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Nervous Breakdown – Having a nervous breakdown is different from simply being nervous in a dream. Nervous breakdowns include not only a complete inability to speak or move or make a decision, but also a very strong emotional reaction to the very thought of doing one of those things. Having a nervous breakdown or a panic attack in a dream is usually a symbol of an insecurity that we not only feel incapable of changing, but also something that is heavily discriminated against by those around us to the point that we feel guilty about it.

If you feel that one of your attributes is causing discrimination and guilt to be foisted upon you, then dreaming about having a nervous breakdown is you body’s way of releasing some of the emotional pressure that you are under.

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  1. arthur schneider on

    My panic attack dream seems to have arisen from a conflict between my sub conscious and conscious reality. I interpreted it as event that will or has occurred whose effects will alter my well being. Once realizing that instead of creating panic, such an event can be “overridden/replaced” by accepting that my current beliefs and actions are underpinned by of hope and faith I can move forward in a calm manner by accepting that I’m am and going to be okay. Thus a panic attack dream for me is a realization that I have crossed some invisible barrier that has allowed me to let go of one reality (sub conscious) like water under a bridge and accept my conscious reality without fear.

  2. had a dream where upset me to point htey couldnt see the pain there causing imside and they went on rampage destroying my things like tv so.knowone could wacth it.and rampageto.destroy.myself with.emotion.i was feeling deep pain inside that.know.could.see.or.took.any notice.or.cared

  3. I actually had 3 panic attacks in the dream I just woke myself up from. This interpretation is DEAD ON. I am dealing with the sort of problem (incapable of changing an insecurity and am discriminated severely because of it) described almost to a T at work.
    Now if only I can find out what the other major themes in the dream meant…watching my reflection in the silver part of helium balloons do different actions than I was doing in the dream, some reflections made me feel I was staring at an inner demon. Seeing the reflections caused the first couple panic attacks. Then as I would tell my husband about how I was feeling during the panic attack, it was as if he would trivialize what I was saying and try to pretend to care to move on to whatever seemed more important to him at the time. I then tried to speak to an unknown neighbor in the dream about what was going on about me being scared about the panic attacks and how no one could empathize with me — frustration to the max. Dream then switches to me looking for a teddy bear in my basement laundry room to cuddle with for comfort to avoid the panic attacks, the basement turns into a haunted house scene where all the cupboard doors are open and an eerie feeling overwhelms you. THEN as I am trying to holler to my husband from the basement that he needs to come see the open cupboard doors, he seems to holler something back that lets me know whatever he is hearing me say is not what I am saying (as if someone or something is transferring my words that he hears into something completely different), as I am terrified in the dream, and still screaming for my husband (while he hears some mundane phrase, not a cry for help) HERE’S WHERE IT GETS FREAKY: It’s as if I have become part of my basement staircase and walls and plumbing (I remember seeing plumbing right in front of my face), the house seems to be swallowing me and the last place to be “swallowed” into the house is my mouth, all the while I am screaming for my husband until I PHYSICALLY and CONSCIOUSLY hear myself finally able to say aloud “Pete, Pete! Make it stop!” And I was awake and trembling.
    This was one of those rare dreams that seemed to go on for hours. Is there a significance in how long a dream feels?

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