Offering Dream Symbol


Offering – Offerings are gifts that are general spiritual in nature. For gifts, see Gifts. If you dream about receiving an offering, it is a sign that you are going to soon receive a spiritual boon. If you dream that you are giving an offering it means that you are going to find spiritual fulfillment in one of your current pursuits.

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  1. Austine Caesar on

    I dreamt of being in the church I was the last on queue to pay my offering but the priest rejected my offering twice by taking away the offering kettle…. While the whole congregation was soliciting for the priest to accept my offering, the third attempt I left angrily and said no chance…

    Was does the dream mean?

  2. George Dadson on

    I had a dream paying my tight to my prophet.. he prayed for me after i gave the money to her..

  3. Nkki Whitley on

    I dreamed I took out alot of nickles and other coins , along with foreign money I really do have, and a few dollar bills to give in the offering. The coins were stacked up, alot and the money was may be pesos and some other type.

  4. I dreamt in the church going to the altar,dressed another outfit on top of the one i had,realised i had forgotten my offering where i was sorted,rushed back ,removed and took,put in the envelope and put on a table in the altar

  5. Sylvester Atta-Kwakye on

    I dreamt paying offering at a burial service. What could be the meaning to this dream?

  6. I made an offering of pence, small amounts I could pick from pocket. Some women who stood by the pastor looked down on me, making me feel bad. I went to my seat and returned to make an offering in bigger paper money, may be ¬£10-20. Those women had left and I didn’t make the offering because of this.
    Action: from now on if I am to make an offering it will be put in an envelope to conceal it. My offerings are not made for people to see.

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