Necklace Dream Symbol


Necklace – A necklace is an adornment on the neck, which means that it draws attention to the conflict between head and heart (see: Neck). It also often hangs down over the heart, drawing attention to the symbolism of that part of the body. This is the feminine form of the Necktie (See: Necktie). When paired with the necktie in dream symbolism, it indicates the feminine side of deciding on head-versus-heart issues. It may also be a more general symbol of femininity, being a common adornment worn by women.

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  1. Hi…dreamed a couple intruded into my attic, not my house, very large, going through my things. They came into the attic from the opening in the ceiling, entrance, climbed down. Man first, then his wife. I seemed to have known them. What are you doing here? I said surprised. Told them they should not intrude. Had a nice reunion. I gave her a beautiful, brilliant Crystal Necklace with a round, artistic, almost flower-like with crystal petals, and that made her content. Lots of stuff in the attic! ha. There is. Had to sort it out, repairs, get my mind in order, in the dream.

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