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Octopus Dream Symbol – The octopus is a symbol of murky grasping tentacles that desire nothing more than to drag you under the water and drown you and devour your hopes and dreams. It seems morbid, yet the symbology of the octopus is very strong and sinister no matter where you turn to for clarification. If you dream about the octopus it is almost certainly a dire warning that you are in trouble and need to find out why.

If you dream about the octopus dragging you under the water or wrapping you in its tentacles, then it means that you are very close to disaster. If you dream about eating octopus it means that you have conquered you greatest enemy and will have a successful future.

Dreaming of octopus is about being flexible and using natural camouflage when you need to. Octopus reminds to listen to your guts instincts about the decisions you need to make. This may be about your creativity. Or, you may be ready to change your lifestyle completely. Whatever it is, you need to remain flexible to work towards success. It may be a time for building solid foundations for the future. DO you dream of doing this?

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  1. I was swimming in a sea full of white octopuses.. there was literally no water, just octopuses. I remember it feeling slimey but i had to get somewhere so i kept swimming.

  2. last night, i had a dream that the world was getting devoured by some gigantic monster that came from the sky. It wasn’t an octopus but it had big tentacles more then eight id say more like 100 that came down through the clouds and started to destroy everything. now i know theres a lot of meanings to dreams but something is telling me this one means something bait more then to myself ?

  3. I recently had a bruise on my arm and later on I had a dream that the bruise hurt to the point where my mom had to make an incision in order to see why it was hurting so much and when it opened, out came fish, shrimp, a lot of sea creatures along with sea water and suddenly I felt the worst kind of pain and fear, that’s when my mom pulled out a huge black octopus.

  4. In my dream there was a living octopus inside my head and every now and then I would feel it and see it sticking its legs out through my mouth but it would always go back in then suddenly it just came out but it was a painful process I felt like I couldn’t breathe and it was slowly dragging itself out through my mouth slowly unhooking itself from my head and once it was out I started spitting blood. Please explain.

  5. I dreamt I was with two scientists or ocean “thrill junkies” and they were telling me about near-death interactions with octopus and showing me extremely close pictures of these in counters. They invited me on a dive and I went just to get “stung” suddenly with almost no warning. I felt the sting, said thank you to them and then died. I saw just all white in my dream after I died. I physically felt a mild shock and tingling and woke up “thawing” put if you will. Shaken and hot.

  6. Well. I had a dream of octopus attacking caged elephants during a rainstorm. I wanted to help them but felt completely impotent to do so.

  7. My dream was swimming in a pool with young child .a women who I didnt know and a women who I did know. As I was swimming with the children , the women I did not know dove on top of an octopus and the the water turned brown, and muky. sthe was wrapped in the legs of the octopus , I couldn’t save her. The other women who. I knew stepped in the water and was caught by another octopus but not as wrapped up yet , I was able to save her. The octopus did not come near me or the children .

  8. I had a dream where I was in a school and refusing to do work for this professor, though I couldn’t understand why. Then a disfigured man charges into the room, very distressed and hysterical, and the professor tells him he needs to wait because he needs to get protective gear. The man screams incoherently and charges the professor, putting both hands on his face and pushing him down next to me. On the ground, the professor starts making strange groaning sounds and mumbling ‘no’ and slowly and graphically turns into a bizzare octopus-like creature. Good luck trying to figure that one out. Yes all my dreams are vivid and bizzare like this.

  9. Maria napolitano on

    I had a dream that I was awaken by a thunderstorm. I looked out the window the clouds were swirling and a giant squid/ octopus was out there. I saw it eat my 2 children, I ran out cut it from the top and killed it.pulling my children out and they were lifeless. I performed what I know as an emt and brought them back to life.

  10. I dreamt that my grandson and I were gently swimming down a stream following an giant octopus that was beckoning us with her tentacles and saying follow me, but my father was behind us yelling don’t follow her !

