Nails Dream Symbol


Nails – Carpenter’s nails symbolize creativity via building new things. This is a very stable and strong symbol of creation, and indicates a high probability of success with your venture. However, it is also an aggressive and invasive symbol, which permanently changes the structure of the thing that it encounters.

It is important to recognize the power of your venture, if you dream about nails, because while you can pull nails out of a board and place them elsewhere, you cannot remove the holes that they make. If you do not proceed with caution, you may end up doing harm. In Christianity, nails also represent suffering and salvation.

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  1. Marcy M Montalvo on

    Hi, I had a dream that I found a brand new carpenter nail laying down across on top of my car tire. No puncture whatsoever on the tire, in fact the tire looked to be brand new as well. I picked up the nail and abserved it. On the nail was a logo but can’t remember what the logo lettering was.

  2. My dream last night was disturbing . I pulled a very very long nail out of my gum then another one in front of some people. I awoke because it wasn’t a nice dream.

  3. I had a dream about two people who had metal nails protruding from the center of the backs of their hands and by the end of it they were holding hands and the nails had vanished. Thoughts on the symbolism of this dream?

  4. I had a dream, in my dream there was a lot of people we were walking on the street when everywhere started shaking, just like earthquake, things started falling down, everybody was afraid, every body started running, shouting, as I was running there was a plank cross ➕ on my right hand side, something told me to pick it up, so i did, when I turn the other side of the cross I saw many nails, then I started running with the cross ➕ I started wavering it as if I was carrying a flag,I was full of Joy, singing, I can’t remember the song, but I know I was singing a song,

  5. i dreamt i pulled one or two long nails out of my head/skull/scalp whilst standing in my kitchen. super weird. meaning, anyone?

    • I came across your post in a Google search… I just woke up from a dream where someone pulled 2 long nails put of my head. The 2nd was parallel to my spine… when he pulled it out, I swear I could feel it. I could feel it through my head and into my back. The pain so intense, it woke me up. I could still feel it a couple second after closing my eyes.
      Any ideas?

  6. Had a dream that iwas walking on the footpath isaw a lot of steel nails,and I started to correct them,they were a lot of nails I even started looking for a paper bag to put them in ,wats the meaning?

  7. Ayushi Prakash on

    I had a vision about two people standing together in there middle i saw a very big nail (a cross nail) i don’t understand whats that mean is it a good sign in a relationship or not

  8. Creativity in what you say no one helped because it’s something coming from you. That’s what came to my mind as I read what you posted.

  9. Had a dream I was pulling nails out of my throat it was alot I asked for help but know one would help they just watch me die that’s when I woke up

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