Oral Sex Dream Symbol


Oral Sex (WARNING: EXPLICIT!!!) – Dreaming about giving oral sex to a man is representative of submission and pleasure. If you find yourself having great pleasure by running your tongue over the smooth head of the penis it is representative of quiet and pleasurable intercourse with someone who is not in a long-term relationship with you. If you dream about wrapping your lips around the shaft and opening your mouth wide, it symbolizes a long-term relationship that is full of fidelity and love.

If you dream about taking the entire penis all the way in until it puts pressure on the back of your throat it represents a complete submission to a relationship and that you are highly compatible to this person in a sexual way. This is great because oftentimes long term relationships involve little sexual compatibility.

If you are licking the penis shaft, scrotum and/or anus it is indicative of your extreme sexual needs that are unmet. You need to find a partner to release your sexual tension or turn to masturbation. It should be noted that the person that you are having oral sex with in your dream may not be an actual person that you know. In this case they are usually a stand in for a real person that you know.


The symbology of oral sex is true whether you are giving the oral sex or receiving it and despite your gender. You may be male and dreaming of giving a blow job and the meaning is the same as if you are a female and doing the same. Dreaming about giving oral sex to a woman is symbolic of domination and control.

If you dream about giving oral sex to a vagina by licking the vulva or clitoris, it is similar to licking the head of a penis. Licking the labia or putting your tongue between the vaginal lips or inside the vaginal cavity is the same as wrapping your mouth around the shaft of a penis. Licking nipples in your dream is synonymous with taking a penis deep inside your throat. If you imagine giving mutual oral sex, or sixty-nine, with someone else it symbolizes that you and someone that you know are equally in need of sexual release.

It would be mutually beneficial to seek them out and couple with them. If you dream about giving oral sex to multiple partners, pleasing two penises at the same time or eating out two vaginas it is a symbol that you are ravenous for sexual attention and capable of having simultaneous relationships with multiple partners. If you dream about being given oral sex my multiple partners at the same time, it means that you have more than one admirer who would be willing to try new and exciting sexual fantasies with you.

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  1. I had a dream last night that I was helping this guy that had been hurt, he had glass in his back and was bleeding. I helped clean him off and I was very attracted to him. Next thing I know, we were both on the kitchen counter and I was licking his shaft up to his head and back down to his balls. I remember telling myself to lick it how I would lick a fudge pop lol. So I did just that. I also remember making sure I licked the little area between his anus and penis, that seemed very important for me to do. I’ve never given or received oral sex but maybe I want to I guess. The dream was very detailed and real.

    • I had a dream last night that I was giving oral sex (head) to somebody’s father. I did not know the person or the man I was giving it to. But the whole time I was doing it I was not able to make the man ejaculate. I have never had a dream like this before. I read somewhere that this could be a symbol of me being fertile or being able to Bear a child. Which is what me and my husband have been trying to do for the last five to six years. Is this true does anybody know?

  2. George Anthony on

    Last night I had a dream that I noticed my and my cousin getting close to each other in an uncomfortable way so I observed them and later caught them downstairs and my girlfriend was giving my cousin a blue job. What does this mean?

  3. I had a very unusual dream. I was at war with another army in a snowy biome. Me and my men were located west of a black metal outpost and I think we were planning on invading it. I looked at the ground for a second and and saw a jet pack (idk why) but I put the jet pack on and decided to jet over the wall and ambush them.

    As I jumped over, I landed to the east of them behind a small wall a level below them. I felt like someone was rushing me because I knew they noticed. It was a girl, and she spoke English even though I thought my enemy was German.

    Anyways, I thought she was going to blow my head off but she stopped after looking into my eyes. I said “please don’t kill me, I’m only 20.” She whispered, “I won’t, but my legs are warm.” Immediately, I answered “can I put my head between them?” She got up, walked down to me and poof, completely naked ready for me to eat her out. She was beautiful. Pale skin, black hair, and a tight clean and pink pussy. The female version of me. So, I put my head between her thicc thighs and sure enough, it was very warm. I started licking and sucking on her as her legs tightened around my head. In that moment I realized I’ve always thought of what the female version of me were like, and I achieved it. Her pussy was magnificent and she was ethereal. I went to stick my cock in but she refused immediately, and I stopped. She then gave a lecture about how she would meet me again after I went through specific fields of software and engineering, but I’m a damn artist. I remember smiling at the way she mapped out the future like she hoped we will meet again and be together one day. Now that I noticed, She had full control over me, and I was dominated as I learned on this site. I was in her territory, in her base and she was my enemy and I was hers, yet something beautiful happened when neither of us pulled a trigger. Maybe one day we will meet again in real life, and if so, it would be otherworldly.

