Mountain Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Mountain Dream Symbol – Dreaming of a mountain symbolizes working hard, overcoming obstacles, and rising above petty, everyday quarrels. It takes great effort to climb a mountain and you may encounter many obstacles in your path. When you make it to the top there is a great sense of achievement at the new skills learned in getting there. This is true in your real life as well when you face tough challenges. There may be some tough obstacles to overcome very soon. Know you have the resources to overcome anything you need to. Even if you have to change direction to try a new way.

mountain-dreamsDescending a mountain can symbolize taking a step back from something or someone. You may need to take a closer look to reach a decision or make a choice. It may even be wise to seek counsel for a second opinion. Seeing mountains symbolizes there are new adventures on the horizon. It is a time for trying new things. It can also be that you have recently overcome some challenging situations or can remind you of past obstacles.

Mountains can represent current challenges or ones that are on the way. If you are approaching a mountain in your dream, you will have a big challenge to overcome very soon. A mountain in the distance means challenges will present themselves in the distant future.

Dream Interpretations of Mountains

Technique and ability alone do not get you to the top of the mountain; it is the willpower that is the most important. This willpower you cannot buy with money or be given by rises from your heart”
Junko Tabei-1975 after becoming first woman to climb Everest

A mountain is symbolic of an obstacle or a challenge. To traverse a mountain requires effort. You may desire to climb that mountain to feel the success in facing and overcoming a challenge. Or, you may decide its best to take another route. No matter what you do, the mountain foretells of the challenges.

The mountain in a dream can be about a current obstacle or one that is coming.  To dream that you are approaching the mountain means that the obstacle is going to be presenting itself very soon. To dream that you see the mountain far away in the distance is a warning of a challenge rise up in the future. It is not necessarily imminent. You may be able to avoid the obstacle altogether by changing direction and taking another path. To dream that you are coming down a mountain or that it is behind you means you are at the end of the challenge or that the challenge was in the past.

The size and shape of the mountain indicate the amount of difficulty and the amount of effort necessary to overcome this challenge. If the mountain is not too steep, and not too difficult to cross, it means that the obstacle that you are trying to overcome is easily manageable. It only requires some effort and attention.

A mountain that is tall and jagged with very treacherous terrain indicates that you have a lot to consider when you decide to conquer this challenge.  You must be prepared and have the right tools. You need to have a map or plan in order to be able to navigate your way so that you are successful on your climb.

Mountain Dream Scenarios

If you feel fear as you approach the mountain, it means that you are not certain if you will be successful as you attempt to undertake the challenge. Even though you are afraid, if you start to climb the mountain, it means, despite the uncertainty, you are willing to face your fears.

If you dream someone is climbing with you, it means that you are not alone on your journey. If you dream that you are in danger while on the mountain, you may have to consider whether or not this is really something that you want to pursue. Danger might be thrilling for some people, but for some, it is an indication it is time to turn back.

If you dream of climbing a mountain and the weather makes your way slippery with rain or snow, or your vision is diminished by fog or a storm, it is an indication and that taking on this challenge at this moment is fraught with difficulties. If the way is slippery you risk failing. Fog means you have a hard time seeing your options.  You may want to wait for the weather to clear so that the path is less obscured.

Rain can also indicate crying. This can mean the challenge, for you, is emotionally charged.  Snow on the mountain can be an indication of the time of the year, the months of November through February. Or, it can be an indication your challenge has to do with an older person and their winter years.

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  1. I had a dream last night that where I found myself on the top of a very high level ski hill. I was alone but then someone who I don’t know, passed on my left and started skiing down. I could hear him cutting through the snow to slow himself down because it was quite steep and I couldn’t see the ground.

    I remember thinking, “I don’t ski. If I try to do that, I’m going to fly down the hill and tumble uncontrollably, likely get very hurt or die.” So I opted to slide down on my butt. I was dressed warm enough and had big warm boots on. I started sliding down the hill like that until eventually it switched into another dream sequence.

  2. I dreamt that my family and I were in the mountains, and at the base of them, my 6 year old son got mad about something and he started going up the mountains toward a known to busy and dangerous road. He was wearing a Kelly green shirt and I was just going after him, following the green shirt. He got to the road and I couldn’t see him anymore. People were sitting in lawn chairs all along the sides of the road watchingnthe cars honk and speed and watch people try to cross. I asked them while crying habe you seem he boy in the green shirt amdntjey pointed to where he went, I made it across the street as well with no problem and walked into a store or office of some sort and frantically asked if anyone had seen him, and then I woke up with my heart racing.

  3. I dreamt of a panoramic view, the sun, big trees and big mountains. I remember having someone next to me and I wanted to take a picture. I climbed up a tree and clicked. Then, I held this person’s hand and he showed me the way to reach the main road.

    The mountains were not scary, I was so delighted to see those mountains. What does it mean?

  4. I saw this dream with really big mountains( i couldnt see any other color other than deep blue and white) , im with a group of people but couldnt see any of their faces. As we are heading for this mountain i look around and 360⁰ vision there are big mountains . I fall from my legs from fear. Thats as much as i can remember from this dream.

