Occupation Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Occupation Dream Symbol – Dreaming of an occupation can be bad news for your business and financial affairs. It may also even warn of a coming serious illness. If you were fired in the dream, there is no reason to worry about your job. You are respected and hard-working in your field of expertize.

Seeing an unusual occupation or action, not common in everyday life note the details of the dream to get a deeper understanding. For example, flying in a dream can indicate your sensitivity. Do you dream of the freedom of childhood? It can also represent making an important life decision that will affect your future.

Doing something you would not normally do in your waking life like working as an actress or a pilot, it could be your subconscious letting you know you have some sort of talent in this area. Maybe you should try something new. Seeing other people doing their jobs will mean different things. A jeweler at work can mean you take care keeping up with the chores around the house. You enjoy having your home environment organized. Seeing an official officiating over something can mean you will not be granted some sort of official request – like a building permit or a license. You may have to try again.

A teacher marking students’ work can mean you will soon meet someone who will teach you a lot about something new. Seeing a clown perform at the circus it can mean you have little self-confidence in reality. Are you afraid of being publicly embarrassed? A magician can signify progressing quickly towards achieving success in your career.

This may be quicker than you ever dreamed. Seeing a juggler is news abundance will cross your path soon. Be prepared for fun times to come into your life. A blacksmith is a sign of good luck. There are good time coming. Dreaming of a thief stealing is a sign of stress and frustration with a relationship. You need to do something about the problems. Do you want to end it?

An artist performing on stage can mean your partner may be lying to you and this can cause misunderstandings. You need to sort these problems out if you are going to stay together. Take the time to plan some quality time together. Seeing someone who loads trucks can indicate you carry heavy loads around for many years than you need to. Are you someone who carries grudges? Are you becoming bitter about something or someone?

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