Noose Dream Symbol


Noose – Dreaming about a noose is similar to dreaming about a trap. Both dream symbols indicate something you need to beware of in your life, and that you may soon be faced with a challenge that threatens to prevent you from accomplishing your goals or ambitions, that harms your relationships with your loved ones, or that in some other way places you in danger.

The dream symbol of the noose means that you may not even recognize this danger until it is already facing you, and already around your neck, as it were. Proceed with caution, especially when making decisions, because a situation that looks too good to be true probably is.

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  1. Eliza Barte on

    Last night I dreamt about seeing a lot of noose in the last floor of the school building seems like lot of people died there, I don’t which school it was but I can still remember that there we’re kids. I was looking for something don’t know why I ended up in that floor I was scared on my dreams. And when I woke up I can still feel the feelings of being there

  2. The dream I had only had a noose in the background.. but in my dream no one seemed to care. We even took pictures by it. So I don’t know if I should be concerned or not

  3. I dreamt last night of a woman on a stage with a noose slowly swaying beside her. She sung about her problematic family, but the refrain was about how she was feeling fine anyway, but it was sung so sadly with tears in her eyes that you know she was lying. You could only hear her voice and guitar with no back-up music and the stage was located in the middle of an arena with the audience encircling her. The more I think about this dream, the more I feel like her. I wonder if the symbolism is that I need to make a choice that will affect my family, but it will have a bad outcome no matter what. Maybe I’m reading too much into this, I could really use some guidance or advise.

  4. Stephanie tullis on

    A couple of nights a go i was dreaming that i was in a strange hotel staying with friends in separate rooms i was lying in a single bed in the room alone and saw a noose flying quicky from high celeing coming towards me in bed. This is the image that i got clear as day. It was brown think roap

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