  5. Had A dream of seeing beautiful mountains and a very steep cliff.

    Both of them are wonderful, very green, I was observing them at a distance with excitement, and amazement because of their beauty. In My dreams, I just observed them

    • I had a dream like this last night! I was with my boyfriend. Him and I are going through a lot right now with outside issues but we are pushing through it together and we’re almost there. We got into a bit of an argument over the phone (he lives 500 miles away from me) then I went to sleep. Before I woke up I dreamt we went on a road trip. I fell asleep in the car and when I woke (in the dream) we were about to drive up a straight narrow road that went right through a mountain (cliff like on either side, I’d say 1,000 or so feet). As we approached the mountain the sides were flat at about a 75 degree angle. But all we could see was the brightness of the sun on the other side. Once we were through, we stopped and got out of the car at small “middle of nowhere” gas station. I’ve never seen such beautiful foliage, huge mountains in the distance all around us, covered in bright fall colors as if there was a filter on them. Incredible. This is long but it’s even more detailed. If anyone can relate please email or comment.

      • Please email me or reply to this comment with your email or id of any social messenger So I can reach you thank you!!!

  6. Abau margret on

    I dreamt that I and other people were on this mountain which from no where started cracking as if it was moving to another location and in that process of movement, we started running down the mountain as stones were falling in my direction though non hit me. Please Can anyone explain to me this dream into details?

  7. I dreamt of myself and a group of other people climbing a very dangerous mountain. I met one girl that I went to varsity with many years ago, she was struggling to pass some very rough area on that mountain, I passed her after we had a small chat. Further up the mountain, there was a young lady who seemed to lead the way, I was right behind her. When she started talking I realized it was a friend of mine. At some point on the mountain, she seemed really stuck, trying to carry on climbing up, but it was difficult, she eventually managed to climb that obstacle and she told me how to climb when I reach that point, I did so successfully, but with some hindrances as well. Little did we know that we were a few steps from reaching the top. OMG!!! the views down the mountain, further across the land, were plain magnificent!!. I have never felt so good about reaching the mountain top and thoroughly enjoying the views.

    I think I know what it means. I am about to finish my masters degree, only left with 2 weeks. It’s been a rough journey, however, I have received immense help whenever I needed it and I am just as grateful. Now after this dream, I have sort of gotten an idea of how pleasant things will be after I have submitted my work and go for the next endeavor.

  8. Wes WArriner on

    I had a dream I was ascending above the hill which wasn’t too steep and it was cloudy but no rain. What’s got me curious is that this girl was standing still facing away towards the top. I found myself working at two different establishments at different times, and cross paths with her at the most random places and times. Like II don’t know is them obstacle or maybe if it’s some sign because I still think about her to this day for some reason and still shows up in my dreams. I do regret not asking her to go somewhere and talk bc I still have this breathtaking experience with her when I’m near her. Everything oyutside of us blocks out and slows down. idk. I feel bad bc I’ve seen her crying my dreams and pretty sure I mightve hurt by accident bc I’d wake up like usual and fine. I don’t know much about dreams, but if anyone sees something that I’m not seeing or overlooking or what. Anything useful would greatly appreciated. Thank you.


  9. Hi. I dreamt a friend (never seen this person in real life) and his wife and kids moved. To get to their new place one would have to travel by foot over two huge rocky mountains. In my dream me and this friend was traveling together and I stopped at the first mountain questioning why they decided to move to such a place. He responded that the place itself is beautiful but that he is getting tired of his family always being with him when he is at home and that I should help him looking for a place nearer to town where his family is not always at home.

  10. I had a dream about a friend and i spending time on a mountain. It is very cold and there was some water. I got lost but my friend found me. All of a sudden we where at his moms house. She then told me that he likes me a lot but there is some one in the way. Some one on my side the he walked in and she could not tell me who was in the way. My friend left again and as soon as she wanted to tell me the dream stopped. No anciety of any sort when i woke up. Just wanted to know what it means please.

  11. Jatin Mishra on

    I had a dream in my day’s nap that I was climbing mountain with someone in car and I can see very beautiful flowers at thr top of mountain and i am climbing there to see the beauty. But at one point there is a gate which is closed as the place was very crowded but afyer sometime the gate was opened and we started climbing again. This is what i saw in my dream and after that I got up. Can you please help me out with the actual meaning of this dream.

    A reader

  12. Reene Constantine on

    Last night I dreamt I was driving, I think with this guy I’ve been seeing, never actually saw him but knew it was him. And he was driving us up this mountain, and I remember being kinda worried thinking we shouldn’t do this, and he kept driving and imthe weather just kept getting worse, it was snowing harder and extremely Icey we were sliding all over I was screaming. And there was a car driving infront of us, with no problems, driving steady and all and he decided to try to pass it, but another car came driving towards us so we slowed down and didn’t pass the car and everything was calm. Idk doesn’t make sense.

