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Nickname – Nicknames are symbolic in their ability to accurately represent a specific moment, or perhaps several moments in our past. Regardless of what nickname you were given as a child, or the fact that you weren’t given a nickname, dreaming about nicknames is closely associated with acceptance into a group.

If you dream about a nickname that you were given at some specific point in your past, your dream is meant to serve as a reminder of this time and help you to remember a lesson that you learned at that time. If you dream about being given a nickname that has never been given to you it can either be a very symbolic dream that represents your emotions toward a group or it can be a type of spiritually transformative process that is approaching.

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  1. Chance Rush on

    I don’t know if this is active… But here goes anyway

    I dreamt I was walking in a town I have never been in (not relevant) and carrying a Rosary which was given to me before my Baptism/Confirmation by a friend’s mother and somehow the rosary broke and as I was picking up the peace, some gang member grabbed part of it and took off. I chased him, he fell a couple times but I couldn’t catch him… He dropped a large coffee can full of some brown powder… I pick it up and continue to follow him… He runs into a workshop in the middle of like a storage company yard…
    I return the coffee can, and go inside and he’s all cool about me being there (probably he can) but I explain why the Rosary was so important and he says “$50 bucks” and I look at him and say “I’ll give you $20″… he agrees. I give him the money and he gives me back the Rosary piece and then he points at a metal badge he made; it was a metal bat with a wolf’s head, and said “understand, Bishop”… and he called me that a couple more times… So I said “so I guess my nickname is Bishop then”…
    I have NO idea what it means… but was so vivid I remember it clearly 2 days later. So yeah, I’d love to find out what getting the nickname “Bishop” but also the bat with the wolf’s head… I never felt afraid and they were never threatening.

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