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Mountain Dream Symbol – Dreaming of a mountain symbolizes working hard, overcoming obstacles, and rising above petty, everyday quarrels. It takes great effort to climb a mountain and you may encounter many obstacles in your path. When you make it to the top there is a great sense of achievement at the new skills learned in getting there. This is true in your real life as well when you face tough challenges. There may be some tough obstacles to overcome very soon. Know you have the resources to overcome anything you need to. Even if you have to change direction to try a new way.

mountain-dreamsDescending a mountain can symbolize taking a step back from something or someone. You may need to take a closer look to reach a decision or make a choice. It may even be wise to seek counsel for a second opinion. Seeing mountains symbolizes there are new adventures on the horizon. It is a time for trying new things. It can also be that you have recently overcome some challenging situations or can remind you of past obstacles.

Mountains can represent current challenges or ones that are on the way. If you are approaching a mountain in your dream, you will have a big challenge to overcome very soon. A mountain in the distance means challenges will present themselves in the distant future.

Dream Interpretations of Mountains

Technique and ability alone do not get you to the top of the mountain; it is the willpower that is the most important. This willpower you cannot buy with money or be given by rises from your heart”
Junko Tabei-1975 after becoming first woman to climb Everest

A mountain is symbolic of an obstacle or a challenge. To traverse a mountain requires effort. You may desire to climb that mountain to feel the success in facing and overcoming a challenge. Or, you may decide its best to take another route. No matter what you do, the mountain foretells of the challenges.

The mountain in a dream can be about a current obstacle or one that is coming.  To dream that you are approaching the mountain means that the obstacle is going to be presenting itself very soon. To dream that you see the mountain far away in the distance is a warning of a challenge rise up in the future. It is not necessarily imminent. You may be able to avoid the obstacle altogether by changing direction and taking another path. To dream that you are coming down a mountain or that it is behind you means you are at the end of the challenge or that the challenge was in the past.

The size and shape of the mountain indicate the amount of difficulty and the amount of effort necessary to overcome this challenge. If the mountain is not too steep, and not too difficult to cross, it means that the obstacle that you are trying to overcome is easily manageable. It only requires some effort and attention.

A mountain that is tall and jagged with very treacherous terrain indicates that you have a lot to consider when you decide to conquer this challenge.  You must be prepared and have the right tools. You need to have a map or plan in order to be able to navigate your way so that you are successful on your climb.

Mountain Dream Scenarios

If you feel fear as you approach the mountain, it means that you are not certain if you will be successful as you attempt to undertake the challenge. Even though you are afraid, if you start to climb the mountain, it means, despite the uncertainty, you are willing to face your fears.

If you dream someone is climbing with you, it means that you are not alone on your journey. If you dream that you are in danger while on the mountain, you may have to consider whether or not this is really something that you want to pursue. Danger might be thrilling for some people, but for some, it is an indication it is time to turn back.

If you dream of climbing a mountain and the weather makes your way slippery with rain or snow, or your vision is diminished by fog or a storm, it is an indication and that taking on this challenge at this moment is fraught with difficulties. If the way is slippery you risk failing. Fog means you have a hard time seeing your options.  You may want to wait for the weather to clear so that the path is less obscured.

Rain can also indicate crying. This can mean the challenge, for you, is emotionally charged.  Snow on the mountain can be an indication of the time of the year, the months of November through February. Or, it can be an indication your challenge has to do with an older person and their winter years.

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  1. In my dream I climbed very steep mountain and it was really hard but it was something I wanted to do and I got to the top, and then there was two people who were sitting on the top, one of them was my mom and the other was someone I don’t know. After after I got to the top I wanted to get down so badly, because I am scared of heights. And I saw people making attempts to get there and it was like a completion where athletes wearing special outfits parcipated it, non of them succeed, but I really wanted to get down because I was scared of heights. What does this mean

  2. I had a dream that I was almost atop coming to a place where I had to jump over to be in shade. I did so twice and each time I was going back to get something, I was in the Arizona mountains that wad clay colored And over 1,000 feet high. My last jump I gripped the top of the rock hoping to swing in but missed the landing and began falling. Being ripped out of your dream is not fun!

