Opal Dream Symbol


Opal – Opal is found in only a few places on the earth and is the mineral symbol for fire and the sun. Just as flames can take on numerous colors and hues so can the opal. It is a stone of passion and deep emotional bonds. To dream of the opal on a loved one that you know is representative of the feelings that you have for them. Opal is also unique among gemstones in the fact that it actually holds a tiny drop of water in the stone.

This water is symbolic of the soul or spirit trapped inside the body of passion and emotions. In this way, opals can be very good representations of people that we know, with the colors that we see reflected indicating their emotions toward us. Reds and oranges would indicate very fiery emotions such as lust, anger and hate. Greens and blues would be calm emotions, deep lasting love, trust, and hope.

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  1. I dreamt I was in a gems store with friends and we’re all choosing our birthstones , mine is a Ruby . There was a man who I guess in my dream was my partner his name was Joel and he was also looking around but could t find anything he liked and said he would go to the next store …. When I found him he had a Black Opal , and then I lost him again and couldn’t find him . I knew where he was but I couldn’t get to him.

  2. Vanessa Bowen on

    It’s very rare that I dream at all I wish I could dream more the other night I had a dream that I was somehow on a archaeology dig site on the beach and I was looking for items that would wash ashore and I remember walking in to the ocean and I just remember a big wave coming towards me it wasn’t violent but it was impressive and I just remember reaching out and picking up a rough cut opal the size of I like it like a walnut to a tangerine size and it just left me with such a deep impression I’m very curious cuz I’ve never had this types of Dreams where I feel like something is supposed to be telling me something so if anybody can help please let me know

  3. I had a dream the rich man was sonsoring young beauty peagent ladies with dresses. I was there for reasons unknown. Suddenly the rich mans assistant presented me with the most exquisite set of Opal necklaces, earrings & jewelry. They were white ivory & greens & blues. So beautiful. I woke up after saying opal.

  4. I had a dream that I was walking in the woods, I looked down and noticed something shiny buried in the ground . I dug it up and called it a fire agate . I woke and decided to look up the image of the stone , it didn’t look the same . It looked more like a fire opal but also kind of crossed with a peach citrine .

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