Needles Dream Symbol


Needles – Needles are often a frightening symbol, involving deep-seated fears of pain and having medical procedures performed. This is an invasive symbol that often indicates a threat. However, it can also be a symbol of medicine and healing. If you dream of having a shot from a needle, this is an indication of an unpleasant event that will actually help to resolve some issue that you are having. A sewing needle, on the other hand, indicates creativity and binding things together.

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  1. I had a dream i was at home and I noticed that I had a black head on my leg I tried to pop it when I did a needle came out. Then I started to feel pain all over my legs, everytime I would squeeze a needle would come out in different shapes and forms some were really thick really sharp really small. What does this mean?!

  2. I had a dream last night, it started from a scene where I was in a wedding occasion then suddenly I became the groom getting married without a bride. Then in another scene I saw myself with a respected elderly man his face wasn’t familiar though but in the dream he was respected by people, the kind of respect given to an inspector general of police. We walked together while having conversations that I can’t recall as we kept walking we got somewhere a bit on the outskirts of town and to my greatest surprise he started shooting at me with a gun that shot needles, he fired continuously at me and he was surprised that I was still standing. He expected me to have been tranquilised from the shots cos he said that’s what the gun does so when his expectations weren’t met he got tired of shooting and move away. I was in a bit of shock cos I couldn’t interpret this dream unlike my former dreams cos most times my dreams are like prophecies and warnings on things to happen to either me, my family, a friend or my country. Pls I need help in interpreting this dream.

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