Nail Polish Dream Symbol


Nail Polish – Nail polish is a symbol of idleness, beauty and attention to detail. Nail polish indicates something beautiful that is inherently fragile and requires great care to not be damaged.

If you dream that you are putting nail polish on, or having it put on you, this indicates that you are spending a lot of effort and attention accomplishing a change in yourself that will very easily be put amiss, if you are not careful with it. If you dream about your nail polish chipping, this indicates a sense of insecurity with some carefully-cultivated aspect of yourself.

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  1. I was dreaming that someone gave me a red nail polish from a dead person things and I was about to put it on my nails but I changed my mind to not putting it on.

  2. I had a dream that one of my friend is putting peacock shiny glitter green nail paint on her nails. And we both are admiring the shade of nailpaint. I was advising her to put it on 3 fingers and put some other silver shiny paint on fourth finger. What does that mean?

  3. My dream was painted nails (not mine) which were beautiful. Until i got to them. I straight up peeled the entire block of polish off exposing a disgusting peeling nail underneath… ?

  4. Hi . So this isn’t a dream but I painted my nails purple for the first time in a long time and iv been admiring them and looking at them . But then all of a sudden the nail polish on my middle finger on my right hand disappeared out of no where . I have no recollection of taking it off or how it could have come off. So I repainted it. And today it disappeared from my left hand on my left middle finger randomly after I was looking at it painted during class. Does this mean anything ?? I am very spiritual . And my cousin died who I was really close to and she is like my best friend now and I talk to her all the time time. She gives me a lot of signs

  5. I dreamt of black nail polish that would not set, then it got everywhere all of my white jeans ,I was at a function I became a little upset

  6. Nadia Rashid on

    I saw that i painted nails of left hand with red and right with green . What does that mean

  7. I had my nails done in burgundy red yesterday and in my dream I knew they had been done but I kept looking at them and they were unpainted again – I even tried to imagine them painted in the dream and they wouldn’t go red! Any insights would be great ­čÖé

  8. So my dream was that I was paintin my nails blue I believe, and I began to eat the nail polish from the container! What does this mean??

  9. Hello
    I was dreaming I walked to one big building and was iron fence next to building and behind fence I so on floors a nail polish and lip gloss and I took it and then I looked up. A nail polish was more light color, can not remember color, but I do remember was more light like vanilla gold or something like that :/
    Thank you

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