Nickel Dream Symbol


Nickel – If you dream about the nickel coin, this indicates the importance of paying attention to small financial sums as the key to wealth. Dreaming that you are holding or looking at a nickel signifies that you will have financial stability if you take note of your small expenditures and bookkeeping, and do not allow yourself to ignore trifling financial matters.

It may be a subconscious warning that you are frittering your money away. On the other hand, if you dream that you find or are given a nickel, this is a sign that a financial windfall is coming your way, but it will only benefit you if you are responsible with your minor expenditures as well.

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  1. Rowena Still on

    I’ve been finding dimes in the wirdess places past two weeks..I did some research and it’s said it was sign from angels to stay positive.. Well I jokingly said to self why not a nickel instead. Today at work guess what I found in front of my locker a nickel. Glad angels find it funny cause it made me smile because all I’ve been doing. Lately is cry… Nice to no God has his angels help me when I have no else to help me here in earth.

  2. What about finding broken coins in a dream? My best friend and I kept finding all these coins but they were broken and halfway buried. What does this mean?

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