  13. I had a dream last night that I was climbing mountain with red soil.and almost I have claimed more than half way peacefully.the mountain is dry in nature.not issues even path was also made.
    At the same time I saw as some other tying to climb i through vehicle it slipped from the mountain & crashed.but I was going Frwd by walk peacefully.the main reason I’m climbing I to offer prayers to the god on the tip of hill it seems……this all happened in dream

  14. Hi, bonjour, i had a dream last night. I was walking towards a big mountain which was brown. I was standing at the feet of the mountain and realised it was going to collapse iminently on me. I realised there was no way of escape. So i accepted what was going to happen. I lied, cross my arms and closed my eyes and was ready to receive the mountain on me.
    Please can you explai my dream?

    Note: just after that dream i had another one where i was in a car with another boyfriend both smiling and when i got out of the car i saw my actual real life “boyfriend in denial” and got scared to lose him. He was being him, silly and showing me his bum. I got scared that he might see i had someone else in my life and suddenly i could not find him inmy dream.

  15. I dreamed of dragons, some are angry, some are helping, i saw one dragon who has these beautiful eyes, he looked at me with sadness, and then when i turn my back i saw a castle crumbling down and then we flew then he made me watch the mountain being splitted in two. I saw many rich people die, but i didn’t feel the sadness or what. I have people on my back on the the back of this dragon, but their faces was blurred.

  16. I had a dream last night that I was stuck just short of the peak of a very steep, snowy,Rocky Mountain. I was holding on to a rock when a big boulder above started started to turn on the spot an then the mountain shook and the peak kind of buckled an pushed the rock I was hanging on further over the edge. And then I woke up. Would love it to know what’s this means, I literally never have dreams

  17. I dream of a beatiful mountain . The top of the mountain is light violet in color. The middle is brown . The foot of the mountain is gray in color. The mountain is very beautiful.

  18. Hello I dreamt that I was walking with someone through a path , in my dream I kept wanting to go to a certain direction so I did; suddenly I was in a path that ran next to a mountain when I looked up I saw big boulders attached to the side of the mountain , the person I was with made a big noise and when I looked up the mountain started crumbling down at first I thought it was just a piece so I just moved but then more pieces came crumbling down so I started to run back the way we came I wasn’t afraid all I knew is that we had to get away or we could die by getting crushed . After running for what it felt minutes I got away and stopped at a small hill then woke up

  19. Hi , a few days ago I saw some mountains behind a religious place, I could not recognize whether that religious place was a temple or a Gurudwara. But It was so beautiful and I was overwhelmed seeing those mountains with snow and blowing clouds. I was so happy in my dreams and It was the most beautiful place I have ever seen in my life. I had my family members and some other people with me.

    • Muhammad Azam on

      Please I went on climbing a mountain fighting with many people who stop me on the way and reach the top and collect something unique . Climb down and went under the base of the mountain but some people chasing me , at the end I remained safe .
      What is the interpretation of this dream

  20. Hi – I had a dream that I was trying to get down a steep mountain with my mom. There were no roads..we were scaling the mountain. There were all sorts of objects sticking out of the mountain. Some of them were handles but when you grabbed them they were soft and fell apart, then other areas had solid metal handles. One section had cabinet doors with handles that flipped up so it was hard to hold on to them. Other objects were small chains, like jewelry necklaces. Below was sand and the ocean. Once i got past the jewelry section it was like we were close enough to the ground that it wouldn’t be harmful if we fell. My mom was behind me and having a hard time. It was a stressful dream up to that point.

  21. Hi I saw a dream that I am walking on top of the mountain and I have some people following me. (Women and men aged people). I suddenly saw someone eyeglasses and picked and kept back.
    What does it mean?

  22. Hi, I am Nhlanhla, i dreamed that there was a big mountain that i saw and I had a toy in my hand that looked like a small ball.

    as i was busy with the ball in my hand, I pressed a button on the ball that made the mountain to explode. As it exploded I was affraid that it the stones and the like would cover and kill as it collapsed but they did not.

    At some stage the mountain became alive, smoked and the smoke took the form of a bufallo running away and rambling.


  23. My dream started off with me driving up a winding mountain. It was snow covered, the saftey rails were off. At the end of the dream I was driving down the mountain, the sun was shining and the snow was almost all melted.

  24. Hi had this weird dream after recently moving home I dreamt that my bedroom walls and my view was the ocean but more like Vietnam and cave like with a large mountain covered in Jacaranda trees in bloom…the feeling was happy because I love water and nature. What on earth could this mean?

  25. Hi guys. I had this weird dream. I was on top on the mountain with another person. There we found a machine. The machine had instructions and only I read them. It was written that if we want to escape we must operate the machine. The problem was that if we didn’t do it properly the machine wil change our emotion on brief interval of time we will become more happy, sad, or rage. We failed the first time and I and the other person thought that we could kill each other during the rage. The second atempt was successful and we saw each other flying, beneath us was only darkness. The other person was dropped on some location. I continued but then woke up.

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