Neighbor Dream Symbol


Neighbor – Dreaming about neighbors is symbolic of a sense of community and world peace. Whether the dream is about actual neighbors or simply the idea or feeling of neighbors, dreaming about a sense of community means that you are well adjusted and socially responsible. This dream is usually an indicator that your life is tied with the health and welfare of your community. If you dream about something devastating happening to a neighbor it is sometimes a call for you to reach out and help a person in your community who is in need. This dream is only dreamt by those who have close social ties.

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  1. Hi I had a dreamed about my exboyfriend I broke up with him 3years ago. I had a dreamed that my exboyfriend move from his current house to be my next door neighbor in my dream I look out to his back yard and see trash cans recycle bins every single one in the color blue not dark blue but blue. In the past I had a dream that i was walking and saw his house all in black color dark color.

  2. I saw my neighbor want to sell some white handbags. But am not Willing to buy it cos I told her in d dream that I have enough

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