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Ninja – To dream of a ninja is a symbol of stealth and prowess in fighting. If you dream that a ninja is stalking you, this can have several different meanings. It may mean that someone wishes you ill, and that that wish is following you despite your best attempts to avoid it. However, it may also simply indicate extreme skill gained through practice and self-discipline.

If you dream of yourself becoming a ninja, this signifies the benefits and glories available to you if you are disciplined and committed to following your dreams. It may feel right now like your efforts are in vain, but life is teaching you lessons and providing you with skills that you do not even see right now.

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  1. I had a dream where all of my friends were some kind of ninja and they started to killing everyone in our school who wasn’t? And then in the end I wanted to become one in not sure why.

  2. The dream I had was a very dark ninja who seemed to have a dark demeanor always sitting right next to where me and my lover were taunting me then i woke up next to my gf to find out I had kicked our closet door so hard to where it had drawn blood

  3. What does it mean when you dream that a ninja is your lover? I’ve had several dreams in which a ninja, often depicted as a handsome young man, & I are in love. In these dreams, he treats me as a delicate flower, yet shows me deep passion too. He expresses it in his kiss, his embrace, his touch, & his tone of voice. What does this represent?

  4. Last nite just had a dream of a bunch of kunoichi ninja girls almost all identical. Dress in ninja scroll like attire. They were showing me their skills and wanting me to stay and fight with them. Somehow I became their leader. Don’t know what the hell it means.

  5. sian mackie on

    what does it mean when you dream about ninjas that chase you through a library and each time you have this dream they get closer to catching you?

  6. First I recieved money in the mail from China or something. Don’t know who from. Was like $2000. Before I could count it all, I peeked out the window and saw 3 ninja persons from different directions coming towards my house. Headed to the basement where there were 2 Asians (my protectors) telling me the people were going to kill everyone there with me being the last. I remember looking for somewhere to hide. Then I woke up. Tried to go back to sleep but I couldn’t.

  7. I tried to free an unknown, relatively benign Stoic man in white being held by Japanese folk with an under tone of Chinese food restaurant.. As I attempted to perform a bumbled slight of hand magic trick with a long white flag attached to two black sticks designed to make the man disappear, the flag drapes over his face and he becomes the son of an elderly-hardened Asian gentleman. One can only assume He is the “Boss” of China-panese town. The son, clearly japanese, is unamused, offended, and begins to chase me. 6-8 Ninjas come from everywhere and follow his lead. An athletically beautiful long, dark haired woman in hot yoga pants guides me to run. She assures me that our endurance is far superior to the ninja gangs ability to follow us. As we leave China-panese town she and I nimbley scale the fence which leads to an open rural country like setting with several houses and open fields. She slips through a slice at the top of the fence to the other side as I am trapped when the slice disappears into a patchwork of various fencing material. A never ending fence dome encases me until the ninjas catch up!!! They climb the fence like black spiders as several of them fly through the air while I dangle from the dome kicking and hoping a few ninja skills of my own will save me from capture or worse. I managed to deflect one of them and crash him into another waiting on the ground for me to fall. A relatively ugly but cunningly skilled one gives me the sense that if he is outwitted, I will be free. Some strange mental game for an awkward prize-a ball cap?… Is silently agreed upon and the contest begins. We posture for position as I still dangle from the fence dome. He grabs at me snatching my leg at the knee and begins to apply pressure to the tendon at the back of my right leg causing an extreme uneasy pain. I finally bend his finger back almost to the point of snapping. I am unable to break his finger dispite my best efforts and unable to sense any pain caused to him. I woke up from a heavy, deep sleep with a pain in the back of my left leg an a sense I had not truly escaped!!!

  8. Personally, I do study Ninjutsu. One time I had 2 straight nights where I dreamed of my master teaching me and even working at my workplace. I told my mother of these dreams. These dreams, according to my mother, indicate that if one is to achieve a high ideal; one must let nothing shake your faith, maintain good character, and control oneself and do everything to help any one that needs our help.

    Remember, a true ninja is there to help you in your times of distress. A true ninja is a protector and guardian of good. If you dream of you being a ninja and are actually studying Ninpo, remember your code of the Ninja. Same applies to any martial artist or anyone whom you look up to for wisdom( in my case my Soke Hatsumi)

  9. I have had this dream for a while now, I was a ninja coming out during the dark time, and then conquering over the evil guys but one day I got caught on camera and had everyone looking for me it was a bit scary but cool at the same time.

  10. I had a dream where i am a ninja with 4 partners, i have a kukri knife, a kerambit and a flashbang, and of course, guns, i got my legs chopped off and my teammates was screaming, then suddenly, i ”responded” and i was outside of a lift with my team, then when the door open, there were machine gunners shooting at me, i threw mt flashbang and i woke up. MOST LEGIT DREAM EVER

  11. I have the reoccurring image of a spy/ninja in my dreams. The dream may not be related in anyway but usually I either see it hiding I a tree outside of a window, out of the corner of my eye, or just have the general impression that is it there.
    I recently had a dream where I interacted with the spy/ninja for the first time. They were crouching in a tree outside my window as per usual, I first made no mind of it, I don’t know why dream me was so casual about this creepy guy dressed in black watching him but hey. Eventually I came to the desision of chasing after them.
    So I chased them for a long time through the trees until they disappeared. Like disappated infront of my eyes. But I found myself In a small camp with two burning fires and a mineshaft. I went down the mineshaft and got lost, then Woke up.

  12. jade vandiver on

    I had a dream of me becoming a ninja and then i had sex with saske off of naruto and then we where all of a sudden at a water park then i was at the top of the slid then saske was behind me and then we went down and then we where in a bed having sex and then we where at this wierd house and there was two girls and then this girl said youll never ever gonna see your pictrue then another girl who was holding my bag that they stole and she just gave me the bag then she broung out this huge poster and i wrote her name and phone number then like 5 hours later i went to my mom then i woke up what does that mean.

  13. Recurring dream of a grizzly bear entering my house and hanging out, my girlfriend and friends (in the dream) think the bear is cool, and trust him more and more with each passing dream, I however, experience the opposite, growing more and more suspicious of the bear with each encounter. I always end up leaving, backing up my truck to reveal a man with a sword standing quietly next to my girlfriends car, as my headlights shine on him he simply sits down next to the tire, I drive towards him, he stands up and takes an aggressive posture, each passing dream he is more aggressive and hard to deal with. I feel a climax will be reached soon with the bear, and the man with the sword.

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