Necktie Dream Symbol


Necktie – A necktie is the masculine form of the necklace (See: Necklace). It symbolizes the masculine side of resolving head-versus-heart issues. Neckties are also symbolic of professional identity and advancement, being something of a uniform for many corporate jobs. As such, neckties symbolize typically masculine attributes such as aggression in business.

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  1. hi,

    I had a dream were i was planting neck ties firmly inti the ground. The ring side which goes round the neck is the one which i was burying firmly into the soil.

    Help me with interpretation.

  2. Ashley Everroad on

    I dreamed of a bundle of rolled up neck ties on a centipedes back. I killed the centipede. I felt better after it was dead. I am going through a big change. Eliminating negativity from my life. Working towards goals for a happy family for my daughters. The masculine side must be of this overpowering male in my life I am in the process of getting away from. Any advice on what this may mean. I have to do what is best for my 3 daughters. They are my existence.

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