  4. Last night I had a dream of me giving a blowjob to a male and I could’ve sworn I knew the person I was giving a blowjob to but I just can’t quite remember, I was really enjoying giving them the blowjob. Then they came all over my face and I was still really enjoying it. I’m a male but I’ve never even thought of sexual intercourse with another man. Just wanted to get that off my chest.

  5. So I had a dream of me and some random guy who in the dream was dating my sister. And in that dream, I was kinda envy their relationship so one scene of my dream is i went to the guy’s room and i was only wearing my bra and panties. There, i was like trying to impress him and he suddenly gave in. He asked if I wanted massage and I said yes. And he started massaging my back and then he started rubbing my under. And I understood what he wanted. So he reached on his zipper and zip it down and his manhood came out. I said ,” Imma do it to yours but you’ll do mine next.” I can’t believe i said that in the dream. And he nodded. So i starting giving him blowjob. It felt like minutes. It squirted on my mouth. I could taste the sour thing. I never ever tried this before in real life. And somehow i know what it would taste. After he cum, i told him im next and then i stopped and said, “let me wash for a sec.” I went to the bathroom to wash my under and my hands. I was excited and couldnt wait for it. And when i came out of the bathroom, i woke up.

  6. I had a dream where there was a big titty woman and she came up to me my dick was hard she grabbed it and stuck it in her pussy with her clothes on then I bust a nut in her mouth and walks around with it in public

  7. I dream of this man I was once dating and it ended over confusion but in the dream he was sitting down and wrote on a piece of pspet directed towards me and told me to stop calling him so I was standing there reading the paper and I was standing in front of him as I read the paper another walked out the blue and kiss him on the nose and walked off and my friend then came she sat right between him and I while I was yet standing there throwing herself over him…I then move her out of the way by sticking her with a pencil in the side then I told him lets go have sex and he picked me right up off my feet and we went and had sex and I was all in control gave him head like no other with his whole dick in my mouth glideing it up and down with corner of my mouth then I rode him…we began to talk things through and told about a time while we was. Not speaking the way he felt when he saw me and gave me a red dress he had bought for me all in the dream so I preceded to my car to put my things away and still left part of them in his place as he came out my natural hair was reveal and I tried to cover my head before he saw my hair he walked out and said don’t worry about your hair I’m not worry about your body we are going to be a team and then I woke up!

  8. One afternoon I hàd a dream, i have seen myself giving blow job to one of my girl friend, who isn’t that much close to me in real life but we just do hello, hi formalities usually. In my dream unlike real life i ejaculated so much sperm in her mouth and she was licking very willingly she ate it up all. What does that dream could signify in my real life.

    • I had one similar( literallyjust woke up from it). There was this girl I used to like but not really anymore and I cant remeber the second one. Maybe she was my most recent crush? Anywho me and my friends were riding bikes and they were on a trampoline covered with blankets so you couldn’t see the inside. So my friends are somewhere else and I ride back to them and they ask me to come inside so I just did. So they were acting weird then they asked me if I masturbate. I do so I said yes and they next thing I know I’m in a secret area of the trampoline getting sucked by my ex crushes

  9. ok so I had this dream that I was in my living room and I just randomly found this dildo so I was like ‘huh I’ve never given someone a blowjob, I wonder what it’s like’ so I started sucking and I was actually super good and I started deep throating it. and I’ve read that usually girls do it for the guys pleasure and not their own but some girls do enjoy doing it. so I was still just licking the dildo and deep throating it and I was getting off on it. and a few minutes later I came untouched. but the thing is one of my co-workers was watching me, and it’s one of my friends who I think is cute but he has a girlfriend. but apparently in this dream neither of us care so he comes up to me and I’m already on my knees so I start undoing his jeans and start sucking him off and the dream continues etc. so every time I see him I just wanna jump on him and make out w him or just get on my knees and start giving him head. sorry I don’t have any questions I just wanted to get this off my chest

  10. so i had a dream where a mannequin was sucking off a random stranger and then he asked me to do it… i did it and i dont know what this means.. help?

