The Mystical Arts Dream Symbols and Interpretations


Alchemy Dream Symbol

Dreaming of turning elements into silver or gold or water, or turning anything into something else, is a clear sign of transformation. The time is right for you to move towards the goals you have made for your life. It is also a prompt for you to deal with anything that worries you. It shows you can transform what worries you into something you forget about.

This can be a warning to give little to focus to what has little importance. By dealing with things you can move on. Alchemy featured in a dream may indicate this is a difficult time where you need to face your fears. You may even emerge with a whole new perspective on life. You may have whole new your goals for the future. Are you going through this? This is a message that everything will be alright. There will be a positive outcome eventually.

Astrology/Zodiac Dream Symbol

Dreaming of astrology is a sign of seeking direction in your life. It can also be a prediction of your future. It may prophesize your future filled with untold wealth, or you may see your life full of peace, joy, and happiness. Sometime the signs of the zodiac appear in a dream to represent time and offer suggestions for what you need to do to succeed. Each zodiac sign represents a different part of your physical self and may be telling you there is some sort of imbalance in that area.

Zodiac symbols may also appear when you embark on a journey of self-discovery. The symbol that represents your own astrological sign may appear to remind you of the basic principles of life. To remind you of integrity. How you react to this dream gives you better understanding of how you truly feel about yourself.

Chakra Dream Symbol

Dreaming of your chakras is a sign there is a blockage to the spiritual energy that flows through us all. You need to unblock this to find balance. To get a better understanding you need to know which chakra is blocked. There are seven chakras:

  1. Crown chakra – This is violet in color, it represents your wisdom and intelligence. A dream focusing on the crown chakra may be reminding you to use your wisdom to help you make good decisions.
  2. Brow chakra – This is also your third eye and is indigo in color. It represents your intuition and spiritual abilities. A dream featuring your third eye is reminding you to listen to what you already know. To the messages from within. Focus on the big picture.
  3. Throat chakra – This is light blue in color. It represents your voice, your opinion and how you express these. Is there something you need to say?
  4. Heart chakra – This is green in color. It represents pure, unconditional love for everyone in your life. Is someone around you testing your feeling of unconditional love towards them?
  5. Solar plexus chakra – This is yellow in color. It represents your relationships with the people in your life. Are there relationships that you question?
  6. Hara chakra – This is orange in color. It represents your sexual desires and matters of the heart. Is there someone you desire who does not notice you exist?
  7. Root (or base) chakra – This is red in color. It represents your physical life and the material things in it. Are you going through big changes in your waking reality?

Feng Shui

When you dream of feng shui this is a sign there are fabulous new opportunities on the way. Be open to new creative ways of doing things coming into your life. You can control how the energy flows through you with negative or positive thoughts.

Fortune Telling

You should pay close attention to dreams that highlight fortune telling for these are messages about your future. Unlike fortune tellers in the real world, dreams of fortune telling are never wrong. But, be warned, understanding these dreams can be tricky. Just as in the real world, if your dream is positive your real life will be positive. Negative dreams will translate into negativity in your waking life.

Telling someone’s fortune is a sign you will receive rewards that cost you nothing. It can also mean that a family member will need your assistance. You may need to be careful. Be cautious. Make sure the cry for help is genuine. But do not deny genuine cries for help for you may need help one day.

Seeing yourself tell your own fortune is a warning you need to balance your life. What do you waste your time and energy on that may cost you dearly? You could be spending your time on more productive things. Seeing someone else tell fortunes can mean you meet important people at a social event that results in a new project together. These have great success.

Someone telling your fortune is a sign of good fortune and well being. Talking to a fortune teller can mean that some sort of family celebration held in your home will turn into sadness and grief. Are you planning a special celebration in the near future? You may need to take extra precautions. Visiting a fortune teller can mean you are comfortable with yourself and your life. This can be because you do not have any responsibilities or cares in the world. You may leave that for others. Is this really fair? Be warned, this can change at any time so you had better be prepared.


Dreaming of a guru can be about your higher self and the wisdom you hold within. This can be your intuition trying to get your attention. There is a transformation taking place. Gurus are symbolic of father or leadership figures and the need for trusted counsel to turn to for advice. They symbolize great wisdom coming straight from your soul. You need to hear. To listen. Act on your intuition. These are messages you should not ignore.

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