Obese Dream Symbol


Obese – Obesity has long been a symbol of health and living well. In modern culture it means living well into excess. If you dream that you or someone you know is obese it could be that you have a poor self-image, or simply that you are over indulging in some form of pleasure and that it is having a wasting effect on your wellbeing. Everything you do should be done in balance, just as Seneca said.

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  1. Had a dream last night I was fatter, and much taller than I am in waking life. Twas sitting on what appeared to be a mans lap, we were on a sofa. The man was a little shorter thanme, maybe by a couple inches. He was skinny.

    At one point he bought two coffees and didn’t not offer me any. He also borrowed 2 twenty pence pieces to purchase the coffee.

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