Obedience Dream Symbol


Obedience – Dreaming about obedience is a sign that following the rules will offer you more rewards on your current course of action then breaking them will. Sometimes cutting corners is very tempting. Sometimes you may be able to get away with a little cheating and no one will ever find out. However, if you dream about obedience it means that this time you need to do everything by the book, no matter how much more time it takes. Someone is looking over your shoulder to make sure that you are obeying all the rules. This might represent work, school, or even a relationship.

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  1. my dream involves three men two are together and smiling at me as if they both liked me the other is away from them and looking over his shoulder at me with a troublesome look in his eyes what does this dream mean? I know all three men in my dream they all work with me and the one looking back at me we always had this chemistry between us but he got promoted and left he looked as if he was hurting that day. The other two are still there at work with me but, as soon as he left they both started to make passes at me and at first did not want to believe that they even liked me at the time of my dream. They are all my managers.

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