was my pancreas and my liver, all still attached then I coughed and my heart came out I was holding it and watching how it worked then I got rushed in and a nurse started to push it back up my nose and into my mouth.
    I do think I had this dream as i have a heart condition called innapropriate syns tachycardia it was very strange.

  14. I had a dream that there was this older girl, she gave me cookies that had position of course I stayed away from them but somebody, I dont remember who, gave me one. I took a bite and there was position in it, I proceeded to try to make myself vomit, but, I vomited something long and mucus like, it was tugging on my organs and it couldn’t fully come out. I woke up after that. I still don’t know exactly what that was but I have a clue, it was the inside of my stomach as it has a mucus lining and it was tugging my other organs. I don’t know what this could mean, though, I’ve had similar dreams I guess it may be some sort of f
    ear, maybe?

  15. I dreamt that I was as
    Swimming inside someone’s body because I could see all the veins n fluid inside and I couldn’t get out anyone shed any light on this dream.

  16. I dreamt that someone I know was stabbed and their throat organ was cut out and then I ended up carrying the throat organ around after their body was taken away. I thought it could mean I have a health issue with my throat but this wouldn’t make sense as it was someone else’s organ right??

  17. I dreamt lastnight that I was hanging out in my dinning room with 2 out of 3 of my boys(my oldest and youngest) and my long time fiance. I was sitting on the floor picking up toys and papers when I just cut out my own heart! While on the floor, sitting on my knees and legs i just grabbed my heart, pulled it out of my chest and cut it off. I held it out in shock in front of my face while it was still beating a little. Then I held it up higher saying to them while panicking that I cut out my heart. Now I’m crying and instantly have the worst feeling of regret and my chest was heavy. I say I don’t want to die and as I’m saying that I can see my oldest son crying. He came to me. I was then laying on the floor and he laid on top of me. We where hugging and crying. I kept looking over to my fiance and he was just sitting on the couch not caring (that’s what it looked like to me). It felt like my chest was caving in and every breath were sinking out of my body into the floor. I didn’t die in my dream. It ended with my son still laying on me and us crying together. I have never felt this way about a dream before! Is this a sign? Am I just having really crazy weird dreams! Some times i feel irregular heartbeats and have my while life (I’m 35 now). I also am trying to quit smoking and am really struggling! This dream really has me freaked out! I also am afraid of death. Does anyone have any suggestions as to why I dreamt something so tragic. Thanks in advance!

  18. So i had a dream where i cut open my stomach and took out one of my organs in my abdomen and i replaced it with a cows heart. i sewed myself back up and i could see the scar perfectly. then i kept looking in the mirror and realized that my stomach was changing colors where my organ used to be. it looked bruised and then i could see myself bleeding from the inside out.

  19. I dreamt of seeing internal organs on the floor of my classroom behind every desk, I kept hearing about ‘the kidner accident’ my father was talking to an elderly man while I still kept looking at the organs….I picked up the heart, it was very red and I could almost sense a pulse but there was no blood, I could see the lungs and the stomach….not a pretty sight.

  20. I don’t understand my dream though. I was lying in bed and I cut my back and took my kidney out. It didn’t look like a kidney, it was more like a lung bout that’s just the way my mind processed it. I opened up the kidney and there were grapes inside of it… I took them out and then I realized that I couldn’t live without this kidney and I asked my father to take me to the doctor so they can put it back inside me. They dis put it back and I lifted my shirt and I could perfectly see the scar.

  21. there were two of me. one was inside my grandmothers house lying ill in bed. l went to look at my body and found that l had maggots on my lower abdomen. l looked lower and l could see yellow pus under the skin and something like a maggot trying to break out. l called my mother and told her my body needed cleaning. she removed an X ray sheet from my body and a black square rubber and laid them on the floor. l looked for a cloth so l could pick them up and put them in a plastic bag because l didn’t want to get my hands soild. l couldn’t find a bag. my mother began to remove my internal organs. l could clearly see the heart and other organs. she then took a hose pipe and was going to hose my empty insides and then put back the organs and l knew that once she did that l was going to be well. l looked at all the organs on the floor and l was thinking whether she was going to be able to put them back in the proper places. The End.

    • I had a dream last night where a woman stabbed me in the stomach with a knife and i started to bleed, and then some flash started to come out. I tried to hold it together and sat down, and while i was talking to someone casually,(some random guy just sat next to me) suddenly something started to coming up in my throat. It was an organ, a liver or something idk. After that, it wouldn’t stop. Internal organs kept coming out of my mouth. I can still remember, it felt so real. It was so weird, i even felt some kind of emptiness, like everything inside of me just came out. I didn’t died tho, but i was thinking about it, that sooner or later i will. But somehow i wasn’t scared. I just couldn’t believe that this is happening to me.

  22. Before I woke up I had a strange dream. I was walking around the streets of my hometown (I don’t live there anymore and I don’t regret that), the weather was pleasant and sunny, when I saw a giant cherry blossom flower in a tree.

    The sight was breathtaking, I remember it clearly. The sun shone behind the flower, the afternoon glow you see in an early autumn day. The flower was pink and healthy and I wanted to get closer to admire its beauty and perhaps take a picture of it, since in real life I am a photographer. But the closer it got to the tree, the more I saw.

    Under the flower’s, hidden, human hearts, big red and bloody, hung tied to the branches. One, bigger than all of them captured my attention and I stood rooted on the spot, unable to tear my eyes from it. I was so transfixed on the sight, the shock and curiosity fully captivating my attention, that I didn’t hear the woman who put them in the tree sneak up on me.

    She was preparing for a festival she said and the toddler in her pram slept soundly. She wasn’t threatening, nothing about the whole scenario gave off evil vibes. I wasn’t even scared, shocked yes but if it weren’t for the human hearts casually hanging there I would have found the dream 100% pleasant and not worth of mentioning to anyone. But now it’s bugging me.

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