Octopus Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Octopus Dream Symbol – The octopus is a symbol of murky grasping tentacles that desire nothing more than to drag you under the water and drown you and devour your hopes and dreams. It seems morbid, yet the symbology of the octopus is very strong and sinister no matter where you turn to for clarification. If you dream about the octopus it is almost certainly a dire warning that you are in trouble and need to find out why.

If you dream about the octopus dragging you under the water or wrapping you in its tentacles, then it means that you are very close to disaster. If you dream about eating octopus it means that you have conquered you greatest enemy and will have a successful future.

Dreaming of octopus is about being flexible and using natural camouflage when you need to. Octopus reminds to listen to your guts instincts about the decisions you need to make. This may be about your creativity. Or, you may be ready to change your lifestyle completely. Whatever it is, you need to remain flexible to work towards success. It may be a time for building solid foundations for the future. DO you dream of doing this?

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  1. i dreamt that when i took off my shoe, my foot had 2 areas with some sort of octopuslike part.(shiny,glassy but disgustingly looking).Not a tentacle but like a octopus filling in the toe area. behind the toe below where i had like 2 little suction like octopus looking part. In my dream i only noticed it at the end. i removed my shoe and pressed and removed that part, leaving a Hole where it was before, looking like an open wound but no blood. This shit sounds crazy. im freaking out even if its a dream because it feels like an invasive dream. Also this is the second time this type of dream has come up. Both times i have removed pulling it out with either hand force and ripping it out or with a knife.

  2. i was a very young child. before i even knew what an octopus really was..i dreamed of one. it was a lake..kinda dirty. the octopus was glowing…idk how but all of a sudden it was right next to me. it pulled me under and i couldnt move. it was just over. i think i couldnt move in real life when this was happening too.

  3. A close friend of mine had a dream about Octopus, she says in her dream she was fishing but didn’t find fish’s. She found octopus’s instead

  4. I had a dream of multiple octopus chasing me in water and on land I never got caught but it was scary.

  5. Surrealguy on

    I dream of sitting in a classroom at a table, one of about 5. On a tv screen played a video. In the video was a scene taken place in what seemed to be a swamp river, there was an reptile with frills on its head, almost like a cross between a alligator and frilled lizard, swimming through the water with most of its body submerged besides it’s head. It seemed to be the king of the water. Then on land came a octopus type creature with a dome almost a complete oval shaped head aside from the tentacles at and around the base where the neck would be it had a thin but human body frame and carried a large egg in its arms(standing probably 6 ft) it was green with white spots. The two spotted each other and came to meet at the shoreline. After what seemed like some discussion the frilled gator look impatient with the octopus and took,by force, the egg and threw it in the water but as he was doing that the “motheregg type followed after it and fell. What do

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