Nail File Dream Symbol


Nail File – A nail file is a symbol of polishing and removing imperfections, often through unpleasant means. If you dream of using a nail file on yourself, this is an indication that you are aware of an area in your life that needs to be pruned and polished, whatever the pain that it takes to do it. Pay attention to anything else that may be symbolic concerning this, because these things will give insight into the exact actions you need to take. If you dream of someone else using a nail file on you, this indicates that someone else is helping you to remove these imperfections.

It is best to submit to this person’s help, even if it is unpleasant. If you dream of using a nail file on someone else, you have a desire to help them, but it may be manifesting itself in a desire for dominance or control. Remember that the nail file can be a painful or profoundly unpleasant tool for some people, and take care that you are not hurting the person you mean to help in real life.

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