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Octopus Dream Symbol

Octopus – The octopus is a symbol of murky grasping tentacles that desire nothing more than to drag you under the water and drown you and devour your hopes and dreams. It seems morbid, yet the symbology of the octopus is very strong and sinister no matter where you turn to for clarification. If you dream about the octopus it is almost certainly a dire warning that you are in trouble and need to find out why.

If you dream about the octopus dragging you under the water or wrapping you in its tentacles, then it means that you are very close to disaster. If you dream about eating octopus it means that you have conquered you greatest enemy and will have a successful future.

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  1. I had a dream my ex boyfriend was driving me around the city where he grew up. We came to a stop, got out of the car and he walked me towards the pier to show me about 30 octopus on top of what looked like sewers or wells. The sewers/wells had covers and each octopus was tied down to make sure the covers didn’t open.

  2. weird. i had a dream that consisted of me being in a school bus,not alone but with old high school classmates.the bus driver was some mean cranky old lady.then all of a sudden we fall into some ocean,and get greeted by an octopus.i dont think it was trying to drag us however.it was just there checking us out.i dont understand this dream.

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