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New York – Dreaming about New York can be a symbol of needing to travel to a new place and meet new people. New York is representative of opportunity to many people, especially those that live outside of it. New York has historically been a port of entrance for immigrants to the United States and serves as a beacon of hope to those that wish to start a new life.

New York can also represent hardness or difficulty. Dreams of dark urban streets or streets that are extremely crowded represent danger and distrust of others around us. If you dream about dark urban streets of New York it is because you fear and distrust someone in your life and need to stop having contact with them.

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  1. I keep dreaming of NY repeatedly for years. I live in South Europe and never been there before. In my dreams I always visit the city, sometimes it’s during the 40’s era, sometimes during the current one. I walk around, never have much time, about a couple of days, but end up trying to discover the most characterful things. Sometimes I am impressed by the filth on the streets and sometimes I engage with the local people in some form. It’s really weird. I’ve lived in a different capital city (London) which made a big impact in my life and I don’t nearly dream of it as much as of NY. Obvs we all have this city in our subconscious via series, films, and at some point I thought of it as a possible holiday destination but not much more than other places. Sometimes I think it might have to do with an ex-boyfriend whose dream was to live there some day whereas I didn’t want to, and the issue was a threat to our relationship, so maybe I am trying to ‘reconcile’ with it. But somehow I feel the city is calling me to go, I don’t know why. I’d totally do it if I could afford it!

  2. I dreamed about going to NYC by plan (I’ve got an anxiety issue and have stopped traveling by plan altogether) – I landed there and I was amazed at seeing America for the first time, especially NYC, it was very fulfilling. However, after a short few minutes I first saw a few people I knew before and then shortly afterwards I become anxious about NYC’s dark side, the street gangs, being robbed, etc things like that. Shortly afterwards, at the terminal, two young people started noticing me (New Yorkers) and closing in on me. I didn’t know what to do, but I stood my ground. They tried to scare me and didn’t succeed. We eventually talked and I think I managed to somehow turn that dire situation in a comic one. We spoke, but I don’t remember who said what.

    That’s it. Then I remember a split-second thought/emotion about being anxious about getting back on that same plane and flying home.

  3. Hi,
    I have never dreamt of New York until a couple of days ago. I dreamt I was in New York with some former friends & acquaintances. NY looked beautiful but not sleek &shiny, nor dark & dank, it looked like it gad an antique hue. I was very happy. I was very physical, busy, constantly moving on foot. I may have been carrying a case at times but I don’t remember if it was mine or someone else’s. I did not dream about my mode of travel to the New York. I have never been to NY in real life.

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