Neon Light Dream Symbol


Neon Light – Neon lights are symbols of night life, bars and good times. Many times neon lights are not a symbol in and of themselves, but it is rather the place that they are located that is important. It is important to take close care to put the neon lights in context, including what they say and where they are. Many times neon lights are extremely specialized and they are unique to a place and time.

Because of this, neon lights are often found in premonitions and other dreams that deal with the future.  These dreams are usually either very positive or warnings of something bad happening and a sense of the situation is imparted to the dreamer.

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  1. I had a dream I was at my school with my class and my teacher wanted us to do something and the backfield was Africa and the sides of the back field were jungle and me and my friends drove onto the back field in a jeep and a lioness attacked us we jumped out of the jeep and the lioness bit it making it blow up and light on fire then we ran away from her but the lioness chased us and we got to our teacher and told him what happened but he said it was a bad excuse then we went into the garden but it was all neon colors.

  2. I dreamt and there and d neon lights reads’the neons coming in a forthnight’it was kind of scary

  3. I dreamt that I saw neon lights written my name, actually half of my name ; Prisci and my name is Priscila 🙂

  4. I drempt that I was standing in the living room by the sofa then I was seeing tv but I was about to leave some where and the news said that neon was declared as not being a real color

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