Nazi Dream Symbol


Nazi – A Nazi is a dream symbol of totalitarian governmental control and human cruelty. There may be a sense that you are the victim being oppressed and pursued by a massive, inescapable persecuting body of people, either associated with a government or another organizational group.

This dream symbol may also represent the fear associated with power being in the hands of a group of brainwashed people who are entirely dependent on their central authority. Dreaming about Nazis may therefore signify that you are somehow being threatened by people who are brainwashed by some other authority, such as a religious, political or social organization.

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  1. Reoccurring dream

    So I keep having the same dream about a Nazi coming to kill me and other ppl. It started off with me working in a shop and then everyone hearing that the nazi are coming. So we all hide and this is the bit which I’ve dreamt about before so I go and hide in my mums room behind her bed (for me that’s a safe place my mums room) but obviously in my dream it isn’t as safe as I’d want it to be. But before I die so when I hear the foot steps of the Nazi about to kill me I manage to wake myself up everytime.
    I’m really confused to why I keep having the same dream not every night but every now and then. This is probably my 3rd time. I’m trying to find the meaning. I’ve never experienced anything like that nor have anyone in my family so I find it weird why I’m having dreams like this. IF ANYONE KNOWS WHY OR IS A DREAM ANALYSTS COULD YOU PLEASE LET ME KNOW.

  2. I have this dream about nazis even adolf hitler himself.

    Okay so this is what happened, it is midnight
    I saw a police man talking on his phone, and he slowly becomes really angry with someone he’s calling, then everything becomes crazy cause it turns out that the person who’s making him mad is just across the street. this cop went savage mode and he smoked the hell out of that guy, I jumped to hide in the bushes but hears me and immediately run towards me.
    I run for my life, the cop became Hitler and he summons his soldiers to continue chasing me. now I run through the sewers and the sewer becomes a mental facilities I manage to enter one of its room and I found an old man wearing white shirt, I locked the door and sit beside him while catching my breath. The door now is slamming because of those nazis wants to capture me. I look for any possible exits through the Window but I saw hitler outside. The nazi is slamming the door so hard that I don’t want to look at it. Suddenly Someone makes me look behind and I saw a woman in nazi uniform. She’s beautiful and she somehow has the resemblance of Emilia Clarke. In my mind she maybe the daughter of hitler, she wants me to come with her I kissed her in her lips out of panic and look me in the eye in shock, her eyes were color blueish gray. I wanted to see more but my dream ended there

  3. So I’ve had four dreams now about the Nazis and they’re all different, but it’s kind of just getting weird now. I’m a second generation America with my grandparents who came here to America during WWII after they escaped a Nazi labor camp that they were forced into in Germany, so I think that may be something to do with it. But, I keep having dreams where the Nazis are chasing me and they almost killed me one time. But mostly, I have no fear in my dreams. In one, they stood me in front of everyone else that was captured and was taking me as an example as they said they were going to kill me and I looked the soldier in the eyes and told him to do it as I wasn’t afraid and of course he didn’t, just slit the back of my neck a little bit. Another time, I accidentally was staying at a Nazi hotel, even though I had no idea and Hitler told me that he was sending his troops and I was runnign through bunker halls running from a squad of soldiers.

  4. I had a dream about being a Nazi, I truly don’t support what they stand for and would hate to be known as I do.
    Well, in my dream I’m on one of the beaches during D-DAY, I’m on one of the Mg-42 bunkers firing down on the allies. This dream although did scare me because of myself being a Nazi. I also don’t take pride in saying that I found it thrilling.

  5. Anita Rogers on

    OMG my libertarian husband has these dreams. He is always fighting the Nazis and God help you if you watch a tv show that is based on government. We are watching Designated Survivor just last night and he said there was no way he would ever allow the Secret Service to be around if he was president. He said that they couldn’t make him go to cover if there was a situation he thought he would stay for. He acts like the TV show is a real thing and not just done for drama. Thank you for the insight to this.

  6. I was at a concert IN a dark room with a bunch of my classmates and then I see these inflatable WWI gwrmany planes go into the crowed. Instead of panicking I started laughing because it was so funny how these ballons are just falling. Then of a sudden I see a German dressed soldure (I’m presuming a Nazi but there was no symbol, just the Germany symbol of WWI, and he was well dressed and armed like a leader and he comes up to me). Now in wearing pajamas and I was in a depressed cold place and he started to talk to me in German. I can also see other solders talking to other people and rounding them up. So this guy talks to me and I don’t understand german but since I’m Bulgarian I’m telling him im Bulgarian and I’m no treat, so he shrugs his hand and this guy poops up and plays a sad violin song. And so them I realize it’s a vivid dream and I’m in control like a video game. So I go past the violin guy and in one of the rooms I see grenades, knives and guns. I grab the knives and assembe one of the guns, but I’m realizing I have no backpack and in still in my pjs. And them I see a bunch of German solders coming and I shoot them. Knowing i can place my weapons in my pjs and I keep running throughout the rooms, avoiding other solders. I find a room full of food and I can’t seen to find a backpack so I imagine that I got one and it appears. Next i place food and the weapons I find in my backpack and I keep going around to find an exit. I find some more solders that I kill and land in another room full of more weapons (grenades, rocket launchers, pistols etc.) And I grab as much as I can, then outside a window I see a bunch of solders but they are wearing green and are about to blow up the room I’m in. ( In my head I’m interpreting then as the allies since they was no sign of the wwi Germany symbols). Then I’m realizing that the room has so much explosives that it will blow up the whole room. So I take all the explosives and stash them somewhere. A big explosion occurs and a big hole in the room, big enough for a person to go into is formed. I raise my hand to show that I’m not a threat, but they just tell me to go through. As i walk out I’m walking like im a captain and the soldiers are looking up to me (like in ready to go kill some more Nazi solders- but in a badass kind of way) (sorry for the cursing no idea how else to explain it). Then I wake up.
    Strangest part was that I was in control the entire dream. And I had no idea what it meant when I walk up.

  7. I keep having nightmares about Nazi cyborgs with black blood dripping from their eyes, who want to pin me down and perform medical experiments on me. They look half human with some kind of robotic enhancements and Nazi symbols on their chests. It looks like old technology from the 50’s or something, half broken-down and when you look into their eyes, they seem either dead or possessed. The skin looks fake too. In some of the dreams, I am shown videos of them dissecting or vivisecting people, and sometimes it’s me that I’m being shown being cut open. I never scream in the videos though, I just look at them calmly and tell them that they are in the wrong, but are still forgiven.

  8. Danielle9686xo on

    I had a nightmare I was at the Gas station and a African woman tried to run me down with her car she got out other car chases me around the outside of the gas station caught me and carved a nazi symbol into my chest woke up confused and terrified

  9. Danielle96xo on

    I had a nightmare I was at the Gas station and a African woman tried to run me down with her car she got out other car chases me around the outside of the gas station caught me and carved a nazi symbol into my chest woke up confused and terrified

  10. I had a nightmare I was at the Gas station and a African woman tried to run me down with her car she got out other car chases me around the outside of the gas station caught me and carved a nazi symbol into my chest woke up confused and terrified

  11. Danielle Shackleford on

    I’m having dreams about Nazis, and these dreams are scaring me. I don’t get killed in these dreams but I seem to end up befriending the Nazis. I mean, WHAT THE HELL?!? I wouldn’t do that in real life! Part of me is evil, yes, but… Nazis?!? I don’t think I’m THAT evil.

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