  3. I had a dream where I was on top of a mountain but there was a very strong wind trying to blow me away. I had to literally lay flat down on the ground b/c the wind was too strong. Also because the wind was so strong, the view down the mountain was blurry. Also, there were many people I knew and many people I didn’t know on top of the mountain. They all seemed to be having a good time and not even noticing the wind. All of them had no fear of the wind, until somebody mentioned that at 3PM today, there would be a strong wind. After that moment, everyone seemed to notice this strong wind and began laying flat on the ground to withstand the wind…

    • I dreamt that i was climbing a weird looking mountain it was made kind of made like a obstacle course,i didnt clim alone i climbed with someone i could not recognize in the dream.So as we climbed the mountain there was different stages of this mountain(obstacle course) safe side, the warning side,and the most dangerous side we climed and i for myself decided to go to the most dangerous side with no fear,as soon as i jumped on the most dangerous side i slipped and was hanging from the side of the mountain,i think i was hanging on for some minutes and the person i was with tried to pull me up but for some reason she could’nt reach me,but it looked as if she was right there!! It was so weird.ok so somehow she climbed off the mountain helped me and i made it on top of the mountain i stood in that passed i went “home” i called it home in my dream but that not where i stay in reality i don’t recognize the place.. but yeah as i got home people were crying they thought i would’nt make it alive of that mountain..from there i quickly woke up with tears in my eyes because i was crying with them in the dream aswell. THANK YOU FOR READING CAN YOU PLEASE TELL ME WHAT IT MEANS IAM CONFUSED!!!!

  4. Gift Kabinda on

    Thanks very much for this interpretation of the dream. In my dream I was climbing a slippery mountain, this was not easy for me. I remember being with my college mates on the run.

    There was too much wind blowing and the mountain was very slippery making it very difficult and tiresome to climb.

    • I had a dream where I was actually inside of a house but inside there was this huge mountain and I actually could only see the bottom of it, so I started to climb the mountain and I struggled a lot to climb it, there was something I was holding in my hand that was guiding me up the mountain, but I had to have the strength myself to get to the top. I kept slipping down the mountain and had to tell myself I was in control and that I could make it. Once I made it to the top I wasn’t actually on the top, I ended up being on the other side of Mountain which ended up just being a closed room, and the mountain disappeared.
      Not quite sure what this dream meant but it sure was a trip, and I almost felt like I was in control of my own dream to a certain extent because I remember pushing myself to make it to the top.

  5. Ricky casalan on

    I have a dream and my Dream is im going to the top of mountain then my partner and me talking about the street. I said this is the highest mountain then after that I’m saw the place at the top of the mountain and i said woohhh it’s so beautiful place im Happy that Time then we have slide from going to the swimming pool and I swimm.. That’s it

    So can u tell me what is the meaning of that dream

  6. I keep dreaming about been on bus at the top of a mountain and the bus needs to take a U-turn to get down the other side problem is the road the bus is on is tiny and I freak out that it won’t get down the other side like it’s going to just fall off I’m scared of heights anyway so I ask the driver to let me off so that I can walk around it myself and I’m not allowed off

    • I dreamt of a mountain. I would attempt to climb and would slip and slide down. It was gritty like sand. As I realized It was not possible for me to climb. I grabbed a shovel and started to dig the mountain away. Then I awoke in the process of digging.

    • I was climbing a very stiff mountain with ma dad and auntie. They were a head of me and successfully did. I tried severally, fell, some stones fell with me. I struggled until I succeeded. On finishing there was a lake a head of me struggled and towards finishing I woke up

  7. I had a really weird dream that took place during a journy through some scary looking mountains. The mountains were very jagged with several steep peaks and the tallest area looked like it had a creepy face simular to that of the boogie man from nightmare before christmas. It was creepy, the trails were slic, icy, bumpy, and narrow, it was snowing, and had this whole sense of doom. But I knew I had to cross it as intimidating as it was. We ended up driving through it, and in the car with me was my mom, sister, brother and husband. It’s super weird though since I’m not married and this man was a complete stranger, but my gut instinct told me he was my husband. Also, another weird thing. I was very pregnant in the dream. Like had to be at least 8 months pregnant. During the whole trip taversing the mountain everyone was really supportive and encouraging me, especially my mom and husband. At one point during the trip my mom told me my husband lost the house and he looked really upset over it (also, side note, he was wearing sunglasses the whole time so I never saw his eyes. Just some eyebrows here and there and mouth expressions,) but I ended up comforting him and we hugged it out until eventually we made it home and breathed a sigh of relief. As surreal as it was, it also felt oddly realistic. Especially how this mystery husband just gave me the feeling that he really loved me and cared for me and it felt genuine. Like I woke up with a really warm and fuzzy feeling inside. It was really weird.

  8. I dreamt that i walk in the road of the high and huge mountain..and suddenly i stop walking and step on the side and spread my arms facing the sun and smell the fresh air. In my dream i feel like im free. I feel the peace of mind. Then after there is a truck with some passengers and i decide to ride. What is the meaning of my dream?

    • I drempt that I climbed to the top of a Javed mountain and then tried to climb down. I was scared that I’d fall because the mountain curved in and I had no clue where to put my feet. I also had my car keys in my hand and was worried about dropping them and losing them. My husband was on a mountain beside mine but much lower and I woke up as I was considering tossing him the keys.

    • I too followed a small windy walk path corkscrew style path to almost the top of this tall narrow mountain…before I almost reached the top ..I stopped,walked to the edge spread my arms and flew off into the clouds felt so good to fly I wanted to fly higher to see God then woke

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