Opera Dream Symbol


Opera – The opera has ever been a symbol of turbid emotions and relationships. Operas are typically wither comedies or tragedies. If you dream about going to the opera with someone you love it is generally a sign that your relationship will follow the outline of either a comedy or tragedy. In a tragedy, the hero or heroine seems to be doing very well to overcome adversity and just as you think that they will overcome all of their problems and live happily ever after, disaster strikes and takes it all away from them so that they are left with nothing.

In a comedy it is just the opposite. The hero or heroine seems to be set against a foe that is unbeatable and just as you think that they will lose, some supernatural aid or insight is given to them and they are able to vanquish their enemies and live happily ever after. A great example of a tragedy is Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet or the movie Resident Evil. A good example of a comedy is the Hunger Games series or Harry Potter.

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