North/South Pole (Arctic & Antarctica) Dream Meaning and Interpretations


North Pole/Arctic Dream Symbol –¬†Dreaming of visiting the North Pole can symbolize the family togetherness or stresses of the Christmas holiday period. This can either symbolize great joy, sharing time with the ones you love. Or, it can mean you dread this time of year because of old conflicts among friends and family.

It can also symbolize the end of a journey. The end of a relationship or situation. This is a sign you have transformed in some way in your waking life. For greater understanding of the dream, take into account what is going on in the dream and how it leaves you feeling.

South Pole/Antarctic Dream Symbol –¬†Dreaming of being in the South Pole symbolizes the challenges and obstacles you face in in everyday life, and the persistent attitude you have towards achieving success. It can also represent your ability to survive almost any situation if you want to.

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