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Oracle – The oracle is perhaps the most latently fearsome contact that you can meet with in a dream. The oracle is almost always a woman and will always have bad news for you. After all, if she had only good news, why would you need her? It is important after meeting with the oracle to weigh her words and take them with a grain of salt. If she seemed to have good tidings for you, it means that you are interpreting them wrong and only if you can puzzle out her riddle will you understand her warning soon enough to prevent the outcome.  The words of the oracle do not have to be set in stone. However, they almost always come to pass because of the refusal of the listener to think deeply enough about them.

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  1. In my dream I was in a rush to be somewhere. I was in a semi crowded place, maybe like a business complex or something and I was carrying a briefcase and some files outside of the brief in my arms. I was also dressed in a business suit I believe. As I’m power walking almost jogging probably in fear of being late to a meeting of some sort, a short black woman in a business suit as well was approaching me and watching me slightly smiling and once we reached each other she addressed me as oracle “ hello oracle” specifically! I said a quick hello back and kept on about my business! They say oracles are usually women but I’m a man so what does that mean?!

  2. I had a dream of myself and two other females can’t remember if I knew them althought it felt as if I did.Anyways we all were with this lady (oracle) and she was one by one telling either our future,past, or both.The two that went before me visions was happiness and bright we all could see each others as if watching a movie screen.Then came my turn,I was asked to wash my hands with the water provided from a pitcher she took my hands in hers and asked me if I wanted to stay awake or I could go into like a simi sleep but there will be darkness and I will be faced with my fears do not be afraid just search for the green candle and light it.So as we are holding hands this goldish line appears and I can see the dark below the line and smoke or mist that once inhales takes me there.Once I inhaled.I was asleep in real time but walking through darkness.I could still hear her voice guiding me to find this green candle and do not be afraid.I could hear the other girls laughing at me and what I was going through there was two kids standing on pillars a huge man grabbed them right when I spotted the green candle it was shining so bright as if it was a green emerald.The guy yelled I am Chester the girls with me started laughing so loud by now the lady then told them in a sad voice those kids were molested they stopped laughing and became quite I remember feelings sadness but somehow I woke up soon as I opened my eyes there was a green frog on my curtain it took me a second to realize he was inside so I get up( I’m afraid of frogs) wake my boyfriend thinking he would get him instead he get upset with me for waking him up.So I get a cup and finally get him outside.In the dark place there was dragons,spiders, etc but I wasn’t afraid almost like a forest at nighttime.

  3. I’ve now dreamt of a being calling herself an oracle when questioned twice. She alluded to the prior meeting whilst in this dream. There was no riddle, only a question, answer, and payment. The question and answer have both been lost to waking. I’m co fused because her payment is sex and I’ve had no sex drive lately. I have also not seen this, vision?, in almost 10 years yet she had not aged. She wasn’t exactly beautiful, nor was she exotic by any means. The setting was the same as before, being that of an abandoned apartment upon waking in the dream, and that of a scantily furnished apartment during the actual visit. Last time there was a single child, this time a second. The first child had not aged since the last dream either and the second was an infant. I rarely dream, or if I do they go unremembered upon waking. I’m trying to figure this out because I obviously never fixed it before. Any thoughts? Please respond through email

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