Office Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Office Dream Symbol – Elected offices are symbols of power and opinion. Work positions are symbols of drudgery and wasted time. This last is true even if you enjoy your job.

Dreaming of an office is a sign that you have trouble leaving work behind you. Do you have trouble switching off? This can be a dream about the stress you carry around your job, or you may feel overworked or unhappy in what you do. If you are happy in this dream, it can mean positive changes soon will cross your path.

This type of dream can symbolize changing your career or job. What it means will depend on whether your dream is positive or negative. Are you looking for a new job? Do you have a dream job you think you can never make come true? Or, are you worried about your job? Unhappy with your career and work environment? This could be a sign of insecurity in your waking life. Or, you need to seriously think about making changes.

If everything is great at work and you dream of being forced from your workplace, this is a positive sign. It can mean you like your work and will soon be given a promotion or more responsibilities. This can be something you have worked towards for a long time. A dream of an empty office, where you are alone, can mean you have trouble brewing at home. Do you avoid going home? What are you avoiding in your personal life? It is a good time to sort things out.

Seeing a messy office can indicate the disorganization of your waking reality. An office that is organized and clean can mean that things are going to plan. This can be a reminder you need more organization in your waking life to achieve success. When you see your partner in an office this is a sign you are growing apart. You may need to put a conscious effort into the relationship. It can also be a sign of repressed feelings. What are you trying to not show to the world?

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