North/South Pole (Arctic & Antarctica) Dream Meaning and Interpretations


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North Pole/Arctic Dream Symbol – Dreaming of visiting the North Pole can symbolize the family togetherness or stresses of the Christmas holiday period. This can either symbolize great joy, sharing time with the ones you love. Or, it can mean you dread this time of year because of old conflicts among friends and family.

It can also symbolize the end of a journey. The end of a relationship or situation. This is a sign you have transformed in some way in your waking life. For greater understanding of the dream, take into account what is going on in the dream and how it leaves you feeling.

South Pole/Antarctic Dream Symbol – Dreaming of being in the South Pole symbolizes the challenges and obstacles you face in in everyday life, and the persistent attitude you have towards achieving success. It can also represent your ability to survive almost any situation if you want to.

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  1. Terry Bender on

    Weird dreams all night. Went to the arctic circle with my mom, after driving there before I came home to visit. Before I woke up she was holding a baby.

  2. Scott Gunning on

    I dream was part of ongoing dream Like a movie but didn’t make any sense. The place looked like it was huge shards of ice all together

    I dreamt that a captain were looking for this stange continent or something.

    One was saying that he needed him to get to this place. After the captain agreed the other man made some cannoe out of ice, out of air. Then the two rose up in the air to get sailing when on the ground crew members were trying to get the others attention but all were clowns. When thery started to set sail they sailed into a storm the other guy was sailing like a clam cook madman, the cap was was just trying to hold on to the mast. Then they arrived at some painting in the seas where on the other side was a group of kids in a room where they saw them and then started to break down the painting. Then the cap and the other guy emerged. It sounded like they knew one another.

  3. I dreamt last night travelling to the south pole with my spouse
    there was everything green, golden Elm trees, no ice and I did not feel cold.
    I spottet far away some penguins, watching closer I found out
    they were storks.

  4. I dreamed, I was walking with my husband in an open field, there were cows grazing and we passed them.
    After passing the cows, I felt cold and when I looked in front of us I saw an open place covered with ice. Then I asked my husband why is that place covered with ice? He said its ANTARCTICA and he said we can not go any further than this we need to go back otherwise we’ll freeze to death. Then I remembered the name Antarctica from school in Geography.

  5. heck, i haven’t been super lucid lately in dreaming anyhow, but i had this one last night of antarctica.. i was struck by how little snow was there. sometimes i’ve had remote viewing dreams of future or other places .. which i’ve verified. sometimes exact numbers of the earthquake were revealed. anyhow, it happens. recently dreamt of a fox ‘doll’ and a week later i rescued a dog which looks just like a fox. (that’s not ‘normal folks, do the math) .
    anyhow, might be a symbol of venturing ‘through challenges’ and the idea that it will be okay/. ? sure was nice and warm. not much snow.

    • Joseph Romanic on

      I had a very similar dream as well, where there were actually small villages with warm sunlight and things like that in Antarctica.

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