Music Devices and Players Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Cassettes Dream Symbols

When you dream of putting a cassette into a recorder and listen to good, popular music, this indicates you will soon return to your childhood home. You may be nervous about this, but once you see old friends from the past, you feel welcome. This will make you feel better.

Putting a cassette into a recorder can mean you will make an investment in your waking life that will pay off. A cassette tape that jams in a recorder can mean there is trouble coming soon to your life. This will be minor and easy to overcome. You may need patience for it could take longer to solve than you originally thought. A cassette breaking is a sign you will find a way out of the difficult situation you have found yourself in today. This situation could be of your making. Or, did you walk into a trap?

Selling pirated cassettes warns of arguments with business partners or colleagues that can result in losses of some sort. You could even part ways if you cannot reconcile your differences. Seeing more than one cassette warns that you have a decision to make. It is a warning no to rush the decision.  Do not let others rush you into making a snap decision.

Take your time to think things through thoroughly before making a commitment. Holding a cassette you bought can warn you may become involved in something distasteful because of a close friend. You may have become involved with a misplaced sense of loyalty and friendship. You could regret this decision some day.

Hearing people you know talking on a cassette can warn that you need to show a less rigid side of yourself to those you care about. It can also mean you may need to be less open-hearted for it always seems you get used. Is this you? Do you find others often take advantage of your kind nature?

CD Dream Symbols

A CD in a dream represents access to knowledge and memories of the past. It is a message to remind that no matter what happens in your life, you have access to all the knowledge you need to find a solution.

Hearing a CD playing is a way to release the stress in your waking life. It can help you to reconnect to better times from your life. Hearing music that you do not like can mean you have recalled negative things from your past. These may be things that you would prefer had never happened. You may still have issues around a past event you need to face to move forward. This is a sign the time is now right to deal with old negatives.

Earphone Dream Symbol

When you dream of wearing earphones this can mean either the message is only for you or you are the only one getting the message. Either way, it is a reminder to follow your intuition.

iPod Dream Symbol

Dreaming of an iPod represents that you have the ability to access knowledge and entertainment in an instant. An iPod can give you instant gratification no matter where you are. This gives you have the choice to choose to change the way the things are – negative or positive – to match your mood as it changes.

Losing music from your iPod warns there will soon be situations that make you feel uncomfortable or leave you feeling negative. The may be something or someone blocking your path. What obstacles are in your way? Are you happy with the choices you make in your waking reality?

Record Dream Symbol

A vinyl record in your dream can mean a few things. It can represent honoring your memories and achievements. This could be a time where you are revisiting old times from the past. Listening to a record may mean you are more connected to your life experiences than you realize. It can also mean you need to look at both sides of the situation. Is there something you are being one-sided about in your waking reality? Think things through before making a final decision.

Dreaming of record is a reminder to follow your intuition. Are you holding something back? Is there something you need to say? Have you been working hard but do not seem to get ahead? You need to get to the root cause to deal with the issues so you can move your life forward into the future.

A scratched record in a dream can literally mean you sound like a broken record. Have you been nagging someone lately? Are you driving others crazy with your one-eyed focus on something or someone? Maybe you need to take a wider view. Be open to others’ opinions.

Tape Recorder Dream Symbol

Dreaming of a tape recorder is a reminder you have already made the decision or there is something important you do not want to forget. It is a sign you are recording things for future use in case a similar situation arises again. A tape recorder also represents what you want to achieve in your waking life. It can mean you are focused on achieving what you want in life.

But, it warns you may continue repeating life’s mistakes. Is this something you do? Do you find yourself in the same type of negative situation time and time again? You may need to try doing the same things in a different way to get a different result.

Music playing on a tape recorder in a dream can mean that something from your past keeps playing on your mind. Or, you may be reliving it in your waking life through a current situation. Listening to a tape recorder is a sign you may be looking back at how you have made decisions in the past.

It may be you are looking for a clue to what happened last time you were faced with a similar situation. You may be looking at a recent decision. This is a reminder once you have made a decision it I too late. It cannot be changed.

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