  11. Hi. I had a weird dream while I was pregnant with my son, who is now 3 years old. In the dream, I’m extremely horny and I am in like a house with other people. I’m not sure if I know them, are related to them or what but I go into a bathroom and trying to relieve myself. I’m a female so I’m rubbling my clitoris and I’m going faster and faster.the sensation is getting to the right ryhtm and as I’m getting close to explosion, My clitoris starts to grow. and as I keep rubbing it, It grows longer and longer until its a penis and I’m losing my mind with the amzing feeling. I began to give myself oral “head” until I bust in my own mouth and I rise my mouth out in the sink and I wake up. What the hell type of dream is this??!! When I woke up, I didn’t know what to think. At the time I didn’t know I was having a boy.

  12. Im a girl only been with man before never woman but i do attracted to girl. I had a dream where i have been lick by a girl i known and like but when i woke up i cant seem to remember who and i do enjoy the lick until i cum. Whats with this dream? I never have this kind of dream before

  13. I’m an over 35’s man that love to lick pussy even for hours. I love to give a pleasure with my tongue. Many orgasms guaranteed!! No sex, unless you don’t ask for. I will use only my tongue to lick your body every where. Mature and bbw are welcome.

  14. Hi there,

    In my dream i seen a man having oral sex with a women. She was sucking his penis for a while and then he started to cum a load and the womens mouth was full. She had it all over her face dripping down and the man was still squirting cum. Please could you tell me what this dream means. Very weird this dream

  15. rhoda Obaseki on

    I had a dreamt that I was have sex with my boyfriend at this same time I started sucking is dick. Our 2years old came to the room and see us having sex then he left. I am so confused, can someone please interpret this dream for me.

  16. BrokenLover on

    I dreamt , I was looking at two women , one was standing who was young, The other very hot older type was on her knees and she proceeds to make eye contact with me and she tounges the standing girl. Her tounge was a bit longer. In my dream I was wondering about it. It was so long that she was able to cover the standing girls vadinal from end to end not just a timid lick. Then a word comes into my drea which is not my first language but I can make sense from it , Translates something like “Wetting of the mouth” the exact pronounciation I tried to type and search on google but I could not find a meaning. The women had mystery like Angelina Joolie on her face just absolutely stunning

    Then my dream switches , I am in middle of few rooms, in the final sequence , I see my self holding a remote device in my hand. I have to press the button to activate a sequence to leave that room but it does not works. I recognize the 2 fellas that enter the room and they recognize me and they begain a small chase. I am still angry why the device did not worked. I sould have moved out of that situation (what ever that meant) .

    Sequence chances, I see a large Turk infront of a car with a extremely beautiful women inside and suddenly the truck loses its breaks ahnd it starts to fall back into the car. Initially when the dream started the distance between the truck and car is predictable but I see my self chasing the Truck which is falling backwards (reversing) I know there is a lady in the car behind I want to make sure I get to car and pull out that women.
    But I am late , the truck smashes into the car and then drages the car along with the women inside back ward

    Then in my dream , I start to think and tell myself I need to search this pharase which was mentioned when the girl was giving oral sex demo infront of me what did it mean

    Then I wake up …

  17. I dreamt I was taken into a room where a chinise guy came inside. He sat on d chair.he got me nude n askd me to get up on d chair in a way so dat I sit on his face n he ate my pussy so well.Ge penetrated his tongue completely inside n i went on moaning horrible.I mean I was horribly good. But I want to know wat it means??? Do let me know on my email.

