Nuclear Bomb Dream Symbol


Nuclear Bomb – A nuclear bomb is a disturbing dream symbol, indicating massive destruction and death. A dream about a nuclear bomb is often a sign of some major emotion that is taking over your consciousness, preventing you from being able to focus on anything else. This emotion is often negative and extremely volatile, such as anger or rage.

The dream symbol of a nuclear bomb also indicates that this emotion is extremely destructive, and if left unchecked it is likely to cause major problems with your relationships. Take this dream as a warning that you need to work on your emotional regulation and learn some positive ways of releasing your emotions, before the metaphorical nuclear bomb begins to take shape in your waking life as well.

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  1. Carrington Lemau on

    I had a dream that a fighter jet had lost control and crashed into the suburbs filled with homes destroying them one after another, then a second aircraft I spot in the sky dropping a nuclear bomb. We some how drove off unaffected.

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