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Onion – Onions, along with garlic, are considered the strongest vegetable. While onions are healthy, they are deemed to have very interruptive attributes in spiritual matters. Dreaming about the onion is often a sign that your spirit is repressed and needs to be brought into balance with the rest of you. If you dream about onions it is a message that you need to start meditating or seriously begin following spiritual expression that will help you re-center your life.

It might mean that you have be negligent in your spiritual duties as well. Whatever your system of beliefs, the onion is a deterrent to spiritual balance and you need to take this dream seriously.

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  1. ModupeOluwa on

    What if someone full of smiles gives u onions from a big basket belonging to someone close and they tell that they are doing this cuz they know u need and besides most of what have may go bad if they don’t give out despite the fact that original owner disagrees?

  2. Awaye Taiwo on

    I had a dream that I was fetching water from a well and instead of water it was onion my fetcher was packing, and the onions are big and fresh. It never looks as if that time onions is very costly and I don’t understand this place help me

  3. Hello
    I saw I am cutting onion very clean and clear in circle form. Focus was on onion cutting with no tears etc. Then in second scene, a girl told me that she has seen onion leaves in a garden and she wants to show me. We together go around the garden but couldn’t find any onion leaves. But she insisted that she had seen it but might now unable to find it.
    Dream end.

    Please let me know the meYor hint of it.

  4. I dreamt last night that I was pregnant. My water broke, I went into labour and gave birth to a white onion? I’m a little confused about this one! any ideas of what this may symbolize? Thanks

  5. I dreamt and saw our onions being stolen by some “thieves” , then momma went in to bring the bad ones and gave the “thieves” to add to their loot!. Please help!!!

  6. Dreamed I was eating vanilla custard and got to the bottom of the bowel and there was a large red onion and onion slices that I did not taste in my bowl. Need help understanding..

  7. Stephen Konde on

    Your Comment

    l dreamt I joined a queue with my wife for onions. the seller wanted to give us before others who where there before us but a small boy asked that he is served. I told the seller to give him before us because I came to meet him the small boy. I was asked why I needed Onion and I said my Dr said it will enable me have children with my wife. the seller then said, he can see my system is OK I have enough and good sperm count to make my wife pregnant. he added we should go he will come to us.

  8. Yetunde tola on

    Hello, I had a dream I saw onions at my step mother’s gate d onions was very much please need u to explain to me

  9. i dream i saw onions in side of my front house gate and a little boy is putting the onions that fell out and put it in.

  10. Buchigenius on

    In my dream i saw some soldiers who sliced an onoin and gave me to eat. As i was eating it, the onion was tasting sweet and the soldiers also took the centre of the onion but did not give me any more. Please what does this mean

  11. Daniel Opoku on

    l dream that there is a great dinner after the dinner, l saw someone l personally know packing onions in a big the meaning please

  12. I dream of my mother giving me onions when I visited her in her place of work. Pls what does it mean?

  13. 93! I have been a serious Thelemite for 49 years, and Mr. Kenneth Grant was my personal guru. We met on several occasions. I was the Administrative Head (Tenth Degree) of his Typhonian O.T.O in America for several years, and there is a chapter about my Work titled “The Rite of the K’rla Cell” in “Beyond the Mauve Zone”, the Eighth book in his series called “The Typhonian Trilogies”, a Triple Trilogy about the Typhonian origins of Aleister Crowley’s work and “Liber AL vel Legis CCXX”, which Mr. Grant considered to be the first genuine Western Tantra. Last night (approx. 8.5 hrs. ago) I had a very strong dream in which the meaning of the word “interregnum” came through as if it was being dictated by a supra-human intelligence. It made me want to get up and write it down, but I thought “No, this is too strong, I’ll recall it tomorrow,” and woke up to check the time, It was 3.52 am, EST. The number 352 was my wife’s first Magickal Number in the O.T.O. Returning to bed, I fell into a vivid dream in which my wife and I were in bed with two dogs, in an old castle. I began to smell and taste onions everywhere, and there was thick fog or mist in the air. I woke up and began opening windows and doors to “air out” the place, when suddenly I saw ghosts flying about. Note that it is October, thus approaching Halloween. These turned out to be bulbous onions on sticks, with sheets attached. The smell and taste of onions was sickeningly pervasive, and suddenly they were being thrown at us. I was crushing them with my hands to destroy them, when I thought to check the time. It was 2.51 am, and 251 is the most important number in my personal Magickal Work. I thought, “No, it’s really 3.52, I just checked!” That made me realize I was dreaming, I awoke and woke my wife, asking her if she’d just had a strong dream. She said “no”. I got up and checked the time again, and it was 4.48, a difference of 56 minutes in mundane time. It took me about 15 minutes to get back to sleep, after which I slept peacefully, but with a memory of one of the strongest dream-experiences I’ve ever had. 93: 93/93.

  14. Hello,

    I dreamed that somebody gave me fresh onion and garlic from a field.
    They were too much and very fresh.
    I would be appreciate if I know the mean of dream.


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