  18. I am pregnant and I dreamed about being in a meeting or at a restaurant (sitting at a table with four chairs) it was my boss and I to his right then across from us were two people he told me were his superiors or somehow I knew they were his superiors? But I was to be as professional as possible (we work in a car shop so “professional” or “dignified” aren’t really daily requirements LOL) and anyways, at one point or another he nudged my left arm and I looked and he had his dick out of his pants, kind of laying on his right leg, and my mind was blown, this felt more real than the many other dreams I’ve had of him and I thought in my dream that somehow he knew about those dreams and had felt the same way all along but how could he do this in front of his superiors? and then he slipped his right hand sensually on the back of my neck and snaked his fingers up through my hair and got a handful and pulled my face closer to his and I don’t remember what was said or if anything was said, maybe he was just teasing me with those round soft lips I’m dying to taste, but then he tilted my head to see his leg again where his dick was and he was hard but not like extremely hard, as if he had amazing self-control over his arousal, and with his left hand he grabbed it and pointed his head at me and wiggled it around a little and I don’t like oral sex, I hate it being done to me and I dislike doing it but I always have if asked because I want to please who I’m with, but I wanted his dick in my mouth. I wanted him to keep a tight grasp on my hair and shove himself into my mouth and force himself in and out of my mouth by pulling my hair like he was…it was so hot…and I saw him in his office by himself today at work and I wanted him so badly…I had to stick my head in the door and ask him to let me through a locked door anyways, but I really wanted to go in his office, close the door behind me and idk how to initiate it, but I wanted him deep inside me from behind, pulling my hair. I still want him that badly right now…I want to tell him, but I also do not because he is married and a wonderful family man and I think that’s just extremely attractive to me and that’s why I want him like I do, but I want him sexually. I don’t fantasize about dates or cuddling or any of the romantic mooshy stuff that is so my thing. I just want him to please my body…and I’m so confused by this. I want him even when I’m awake, but the dreams haven’t come in about two weeks so I kinda thought it was a phase but I’m NOT over it yet, that dream last night has made me relive that dream in my mind every time I’ve seen him today…and I shiver with delight when he simply looks at me…does anything about my dream indicate he feels the same? But…he is married and that’s not the kind of woman I am so it doesn’t even matter…ugh.

  19. My dream was that some other girl was sucking my husband penis and I would like to know the meaning of that. Is he cheating on me?

    • I dreamt that my physical husband was sucking my vagina in the dream,what does that mean? Am confused.

  20. I am 30 year old woman. I havent had any desire for sex in a long time. I really enjoy cocks. Have never been with a woman. I been to my highschool since highschool days but I dreamt recently about walking in a highschool all over agai . I am unsure what gender I was in the dream. But for sure there was a young blonde cheerleader that caught my eyes. Almost like we had known eachother before and I had made out with kinda feeling because she looked at me flirtatiously while she was getting done with her cheerleading practice. I went over, picked her up and kissed her and she dared me to take her then and there. I could feel my pulse race and wanted to fuck her so badly..I wanted her badly, such the strange urge. Her legs were spread and I saw she was not weating a panty but her pussy so juiced.. I whispered in her ear, “not here.. Let’s gp find a place..” “She said “why not? And where?” I answered, “come with me, I’ll show you” I took her hand and we ran through crowds and people to the basement of the school but the janitor was there so I took back upstairs to the girls bathroom where no one seem to be in. I put my jacket on the ground and had her lay down on propped like a pillow and I spread her legs quickly and raised then up over my shoulders. It was the most beautiful pussy I had ever seen and so untouched. I wanted a closer look so I leaned forward and she prompted me, “it’s my first time, please be gentle.” I spread her vulva lips and she was not lying. I could see her hymen still covered the opening so nicely. I wanted to cherish this moment and be good to her. I nodded my head and with a smile. I went down and started licking her pussy all of the outsides insides sucking her clit and making her moan like crazy. She was so hot and all the noises she was making we were so into it that even girls walking past us we didn’t care. I was so tempted to make her feel even better I used a pinky to massage and produce some pressure around her openings and make her wet and horny. Then gently just a little bit in through the hymen swirl to touch each walls in and out slowly while rubbing sucking licking. For a little bit she stopped me because she said she still valued being a virgin and not ready for sex. Then I woke up when I got up from in her pussy to a kneeling position. What does this mean?

  21. What happens if you have absolutely no idea who the other person is, but within the dream, it’s as if that person is a very close friend?

    I have no recollection on who it was!

  22. So I had a dream admit a woman standing over me, neither of us have much clothes on. She touches my breasts and has me lie on the engage of bed strands over me and pierced my nipples! And it felt good, I was moaning. Then she pierced my vagina and I screened, that hurt, then she kisses me and starts eating me out. It feels amazing and I wake up…. left there like… where did she go!? What does this mean?! Why wasn’t it real? Holy crap I can still feel the vibes. I haven’t been eith a woman and.this makes me wonder what it.means

  23. I had a dream that my fiance was horny as hell giving head to random stranger and id walk in on it and argue with her about her starting without me cos it was a threesome in my dream and she told me to join in or f### off and I felt disgusted and angry and hurt but when I woke up I was horny and hard but hurt at the same time what does that mean

    • I had a dream where i was at my friends house and then a gang of guys come to her house and says that they will only leave of we suck there dick there was this tall black guy and took me to this room I zipped down his pants and graves his penis and started licking it and sucking it while then I put it down my throat and then he started cuming all on me then I licked his balls then after that they left and I woke up

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