One-Eyed Dream Symbol


One Eyed – Dreaming about a one-eyed man or actually being one eyed yourself in a dream is highly symbolic of being handicapped in such a way as to be vulnerable on one side. This dream almost always represents the fact that you are about to be side-swiped at work or home.

Something bad is coming your way and you don’t even see it coming. It important for you to find out what this thing is and immediately resolve the issue if you want life to keep going as smoothly as it is. If you ignore this dream you will certainly experience something bad in your life that will have long-term consequences.

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  1. I had a dream I could feel my face deforming, and everything went blurry then I knew everything in crystal clear form.. but when I looked into the mirror, I only had one eye in the middle of my face and I was hidious

  2. I had a dream that I was in school and I saw a special needs kids with one eye and some reason looked exactly like mike wazowski it was creepy.

  3. I was running on water in my dream and i thought i saw long size snake but when i get too close its a millipede .after that i ran and i crossed water and was running in a land with small plants .i was running zigzagly without order some leeches in the ground .then i saw a lite gold yellow colour rabbit and i followed it it was going down in a open place not a hole like alice in wndrland and when i get close i saw a cat with one eye it was walking in a rope tied to a small house and it jumped on me ferociously i tried to hit it with my backhead.what all this mean .pls let me know if u can intrepret it .tq

  4. I dreamt of transforming into a lion man and I jumped into the sea to retrieve a boat on the sea bed, I wore a jacket that had the symbol of an eye with the optic nerves connected to it. At the bottom of the sea I discovered pearls and started taking them.

  5. I dreamt I was in a hospital and was talking to a patient. He had an unpleasant face and sinister smile. His left eye was missing. Like not blinded or glass but empty and swollen. It was an uncomfortable conversation. Later, in the same dream, I encountered a young boy probably around 10-12 years old with the same eye and the same general feel. The dream became very lucid at that point and I said, “you’re the man from before!” Then he gave me that creepy, sinister smile and I woke up. I know the dream had other things happen but honestly the man/boy sticks out more than anything. It freaked me out to the point of googling meanings. Any interpretation anyone?

  6. I was a cashier at a fast food restaurant helping a middle aged man and he morphed into an unpleasant one eyed person …. What can my dream mean ?

    • I was walking along a dirt road behind a lady who was pushing a wooden cart with all her belongings in it.She was from the old days.she dropped something so I said to her o you dropped this and I handed it to her.when she looked at me face to face she only had one large eye in the middle of her forehead.i did not really notice the one eye at first.she said to me let me give you some money.I said no it’s ok.then the dream ended

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