  11. I had a dream that I was trying to speak to my ex (who was my first love), (we had a very spiritual relationship, but things never added up with her) (we ended on a bad note and both deeply regret our choices), anyway, I was in a dream with my ex and my current girlfriend and I had a hard time with my ex meeting my current girlfriend, but randomly in this dream… as my ex was speaking with me I was bit by an octopus and while speaking to my ex, she witnessed my blood turn into the octopus’ ink and it started to pour from my mouth, she then proceeded to walk away from me, and that broke my heart and I could feel unsettled that my current girlfriend was with me in this dream. Can anyone translate? Helppp lol

  12. I was on some distant island or land in my dream. There were lots of people I did t know there but there was one person that I didn’t know, he was like my protector. Anyways the whole place was filled with octopi of all sizes but it was the big ones (car sized) that you had to avoid. I was too scared to go anywhere. My do was there but she was a wolf. I somehow ended up in the middle between to giant octopi and they squished together trapping me. I remember feeling their tentacles and how slimy they were. I don’t remember how but I escaped.

  13. I had a dream I was in a room and there were a bunch of baby octopus crawling around trash or stuff thrown on the ground, I noticed they were getting more and more frantic crawling around then I thought I should put then in a cup of water so I did and they called down immediately. ..all but one, the smallest one no bigger than my thumb nail got lost. .

  14. My dream was out of the ordinary. There were a bunch of octopuses and they were nice. We took pictures together (like selfies). They had a arm around me like a friend.

  15. I had a dream of just being underwater curled up in fetal position knowingly wait for the octopus to attack me. More than one. It sees me. But it never comes. I’m terrified and don’t move a muscle and just want to be out of the water.

  16. I had a dream that me and my boyfriend was putting a aquarium up and we brought a octopus and he and got stuck in the aquarium with the octopus and we finally got out by him throwing salt on it

  17. I had a dream of someone making me eat uncooked chicken. And then I did throw up an octopus. Or something close to the octopus look. Then this weird thing started to run after me and tried to go back to my mouth.

  18. I had a dearm that it was tandering and lightning and I came outside and t there were octopus falling from the sky.

  19. What does it mean when you dream of just octopus babies not hatched an its just on my bed an when I was trying to pick it up it was like a mucus ball please someone tell me something?

    • emma Maria on

      the octopus baby is the egg of a parasite, it’s in your bed because it is highly sexually transmissive.
      It grows in the intestine and reproduces (becoming an octopus, symbolically)
      making you I’ll both physically and mentally.
      It is a warning to not go to bed with just anybody.
      The octopus is also a symbol of evil.
      Prometheus movie for example where the actress gets an octopus planted in her body through sexual intercourse with her infected boyfriend.
      In the first alien movie the alien that comes out from some guys stomach through his shirt is clearly a white worm looking creature.
      Even the snake in the garden of Eden (snake symbolizing infectious parasite)
      I’ve been infected by parasites and its hell.
      So It’s a varning I would say.

  20. I had a dream the octopus and I were in this house that was filled with water and he was wrapped around me and I had to keep going under water every so often for him to breath ,but I remember thinking I really love octopuses most ppl would be freaked out to have an octopus wrapped around them .. and I remember thinking hid tentacles wrapped around me were like a bunch of snakes.. Also toward the end of the dream people were parking outside of the window at the house to watch me with the octopus.. Then I come here and read how the octopus is a negative thing, but in my dream I looked the octopus. Also I had a new done on my nightstand maybe that had something to do with this vivid dream

  21. I dreamt the octopus was on my ceiling, a medium dog sized octopus, and when it was brought down I petted it like a dog and it liked getting it’s head scratched like a dog…then it wanted to play and bite and nibble and it was sloppy wet and hurt a little because of it’s sharp teeth. In my dream I knew it was weird I to see an octopus on dry land survive like that.

  22. I had a dream my ex boyfriend was driving me around the city where he grew up. We came to a stop, got out of the car and he walked me towards the pier to show me about 30 octopus on top of what looked like sewers or wells. The sewers/wells had covers and each octopus was tied down to make sure the covers didn’t open.

  23. weird. i had a dream that consisted of me being in a school bus,not alone but with old high school classmates.the bus driver was some mean cranky old lady.then all of a sudden we fall into some ocean,and get greeted by an octopus.i dont think it was trying to drag us however.it was just there checking us out.i dont understand this dream.

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